Apartment Compound IL Bosco New Capital Compound Apartments

IL Bosco Apartments Compound
IL Bosco Apartments Compound

IL Bosco project (كمبوند البوسكو) is considered one of the most prominent real estate projects in the New Administrative Capital, designed by Misr Italia company. It is one of the most sophisticated and luxurious compounds that varied in units and spaces with distinctive details.

Besides, the prices of Il Bosco New Capital apartments are commensurate with the number of services and features provided by this huge project, so let’s know more about the details of the spaces, prices and much more.


Project Site IL Bosco Compound Location

It is the first question that comes to everyone’s’ mind while checking the advantages of IL Bosco project. In fact, the Compound is located in the heart of the New Administrative Capital along Mohammed Bin Zayed Street, near to all the vital and important services and places in the New Capital, besides its view of the Green River.

Adjacent to the project Landmarks Near to IL Bosco New Capital

Places near IL Bosco compound
Places near IL Bosco compound

IL Bosco New Administrative Capital project is located along Mohammed Bin Zayed Street as we said before, which means that it is located in the heart of the New Administrative Capital near New Cairo and only 10 minutes away from it. In addition, it’s near to the Opera House, Diplomatic District, Medical City, Academic City, Expo City, and the Green River.

Project Design Design of IL Bosco Compound

Design of IL Bosco compound, the administrative capital
Design of IL Bosco compound, the administrative capital

The designs of IL Bosco New Capital are distinguished by its sophistication, elegance and keeping up with the times, as Misr Italia Company designed the entire compound in the green style to be one of the most beautiful compounds in the New Administrative Capital. It includes various green areas such as the Park that includes open natural green spaces. The vertical Forest that includes tropical gardens and agricultural terraces. Besides, The Creek, which is like a river, has beautiful waterfalls, lanes, organized benches, and walking paths.

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Project Area The Space of Il Bosco Compound

Misr Italia company announced the establishment of IL Bosco New Capital project on an area of 200 acres, that space includes multiple categories of residential units, in order to satisfy all tastes and groups. The Compound provides 30% residential apartments and 70% standalone villas, in addition, providing twin House and townhouses, all that in one comprehensive city that provides all the services you need.

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Project Spaces The areas of IL Bosco Apartments New Capital

Area of IL Bosco compound apartments
Area of IL Bosco compound apartments

It is noteworthy that Apartments of IL Bosco Compound not only has provided a multiplicity of spaces, but also provided multiplicity of interior design styles for the apartments, so we find residential apartments consisting of only two rooms, and other apartments consisting of three or more rooms, as IL Bosco areas were divided into different patterns and the customers have the option to choose what suits their needs.

From the following Bosco apartment spaces:

  • The area of 2-bedrooms apartments starts from 126 m2 to 137 m2.
  • The area of 3-bedrooms apartments start from 144 m2 meters to 154 m2.
  • The area of luxury apartments with 3 bedrooms start from 182 m2 to 192 m2.

The areas of IL Bosco apartments differ from the other units’ areas in ilBosco, as the project managers have made sure to diversify the areas in order to satisfy all tastes and to create an integrated community of different styles within the compound. The company also confirmed that the apartments of IL Bosco New Capital that are for sale will be available at the earliest opportunity.

The spaces for studios, apartments, and villas of all kinds in IL Bosco Compound are divided into:

  • The areas of apartments start from 126 m2 to 194 m2.
  • The space of the twin houses in starts from 254 m2 to 290 m2.
  • The IL Bosco penthouse space starts from 273 m2 to 327 m2.
  • Villas spaces starts from 382 m2 to 530 m2.

After we got informed about the areas of IL Bosco in the New Administrative Capital, we will learn more about the prices in IL Bosco.

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Project Prices Prices of IL Bosco Apartments in New Capital 2023

The entrance of IL Bosco Apartments
The entrance of IL Bosco Apartments

Misr Italia has confirmed that the prices of the apartments in IL Bosco 2020 will be competitive and special for all customers, so the prices of the apartment in the compound match perfectly with the advantages that the compound provides to everyone who will book units in it, those features that are represented in the services and facilities that will bring the customer the level of comfort and luxury that he dreamed of.

For anyone who wants to know the price of the apartment in IL Bosco New Capital and other units provided by the compound. The price per meter in IL Bosco starts from 19,000 EGP  and that is as per the features of the apartments, with extra 8% maintenance.

The value of the residential unit is determined according to the location and the total area. The prices of il Bosco apartments start from 2,437,000 EGP, while penthouses prices start from 3,000,000 EGP.

As for the property prices in the compound in general, it’s a competitive purchase cost, and Mist Italy provides a wide range of facilities. If you are looking for an apartment for sale in IL Bosco New Capital, we will inform you about the most important facilities that the company provides.

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Project Installment Reservation and Payment Systems of IL Bosco

Plants covering the buildings of IL Bosco apartments
Plants covering the buildings of IL Bosco apartments

Many customers are looking for the details to book apartments in IL Bosco compound, starting from the downpayment to the number of installments over the years, until the actual booking of apartments, and receiving it beside the other residential units. So, Misr Italia announced the system for booking IL Bosco apartments in installments, to allow the opportunity for buying the most proper offer that suits the buyers of real estate in installments in general.

Booking apartments in IL Bosco in installments is available through different payment systems:

  • There is a possibility of paying 10% of the unit’s value as a downpayment and paying the rest in installments for over 7 years.
  • There is also a possibility for paying the whole value of the unit in installments over 9 years at an annual interest calculated on the total value of the unit.

The Date of Delivery of Apartments

Misr Italia announced that they have ended the first phase of IL Bosco compound. Besides, the company confirmed that the finishing specifications in the compound are being made with the highest standards, in order to achieve the desired goal of the project, which is to provide a life full of privacy, luxury, and safety.

Regarding to the delivery date of the apartments in IL Bosco, whether it was in installments or for sale in cash, it will be delivered after completing the units’ final finishes in 2023.

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Project Facilities The prominent Facilities in the Compound

Biking and walking paths in IL Bosco compound
Biking and walking paths in IL Bosco compound

Owning an apartment in IL Bosco will help you benefit from an endless range of services, as enjoying a luxurious, comfortable and completely safe life is the first goal of the project, so the project provided apartments owners with a set of facilities and services, which will provide them with an integrated life, and here we review the most prominent services and facilities that IL Bosco apartments provide to their owners:

  • Enjoy swimming pools suitable for adults and children.
  • Owning the right to enter a sports club especially dedicated to IL Bosco compound on an area of ​​5 acres.
  • The apartment will provide its owner with a distinct view of the greenery and the dazzling artificial lakes.
  • The compound provides the apartment owners with a sports center with complete devices and equipment for all those interested in fitness.
  • The project offers a shopping mall in an area of 90,000 m 2 and has a wide variety of elegant cafes and restaurants for the residents of the compound.
  • Apartments in IL Bosco are completely safe, because the compound provides 24-hour security and guarding, to maintain the safety and security of the residents throughout the day.
  • There are 3 clubhouses in the compound of the apartments and there is a clubhouse dedicated to the villas.
  • There is a private nursery for children and there are International Schools.
  • It provides well-equipped medical centers and a specially dedicated mosque to the residents of the compound.
  • There is a car park to accommodate the cars of IL Bosco compound residents, and it has a roof.

Project Video IL Bosco New Capital’s Video

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Company Previous Work About Misr Italia Properties, the Founder of IL Bosco

Green spaces in IL Bosco compound
Green spaces in IL Bosco compound

Misr Italia Company is one of the leading companies in the real estate market in the Middle East, so the company’s projects were distinguished by excellence, sophistication, and modernity, which clearly appears in the New Administrative Capital, New Cairo, and the North Coast in particular. IL Bosco’s project in the Administrative Capital project came to crown the projects of Misr Italia that has been carried out over the past years.

Previous work of Misr Italia Properties

  • Kai village in Ain Sokhna.
  • Vinci Compound, which is located in the New Administrative Capital.
  • Mousa Coast village in Ras Sedr.
  • The huge Sila project in New Cairo.
  • Kai Resort, which is located on the North Coast.
  • La Nuova Vista, New Cairo, which is located in “The Fifth Settlement”.
  • Cairo Business Park (stand-alone offices & corporate buildings).
  • Vinci Street Mall in the New Administrative Capital.

Project Advantages Privileges of Compound IL Bosco New Capital

IL Bosco Compound Apartments
IL Bosco Compound Apartments

We can’t enumerate the advantages of il Bosco New Capital project, starting from the strategic location in the heart of the Administrative Capital, and the luxurious high-end interior and exterior designs.

As well as, the number of green spaces, gardens, and landscapes that are cultivated in this compound. In addition, the services and facilities include high security, privacy and luxury, as well as providing various installment systems while booking il Bosco apartments.

Project Disadvantages Disadvantages of IL Bosco Project

Getting acquainted with all the information requires the knowledge of the disadvantages as well, and after we listed a wide range of advantages, we will certainly list the defects of the project that may interest some people. In fact, IL Bosco project is located in the New Administrative Capital, which is approximately 60 km from the heart of Cairo.

However, the New Administrative Capital has provided an integrated transportation network to serve the citizen, which means that the only issue that may disturb some people has already been solved, which will also encourage many people whether to buy an apartment in IL Bosco in installments or in cash and obtain a distinctive opportunity for having an apartment in the compound.

Project Information FAQ about IL Bosco New Capital Compound