Apartment Compound Botanica New Capital Compound

Compound Botanica New Capital
Compound Botanica New Capital

Compound Botanica New Capital كمبوند بوتانيكا العاصمة الإدارية الجديدة has recently been announced by New Generation Developments, a compound located in District R7 of the New Capital. Botanica Compound New Capital provides a wide range of units in diverse spaces, offering them suitable prices and convenient installment plans.


Project Site Location of Botanica Compound

Botanica Compound occupies an important location in New Capital, in District R7, Plot E2A. It is located on 3 main streets, each of them about 70 m wide, ensuring that the compound is near many vital areas in the New Capital. The following section describes the landmarks that are close to Compound Botanica New Capital.

Map of Botanica New Capital Compound
Map of Botanica New Capital Compound

Adjacent to the project Places Near Botanica Compound New Capital

  • Compound Botanica is located near the Services Area and Central Park in District R7, next to Zavani Compound and Bleu Vert Compound.
  • It takes a short walk to reach the Green River and Al Masa Hotel from Botanica Compound New Capital.
  • Botanica New Generation Developments is located close to the Opera House and the Parliament Building.
  • The project is close to the Exhibition Grounds and the Medical City, as well as important main roads such as the southern axis of Mohammed bin Zayed and Al-Amal Axis.

Project Design Design & Space of Botanica Compound New Capital

Design of Botanica Project
Design of Botanica Project

Botanica New Generation Developments is established with very modern and elegant designs, as Compound Botanica New Capital is built in an Italian style. Botanica project is built on an area of 23 acres, with only 19% allocated to the construction and the rest for green spaces and facilities around Botanica Compound New Capital.

Compound Botanica New Capital includes 966 apartments divided into a number of buildings, and each building consists of a ground floor and 7 upper floors. Units vary between typical studio apartments and duplex apartments, with the provision of 2 private elevators for each independent building.

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مساحات المشروع Compound Botanica New Capital Unit Spaces

The apartments in Compound Botanica vary according to area and location, and the areas of Botanica project apartments start from 72 to 229 m2. Botanica New Generation Developments is launching the first phase of Botanica Compound with a limited number of studios and apartments, starting from 2 bedrooms with spaces starting from 120 m2.

Botanica Inn New Capital

Bedroom in Botanica Compound
Bedroom in Botanica Compound

New Generation Developments has launched a new phase of Botanica Compound New Capital, represented in hotel units with the finest designs and finishes similar to international buildings. The buildings in this phase consist of a ground floor and 7 upper floors, with various unit spaces, services, facilities, and entertainment means.

Botanica New Generation Developments has provided many amenities and entertainment facilities available to clients at all times, with the presence of units of various sizes at competitive prices, fully finished and furnished, with air-conditioning. These units come as demonstrated below:

  • 2 Room Units: The unit spaces in Botanica New Capital Compound start from 103 m2.

New Generation Developments has also been keen to provide hotel apartments in Botanica Inn New Capital at reasonable prices that are suitable to the advantages and many services provided to the clients. Botanica Inn New Capital units come as follows:

  • 2 Room Units: The prices for 2 room hotel apartments in Botanica Inn New Capital start from 3,611,000 to 4,257,000 EGP.
  • Garage expenses in Botanica Inn project are about 100,000 EGP, and the maintenance expenses are 5%.

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Project Prices Botanica New Capital Prices 2024

Landscape in Botanica New Generation Developments
Landscape in Botanica New Generation Developments

Compound Botanica unit prices start from 3,611,000 EGP. Botanica prices for units for sale vary according to several factors, such as location, type of finishing, design, and space. The price for the garage is 50,000 EGP, and the clubhouse membership is free.

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Project Installment Installments and Reservation of Botanica Compound New Capital 

Apartments in Compound Botanica New Capital
Apartments in Compound Botanica New Capital

Botanica New Generation Developments provides suitable payment plans so that clients can book or buy the units for sale in Botanica Compound in the most convenient ways for them. Compound Botanica down payment is 10%, with the rest in equal installments for 10 years. The EOI down payment starts from 20,000 EGP.

Botanica project is planned to be launched and delivered in 4 stages, and as for the finishing specifications in Botanica Compound, the units will be delivered semi-finished, allowing clients to apply their own final touches to the decoration, lighting, and final finishing.

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مول مشروع Botanica Hub Strip Mall

Botanica Hub Strip Mall
Botanica Hub Strip Mall

New Generation Developments’ Botanica Hub Strip Mall has been launched to provide investment opportunities at the highest level in Compound Botanica New Capital. The project is located in the 2 most important service areas in District R7 and extends over 3,000 m2.

Botanica Hub Strip Mall offers both commercial and medical units, and the building consists of a ground floor and 2 floors. The unit spaces in Botanica Hub Strip Mall start from 17 m2, and the prices of the units start from 1,500,000 EGP.

Project Video Botanica New Capital Compound Video

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Project Facilities Compound Botanica New Capital Facilities & Services

Walkways in Compound Botanica New Capital
Walkways in Compound Botanica New Capital

By living in the apartments of Botanica Compound New Capital, you will gain access to an infinite number of facilities, services, and privileges that are suitable for the spirit of Compound Botanica, a compound that comes alive with its landscapes and beautiful designs. The facilities and services offered in Botanica Compound New Capital are described below:

  • Botanica Compound New Capital includes a commercial area with integrated services on an area of ​​30,000 m2 in the front of the project, next to high-level restaurants and cafes.
  • Compound Botanica New Capital Club House includes a gym, spa, and swimming pool for ladies.
  • There are wonderful views surrounding Botanica Compound apartments, varied between landscapes and green spaces, along with a group of rare trees.
  • Compound Botanica New Capital has 2 elevators in each building.
  • Botanica Compound New Capital provides a social and sports club that allows the practice of various types of sports, in addition to swimming pools for children and adults.
  • Botanica New Generation Developments offers walking, running, and biking trails.
  • Safe garages are distributed around Botanica New Capital Compound residential areas and all service areas.
  • Botanica Compound New Capital provides 24-hour security, guards, surveillance cameras, and security gates.
  • There is a playground area for adults and a Kids’ area in Compound Botanica New Capital.
  • Botanica project uses a solar panel system to preserve the environment.
  • Compound Botanica New Capital utilizes the latest fire extinguishing systems, to deal promptly and quickly with cases of fire.
  • Cleaning and maintenance services are available 24/7 in Botanica Compound New Capital.

Project Advantages Privileges of Botanica Compound New Capital

Gates of Botanica Compound
Gates of Botanica Compound

If you decide to buy one of the units for sale in Compound Botanica New Capital, whether, in installments or cash, you will gain a huge number of advantages, starting with the distinguished location in District R7 of the New Capital, in addition to the apartment designs and various spaces.

Botanica Compound New Capital is surrounded by a huge area of green spaces, landscapes, and rare trees, to provide delightful views to Compound Botanica New Capital units, in addition to services and facilities, whether for commercial purposes, sport, or entertainment.

Disadvantages of Botanica New Capital Compound

Botanica project provides apartments and studios of various sizes, which may not be suitable for those who would like to buy a villa in Botanica New Capital. However, Compound Botanica New Capital offers apartments in diverse areas and hotel apartments that offer residents a luxurious lifestyle.

Additionally, some people may believe that the New Capital’s projects are a long distance away from Cairo, but they are taking for granted that the New Capital is close to important areas in Egypt, such as Al-Rehab, Fifth Settlement, Al-Shorouk, and others.

Project's Brochure Botanica Compound New Capital Brochure

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Company Previous Work About New Generation Developments

Botanica Apartments New Capital
Botanica Apartments New Capital

Compound Botanica New Capital is launched by New Generation Developments, a company that was established by Cairo Capital Developments and Emarat Misr for Urban Development, after signing a strategic partnership contract with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs staff committee to develop Botanica Compound.

Engineer Ahmed Selim, Chairman of Cairo Capital Developments’ Board of Directors, states that New Generation Developments is established between the 2 companies to develop Compound Botanica, to be launched in 4 phases. It is expected to be marketed within a short period, to start the government’s transition to work from the New Capital at the beginning of next year.

Asim Fadel, Chairman of the Board of Directors of New Generation Developments, said that the project is being developed over 4 years. The construction phase begins within 2 months, immediately after the ministerial decision is issued. Work is ongoing to finalize the engineering designs, and the company plans to put 100,000,000 EGP into the first year’s construction.

The company of Botanica New Capital Compound has hired the engineering consultant Dr. Mohamed Shawky to design the project, who is a pioneer in the field of engineering consultancy in a group of projects in the New Capital, and the owner of the best master plans there, which made New Generation one of the best real estate companies in Egypt.

Previous Projects of New Generation Developments

Cairo Capital Developments has more than 20 years of experience in the real estate field, specifically in residential projects. They have executed several successful residential projects during their years of experience, including the projects mentioned in the following points below:

As for Emarat Misr Company for Urban Development, this company is a successful pioneer in contracting works in several countries, such as Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and China, and they are also the owners of the largest tourism companies in Egypt.

Project Information FAQ about Botanica New Capital Compound