Apartment Compound Compound Solana New Zayed

Compound Solana New Zayed
Compound Solana New Zayed

Ora Developments offers modern and luxurious lifestyle through Compound Solana New Zayed كمبوند سولانا الشيخ زايد الجديدة to meet the aspirations of clients. A large group of fascinating villas is presented at exceptional prices in Solana Compound. All services and means of entertainment that achieve luxury are provided in addition to Solana Zayed installments system which is extremely convenient.


Project Site Location of Solana New Zayed Ora

The location plays a major role in providing comfort to residents, and thus Ora Developments has chosen a strategic location, in Sheikh Zayed near Dabaa Axis, for Solana Compound. Moreover, Ora has made sure the site of Compound Solana New Zayed is quiet, suitable for relaxation and near various major areas and roads.

Adjacent to the project Places Proximate to Solana Compound New Zayed

  • Compound Solana Sheikh Zayed is located near Alexandria Desert Road.
  • Waslet Dahshur is a short distance from Solana Ora New Zayed.
  • Reaching Hyper One from Solana New Zayed Compound will take minutes.
  • Solana Compound New Zayed is situated close to Mall of Egypt.
  • El Remaya Square is proximate to Compound Solana Ora.
  • It takes a short distance to reach Media Production City from Compound Solana New Zayed.
  • Arriving at Mall of Arabia from Solana Zayed will take a few minutes.
  • Solana Compound is close to Compound Alma and Compound Rivers.

Project Design Design of Compound Solana Sheikh Zayed

Design of Compound Solana Ora New Zayed
Design of Compound Solana Ora New Zayed

Ora Developments has successfully implemented a marvelous architectural design for Solana New Zayed Compound similar to international compounds by contracting with professional architectural consultants. As a result, harmony is achieved between all parts of Compound Solana Zayed and the finest raw materials are used for high-quality finishing. The design of Solana Ora New Zayed is divided as follows:

  • The total area of ​​Compound Solana Sheikh Zayed is 316 acres.
  • Green spaces and landscapes occupy the largest percentage of the total area of Solana Compound New Zayed, while the rest is allocated to buildings.
  • Standalone villas, townhouses, and twin houses are provided in Compound Solana New Zayed.

Project Area Area of Solana New Zayed Compound

Views of Villas in Solana Zayed
Views of Villas in Solana Zayed

Allocating a large area to Solana Sheikh Zayed has facilitated the provision of a variety of spaces. Therefore, clients get the opportunity to buy or invest in a unit for sale with the appropriate space which will ensure their comfort in Compound Solana Zayed. The following options are the available spaces of units in Solana Ora New Zayed:

  • Areas of Townhouse villas in Solana Compound New Zayed start from 210 m2.
  • Twin House villas are offered in spaces, ranging between 206 and 240 m2 in Solana Compound.
  • Standalone villas’ spaces, in Solana New Zayed Compound, are up to 388 m2.

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Project Prices Compound Solana New Zayed Prices 2024

Villas of Solana Zayed Compound
Villas of Solana Zayed Compound

To ensure that Solana Zayed prices are affordable and convenient, Ora Developments has provided villas for sale at the best-selling prices per meter for whoever is interested in buying or investing in Solana Compound New Zayed. In addition, it confirms that the following prices are equivalent to the exceptional services, provided in Solana Sheikh Zayed:

  • The price of Townhouse villas in Solana New Zayed Compound is suitable for most clients, having been launched at an ideal price.
  • Purchasing a Twin House villas in Solana Ora New Zayed.is an ideal opportunity to live in one of Egypt’s most prestigious areas.
  • For those seeking luxury at the lowest prices, the prices of Standalone villas in Solana Compound New Zayed are their perfect choice.
  • Prices for villas in the Solana compound start from 42,111,000 EGP.

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Project Installment Installment Plan in Solana New Zayed Compound

Townhouses of Solana Sheikh Zayed
Townhouses of Solana Sheikh Zayed

Ora Developments has facilitated the purchasing process of units in Compound Solana New Zayed by providing flexible installment system to guarantee the satisfaction of customers. Solana Zayed down payment is 5% and the rest is paid in installments over 8 years. In addition, buying a unit for sale in Compound Solana Ora New Zayed requires a maintenance deposit of 7.5%.

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Project Facilities Services of Solana Zayed Compound

Swimming Pools in Compound Solana Ora New Zayed
Swimming Pools in Compound Solana Ora New Zayed

In addition to providing spacious villas at exceptional prices and a comfortable installment system, Ora Developments guarantees that residents will have a comfortable lifestyle in Solana Compound New Zayed because they will get the chance to enjoy all the following facilities and services:

  • Landscapes and green areas, in Compound Solana New Zayed, are suitable for hiking and spending special times
  • Solana Ora New Zayed contains swimming pools which are adequate for all residents who wish to have fun.
  • There is a commercial area for residents of Solana Sheikh Zayed to enjoy shopping.
  • Solana Compound New Zayed includes restaurants and cafes, serving a variety of tasty dishes and beverages.
  • Cars can be parked very easily in the garages of Solana New Zayed Compound which are close to units.
  • Residents of Solana New Zayed project get to enjoy playing all sports on the sports courts.
  • Compound Solana New Zayed contains gyms which include distinguished sports equipment.
  • Security and guarding services, in Solana Ora New Zayed, operate 24 hours a day.
  • Solana Compound is equipped with modern surveillance cameras to increase security.
  • There are also fire extinguishing systems and electric generators in Compound Solana Oro to be used in case of necessity.
  • Maintenance and cleaning services are provided regularly in Solana Compound Zayed.

Project Advantages Features of Compound Solana Zayed

Ora Developments has been keen to fulfill residents’ dreams through presenting an integrated luxurious project like Solana Compound. Therefore, it has chosen an ideal location in Sheikh Zayed and relied on luxurious architectural designs for Compound Solana New Zayed. Moreover, a variety of spacious units are offered at distinctive prices and convenient installment systems are provided in Solana Ora.

Disadvantages of Solana Compound New Zayed

Despite all the distinguishable characteristics of Solana Compound, some customers may think that the date set for delivering units is too far, but it is worth noting that Ora Developments is eager to deliver units with high-quality finishing to meet clients’ expectations, and that’s why receiving units may take some time in Compound Solana New Zayed.

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