Compound apartments Zed Towers Compound El Sheikh Zayed

Zed Tower Sheikh Zayed Compound
Zed Tower Sheikh Zayed Compound

In the vibrant cityscape of El Sheikh Zayed, a pioneering development, Zed Sheikh Zayed Compound كمبوند ابراج زيد الشيخ زايد, is taking shape, foreshadowing a new era of urban living. Zed Towers, intellectualized by Ora Developers under the leadership of the acclaimed engineer Naguib Sawiris, is poised to offer an unmatched residential experience with affordable prices.

Compound Zed Towers El Sheikh Zayed is a coveted address and a wise investment, spearheaded by the distinguished Ora Real Estate Company. Led by the visionary engineer Naguib Sawiris, Zed Towers Ora is poised to become a symbol of sophisticated living.


The project LocationLocation of Zed Towers El Sheikh Zayed

Nestled in a prime location within the vibrant city of the 6th of October, near the sprawling central park of Sheikh Zayed, Zed Sheikh Zayed Compound boasts an advantageous position. This strategic location of Zed Towers Compound El Sheikh Zayed ensures residents enjoy unparalleled views from their living spaces, with essential amenities just a stone’s throw away.

Location of Zed Towers El Sheikh Zayed
Location of Zed Towers El Sheikh Zayed

Places close to the project Nearby Landmarks of Zed Towers Compound El Sheikh Zayed

  • Americana Plaza is conveniently located just 8 minutes from Zed Towers El Sheikh Zayed, offering residents an easy getaway for leisure and shopping.
  • Zed Sheikh Zayed Project’s access to major roads, including Nozha Road, the 26th of July Axis, and the Cairo-Alexandria Desert Road, facilitate smooth travel to and from the city, making it an ideal location for those commuting to different parts of Cairo and beyond.
  • Al-Ahly Club is positioned close to Zed Towers Ora, allowing residents to enjoy premium sports facilities and social clubs within a short distance, enhancing the community’s lifestyle.
  • Compound Zed Towers El Sheikh Zayed enjoys a prime location, with Hyper One and Arkan Plaza only a 3-minute away, making shopping and dining experiences easily accessible for residents.
  • Zed Sheikh Zayed Compound ensures seamless connectivity to Heliopolis and the Fifth Settlement, two of Cairo’s most prestigious neighborhoods, known for their upscale amenities, schools, and business hubs.
  • Zed Towers Compound El Sheikh Zayed neighbors the esteemed Ivoire Compound Sheikh Zayed and La Colina Compound Sheikh Zayed, offering residents the advantage of being part of a well-established community.

Project designs Design of Compound Zed Towers El Sheikh Zayed

Design of Compound Zed Towers El Sheikh Zayed
Design of Compound Zed Towers El Sheikh Zayed

Zed Towers Compound El Sheikh Zayed showcases architectural mastery with its collection of approximately 30 towers, divided into two distinct types: 10-level towers dedicated to residential units and 20-level mixed-use towers. Zed Sheikh Zayed Compound incorporates commercial, entertaining, and residential spaces, offering a vibrant community life.

Zed Towers is set to unfold across six phases, culminating in the delivery of 4,500 units, each meticulously completed to the highest standards. Orascom Construction and Industry has spearheaded the construction efforts for Zed Towers Ora’s initial phase. Zed Towers El Sheikh Zayed’s design, a collaborative effort with WATG London, carries luxury with functionality, ensuring aesthetic appeal.

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Project areas Spaces of Units in Zed Towers

Apartments of Zed Towers
Apartments of Zed Towers

Zed Towers Compound El Sheikh Zayed spans a vast 165 acres, dedicating a significant portion to the largest central park in Sheikh Zayed, alongside a sprawling 60-acre Zed Strip Mall. Residential units for sale vary, starting from compact 75 m2 to spacious penthouses and duplexes, ensuring diversity to meet different preferences and needs in Zed West Towers.

The project area Apartments Spaces in Zed Towers El Sheikh Zayed

Zed Towers Sheikh Zayed 20 floors
Zed Towers Sheikh Zayed 20 floors

Zed Towers presents an array of apartments for sale in Sheikh Zayed, available to book and buy via installment plans or outright cash payments, boasting splendid views of the central park. Apartments within Zed Sheikh Zayed Project are offered in a variety of sizes to accommodate diverse needs, from cozy one-bedroom units to spacious four-bedroom homes:

1. Apartments in the 20-level towers offer living spaces that vary in size:

  • Two-bedroom apartments are available starting at 135 m².
  • Three-bedroom apartments feature sizes that start from 172 m².
  • Four-bedroom apartments provide ample space with a minimum size of 250 m².
  • Ground floor duplexes include a garden and offer areas from 207 to 229 m².

2. Apartments in 10-level towers offer living spaces that vary in size:

  • Two-bedroom units offer a space range of 97 to 135 m².
  • Three-bedroom apartments are spacious, with areas between 160 and 211 m².
  • Four-bedroom residences are generously sized, ranging from 237 to 242 m².
  • Penthouses with three or four bedrooms provide extensive living areas, from 202 to 265 m².

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Project prices Zed Sawiris Towers Sheikh Zayed Prices 2024

Landspace of Zed Sawiris Towers Sheikh Zayed
Landspace of Zed Sawiris Towers Sheikh Zayed

Ora Developers offers luxuriously equipped apartments within Zed Sheikh Zayed Compound, featuring comprehensive amenities and services for the ultimate in comfort and luxury. The starting price for these exquisite apartments is 10,633,000 EGP. A maintenance fee, constituting approximately 7.5% of the purchase price, can be paid in installments over three years following a year from the contract date.

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The project installment system Flexible Payment Plans in Zed West Towers

Ora Developments introduces a variety of accommodating payment schemes for Zed Towers Compound El Sheikh Zayed, designed to simplify the booking process and cater to a wide range of budgetary preferences. It facilitates the reservation process to make the dream of luxury living accessible to more people and to suit diverse financial capabilities:

  • A reservation down payment of 10% is required with an additional 5% due three months later, followed by the balance payable over 6 years.
  • For apartments in the first phase, a 5% reservation down payment is required, with 10% due three months afterwards, and the remaining amount spread over 7 years in equal installments.
  • Apartments in the second phase require a 5% down payment, 10% after three months, and the rest will be paid over 8 years in equal installments.
  • Apartments in towers consisting of 10-level towers will be delivered within 5 years from the contract start date.
  • The 20-level tower apartments will come with super lux finishing and are scheduled for delivery within 4 years from the contract initiation.

Zed Sheikh Zayed Compound is committed to delivering apartments with superior quality and super lux finishing, including air conditioning and kitchen cabinets. This comprehensive approach ensures that residents of Zed Towers will enjoy a living space that is not only luxurious but also tailored to their tastes and needs.

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Project mall Zed Strip Mall Sheikh Zayed

Zed Strip Mall El Sheikh Zayed
Zed Strip Mall El Sheikh Zayed

Zed Strip Mall El Sheikh Zayed is the premier commercial hub serving Zed West compound and the surrounding areas with a unique modern design. Zed Sheikh Zayed Compound features a mix of retail shops, administrative offices, and medical clinics. It is located at the entrance to Sheikh Zayed 1, near the central axis and the desert road.

Unit’s spaces in Zed Strip Mall are designed starting from 60 to 550 m². Ora company presents a reasonable price per meter of units for this huge project , with a convenient total price of units starting from 4,050,000 EGP.

For those interested in booking commercial, administrative, or medical units in Zed Mall, a convenient payment system is available. This includes a 10% down payment, followed by 5% after three months, with an installment period spread over 6 years without interest. Zed Towers units are scheduled to be delivered semi-finished within 3.5 years from the start date.

The total area of Zed Strip Mall spans 60 acres, and it includes buildings designated for administrative and office units up to 6 high levels. A substantial space accommodating various unit types including global brand shops, restaurants, cafes, an advanced fire alarm system, underground parking, supermarkets, a children’s entertainment area, cinemas, banks, pharmacies, and many other amenities.

Project Video Video of Zed Towers in Sheikh Zayed

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De Joya services Services and Amenities at Zed Sawiris Towers Sheikh Zayed

Services in Zed Sawiris Towers Sheikh Zayed
Services in Zed Sawiris Towers Sheikh Zayed

Living in the heaven at Zed West Towers compound will afford you countless facilities, services, and privileges, transforming it into a sophisticated residential and leisure resort, and a self-sufficient city that eliminates the need to venture elsewhere, Examples of these amenities include:

  • Zed Strip Mall El Sheikh Zayed is a vast commercial mall that features the most famous global brands, alongside restaurants and cafes.
  • The Central Park surrounding Zed Park in Sheikh Zayed, sprawls over 65 acres and is designed in an exquisite French style, ensuring all units in Zed Towers enjoy views of the delightful natural landscapes, complete with amusement parks, administrative, entertainment, and commercial services.
  • Compound Zed Towers El Sheikh Zayed features dancing fountains, artificial lakes, and swimming pools, adding to the aesthetic appeal.
  • Each tower within Zed Sheikh Zayed Compound is equipped with elevators, designated for residents and another for furniture, enhancing convenience.
  • A variety of recreational and sports activities are available in Zed Sawiris Towers Sheikh Zayed, including a clubhouse, a fitness center, a spa, a gym, swimming pools, as well as tennis and football courts.
  • Secure underground parking is available, along with emergency exits and stairways, ensuring safety and accessibility.
  • Zed Towers project by Ora features dedicated tracks for walking, running, and cycling, promoting a healthy lifestyle.
  • Zed Towers Sheikh Zayed compound ensures round-the-clock security, surveillance cameras, and security gates, maintaining a safe environment.
  • A social sports club that offers various sports activities, and a dedicated area for children’s games, fostering a community spirit.
  • Environmentally friendly waste disposal areas are designated in Zed Towers, emphasizing sustainability and cleanliness.
  • Administrative services, educational facilities, and an international school are part of the comprehensive services offered.
  • In Zed City Sheikh Zayed, there’s a luxurious five-star hotel with world-class standards, adding to the compound’s prestige.

Project features Features of Zed Sheikh Zayed Compound

Features of Zed Towers Ora
Features of Zed Towers Ora

Zed Sheikh Zayed Towers stands out as an architectural gem, showcasing luxurious residential buildings on many levels. With a prime location in Sheikh Zayed, Zed Towers offers upscale apartments that meet international standards and are fully finished, including air conditioning, and also boast panoramic views of the central park, ensuring an opulence life in Zed Towers Compound El Sheikh Zayed.

The Drawbacks of Zed Towers

While Zed Sheikh Zayed Compound features an extensive selection of apartments, studios, and penthouses in various sizes, it may not align with the preferences of those desiring villa-style living within the compound. However, the available apartments are generously proportioned and thoughtfully designed to ensure the utmost privacy and comfort.

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The company's previous workAbout Ora Developers

The Entrance of Zed Sheikh Zayed Compound
The Entrance of Zed Sheikh Zayed Compound

Behind Zed Towers is Ora Development, a stalwart in the real estate industry, led by the accomplished Naguib Sawiris. Ora Developers’ portfolio includes a variety of successful projects that span many sectors, both in Egypt and internationally. This is a testament to the quality and innovation  expected at Compound Zed Towers El Sheikh Zayed, projects in New Cairo and many other projects.

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