Villa Compound Compound IL Bosco New Capital Villas

Il Bosco Villas Compound
Il Bosco Villas Compound

IL Bosco Compound (كمبوند البوسكو) is one of the most elegant compounds that has a strategic location in the New Administrative Capital on the Green River. It is worth mentioning that IL Bosco city is considered one of the classiest residential cities that Misr Italia Company supervised its implementation. This company has a history full of achievements in the real estate industry in Egypt.

We will show you and review the most notable highlights about this compound, and inform you about the prices of IL Bosco villas and its specifications.


Project Site Where is IL Bosco’s Compound?

Misr Italia Company has chosen the site of the project  in the new administrative capital, specifically in Mohammed bin Zayed Street, which means that IL Bosco compound is located in the heart of the administrative capital, near to many vital places in it.

Adjacent to the project Places Near by IL Bosco New Capital

  • Il Bosco project overlooks the Green River.
  • The compound is located next to Expo City.
  • The project is located next to the diplomatic area and 90th Street.
  • From the compound, it’s easy to get to the Academic City, the Medical City, and the Opera House.
  • You can reach Cairo Airport in approximately 20 minutes.
  • The compound is only 10 minutes from New Cairo.

Project Design IL Bosco New Capital Compound Design

Design of IL Bosco Villas Compound
Design of IL Bosco Villas Compound

The designs of IL Bosco project in the New Administrative Capital are unique in its sophistication, elegance, and luxuriousness. as Misr Italia has been keen to provide great interest in the designs of the compound to match the spirit of the times, whether in the interior or exterior designs of the project reveal the splendor and accuracy of their workmanship, that’s why the reservation of the units there is very popular for those who love sophistication and modernism.

IL Bosco models that are shown on the website aren’t different at all from the real models in the real life. Il Bosco villas are designed according to the famous I Villa system. It is a group of small villas with shared gardens.

Project Area Space of Il Bosco New Capital Compound

il Bosco Compound Area
il Bosco Compound Area

Misr Italia company, the leader in the real estate market, has established IL Bosco Compound on an area of 200 acres. That huge area has been exploited differently from any other compound, as it includes residential units of villas, apartments, penthouses, but the larger area has been used in various forms. From the vast green areas, il Bosco New Capital is divided into:

  1. The Valley, which consists of residential units, has exceptional open spaces to give residents a large space to enjoy and perform the activities they desire.
  2. The Park is a landscape with open spaces and green gardens, connects the entire project. The park consists of villas, apartments, corridors, play areas, and a social club.
  3. The Vertical Forest has unique forests, tropical gardens, and agricultural terraces.
  4. The Creek is a river-like water area that flows through IL Bosco compound. It connects many parts of it and has beautiful waterfalls, corridors, organized seats, and walking paths.
  5. The cliff is the highest point in the compound and overlooks the villas area. It provides residents with the most wonderful landscapes along with the wonderful landscapes in The Creek. Also, it provides an exceptional view of the vertical forest. Inside the cliff, there is a club that includes an open terrace with a unique swimming pool, and a luxurious restaurant.
  6. The Meadows is a residential area for villas, located south of the club area. It includes landscaping of fields and open plantations of wildflowers, herbs and local plants, giving comfort and tranquility feeling to its residents.

Project Spaces IL Bosco Villas Areas New Capital

After the announcement of the launch of the first phase of the project, many people asked about the areas of IL Bosco villas that are for sale. Villas’ spaces in IL Bosco start from 254 m2 up to 530 m2, divided as follows:

  •  Twin house spaces start from 254 m2and up to 290 m2.
  • Standalone villas spaces start from 396 m2 and up to 530 m2.
  • As for IL Bosco apartments areas, it starts from 126 m2 to 194 m2.
For more about the divisions of the interior spaces available in IL Bosco New Capital Compound Villas Click Here

Project Prices IL Bosco Villas prices New Capital 2023


Stand Alone Villa il BoscoMisr Italia company who executed IL Bosco in the New Administrative Capital has provided a variation in the prices of villas in IL Bosco in a varying manner, and accordingly, the prices of villas are varied. The meter’s price in IL Bosco starts from 13,500 to 16,000 EGP for villas of all types. The total unit price starts from 7,709,000 EGP.

Twin House at The Meadows
Twin House at The Meadows

But if you really have the intention to buy a villa in IL Bosco New Capital and want to know the price of this villa, it requires you to specify the type of villa, as the project provides prices of units in IL Bosco according to the type of the unit. So, here we review the types of villas in the compound and the prices of the available villas in each category:

  • Garden Villa IL Bosco The Park: prices start from 3.1 million EGP
  • Sky Villa The Park: starts from 3.3 million EGP
  • Townhouse villas prices: start at 4.2 million EGP.
  • Twin House villas prices: start from 5.4 million EGP.
  • The Creek Villa: Prices start from 8 million EGP.
  • IL Bosco Stand Alone Villa: Prices start from 11.3 million EGP.
  • Cliff Villa with an area of 638 m2, at a price of 21 million EGP.

So, if you were looking for real estates for sale in IL Bosco, you must know first the type of property you want to buy, then look for the right value and choose the price category that suits your needs, and for sure you will get the needed facilitations to buy villas in Il Bosco New Capital, and you will find many villas in IL Bosco for sale at the highest level and in the most prestigious areas of the New Capital.

The prices of IL Bosco New Capital Compound Villas may have changed, for the updated prices Click Here

Project Installment Installment System in Compound il Bosco New Capital

Green spaces in Il Bosco
Green spaces in Il Bosco

If you want to reserve villas in IL Bosco in installments, the company announced that the reservation of the villas will be accomplished with ease, as you can now buy IL Bosco villas in installments with a down payment of only 5% and the rest will be paid over 9 years.

The delivery date of the villas

Misr Italia announced that the date of delivering IL Bosco villas will be in March 2023. So, you can choose a villa in IL Bosco whether in cash or in installments with the finishing that suits you. As the finishing specifications of the villas, they are available at the highest level. You will decide the finishing type you want, whether it’s fully finished or semi-finished.

For more available installment and payment systems in IL Bosco New Capital Compound Villas Click Here

Project Facilities Facilities and Services of Compound il Bosco

IL Bosco Mall
IL Bosco Mall

Buying a villa in IL Bosco will enable you to get perfect services, facilities at the highest level, and luxurious life, so let’s know more about the facilities that are provided:

  • A well-equipped sports center to serve the sports enthusiasts of IL Bosco villas.
  • A full-service mall for shopping tours throughout the day.
  • Sports and social clubs suitable for friends and family gatherings.
  • A Health club with all the needed utilities.
  • A cultural center, cinema, and hall for throwing all kinds of different parties and for hosting important conferences.
  • A special area of elegant cafes and restaurants with a dedicated area for children (Kids Area) within IL Bosco compound’s private mall, which was built on an area of 90,000 m2.
  • International schools are equipped with the top-level standards and near any residents of the villas.
  • A nursery dedicated to taking care of children and providing all of their needs.
  • Equipped medical centers and pharmacies.
  • A dedicated Jacuzzi and spa center.
  • A dedicated garage for parking the cars of the compound’s residents and visitors.
  • The compound provides 3 Club Houses, some of which are only dedicated to who booked villas in IL Bosco or living there, and others for apartment owners.
  • Security and guards are available 24 hours a day to provide all means of protection for the residents of the villas and for the whole compound.
  • The compound provides vast green spaces and stunning artificial lakes.
  • The compound provides a mosque for residents of the villas and the apartments.
  • The project provides a private swimming pool for adults and children who love swimming.

Project Video IL Bosco Compound’s Video

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Project's Brochure Brochure of IL Bosco Compound

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Company Previous Work About Misr Italia Properties, IL Bosco Developer

The Cliff Il Bosco
The Cliff Il Bosco

IL Bosco Compound has been implemented by Misr Italia Company, which is considered one of the most important real estate development companies in Egypt and in the Arab world, as the company has carried out many huge residential projects in Egypt over the past years, and has deservedly gained the trust of its customers.

Previous projects of Misr Italia

  • Vinci Compound in the New Administrative Capital.
  • Vinci Street Mall in the New Administrative Capital.
  • La Nuova Vista, New Cairo, “The Fifth Settlement”.
  • Sila project in New Cairo.
  • IL Bosco Future City project.
  • The Italian District in October.
  • Mousa Coast in Ras Sedr.
  • Kai village in Ain Sokhna.

Project Advantages Advantages of IL Bosco New Capital Compound

Picturesque views of IL Bosco villas
Picturesque views of IL Bosco villas

IL Bosco project in the Administrative Capital has an endless set of advantages, these advantages are summed up in living in a sophisticated and integrated society that provides all means of comfort for residents.

It provides you with luxurious villas with the best interior and exterior designs that are elegant, sophisticated and modern, in addition to the full privacy that you dream about. Besides security, safety, and guarding, along with the availability of green spaces and artificial lakes, to create an ideal atmosphere for recreation and relaxation.

Project Disadvantages Disadvantages of Compound IL Bosco New Capital

Customers ask about disadvantages of IL Bosco project just as they ask about its advantages, so we will list some of what is considered by some customers as disadvantages of IL Bosco project, the New Administrative Capital:

  • The prices of the units in Il Bosco may be a little high compared to other areas in and around the New Capital, but this price has been determined by the implementing company due to the various services that are provided to the customer, including security, guarding, privacy, landscapes, services and facilities all in one place. The project provided payment facilities and an installment system for all types of units for facilitating this point.
  • The distance from Cairo is considered by some as a shortcoming of IL Bosco project and all the projects of the Administrative Capital, but that will not be a defect for the residents of the Administrative Capital, especially after providing an integrated transportation network for the residents. Also the distance between the compound and New Cairo is only 10 minutes in addition to its proximity to Al Rehab and the Fifth Settlement in a big way.

Project Information Information about IL Bosco New Capital Project