Compound Zed Towers El Sheikh Zayed, Apartment and Penthouses Prices

Compound apartments Zed Towers El Sheikh Zayed

Zed Towers Sheikh Zayed Compound
Zed Towers Sheikh Zayed Compound

Compound Zed Towers El Sheikh Zayed (كمبوند ابراج زيد الشيخ زايد) offers you the first integrated residential towers in Sheikh Zayed; It provides a complete community of basic, entertainment and sports services, a commercial, administrative and medical area, and a large central park, announced by the Ora Real Estate Company, affiliated to the engineer Naguib Sawiris, and guarantees you apartments, duplexes and penthouses of various areas, distinctive designs, reasonable prices and installment systems over 8 years.

The project Location Zed Sheikh Zayed Project Site

Zed West Towers occupies an important strategic location in Sheikh Zayed on 6th of October City, west of Cairo, around Sheikh Zayed Central Park, which is being developed by Ora Developments and guarantees you the best view of your room.

Compound Zed Towers Sheikh Zayed Map
Compound Zed Towers Sheikh Zayed Map

Places close to the project Places near the towers

  • The compound is located 3 minutes from Hyper One and Arkan Plaza.
  • Zed Towers El Sheikh Zayed is 8 minutes away from American Plaza.
  • Zed Sawiris Towers Sheikh Zayed is located close to Al-Ahly Club.
  • From the Zed Sheikh Zayed project, it is easy to reach Heliopolis and the Fifth Settlement.
  • It also has easy access to major roads such as Nozha Road, 26th of July Axis, and Cairo-Alexandria Desert Road.

Project designs Design of Zed El Sheikh Zayed Compound

Zed Sheikh Zayed Compound Plan
Zed Sheikh Zayed Compound Plan

Ora has developed impressive engineering designs that combine the elements of luxury, innovation, sophistication and privacy in the project at the highest international level. The Consultant company WATG London to design the Master Plan of the project, which consists of about 30 towers, divided into two types of towers:

  1. The first type: includes a group of towers consisting of 10 floors and is intended for residential units only.
  2. The second type: includes a group of towers consisting of 20 floors, the first 3 floors of which are dedicated to service, commercial, and entertainment units such as restaurants, cafes, shops, clubhouse, and the rest of the floors for residential apartments.

The huge residential Zed Towers project will be built on 6 phases, with a total of 4,500 fully finished units, and the first phase of construction will be undertaken by Orascom Construction and Industry.

Project areas The Total Area of ​​Zed Sheikh Zayed Compound

Zed Towers Sheikh Zayed Apartments 10 floors
Zed Towers Sheikh Zayed Apartments 10 floors

Zed Sheikh Zayed Compound is being built on a very huge area of 165 acres, and the largest part of the area has been allocated to the largest central park in Sheikh Zayed, which reaches an area of ​​65 acres, next to a huge mall Zed Strip Mall on an area of ​​60 acres, and the remaining space for construction and residential towers that include studios And duplex apartments and penthouses, with a special elevator for each tower.

The project area Zed Towers Sheikh Zayed Apartments Areas

Zed Towers Sheikh Zayed 20 floors
Zed Towers Sheikh Zayed 20 floors

Zed Towers project offers you apartments for sale in Sheikh Zayed in installments or cash with the most beautiful views on the central park with various areas ranging from 1 bedroom to 4 bedrooms :

1- The areas of Zed apartments in 20 floors towers are from 55 m² to 252 m²:

  1. 1-bedroom studio ranging from 55 m² to 69 m².
  2. 2-bedrooms apartment with spaces ranging from 129 m² to 188 m².
  3. 3-bedrooms apartment with spaces ranging from 168 m² to 218 m².
  4. 4-bedrooms apartment with an area starting from 252 m2.

2- The areas of Zed apartments in 10 floor towers starting from 97 m² to 247 m²:

  1. The space of 2-bedrooms apartments ranges from 97 m² to 135 m².
  2. 3-bedrooms apartments with spaces ranging from 135 m² to 208 m².
  3. 3-bedrooms penthouses with spaces ranging from 206 m² to 219 m².
  4. 4-bedrooms apartment with spaces ranging from 243 m² to 247 .
  5. 4-bedroom penthouses with spaces ranging from 227 m² to 231 m².

Project prices Zed Sheikh Zayed Towers Prices 2021

Landscape of Zed Sheikh Zayed Compound
The landscape of Zed Sheikh Zayed Compound

Ora offers you fully equipped apartments with integrated facilities and services, equipped with the highest level of luxury and comfort, and with them commensurate with the prices of Zed Sheikh Zayed,  where:

  • The price per square meter in Zed Sheikh Zayed Towers apartments, consisting of 10 floors, starts from 20,000 EGP.
  • The prices of Zed Sheikh Zayed apartments, of 20 floors, start from 26,000 EGP per square meter.
  • The maintenance fee is about 7.5%, to be paid in installments over 3 years after 1 year of contracting.

The project installment system Reservation and Installment System of Zed Sheikh Zayed

Ora Developments has provided appropriate payment systems in Zed Sheikh Zayed apartments in order to be able to reserve an apartment in Zed Towers in installments in the most appropriate way for you:

  • A 10% reservation downpayment, 5% can be paid after 3 months, and the rest in installments over 6 years.
  • Apartments for the first stage: You can pay 5% as a reservation downpayment, 10% after 3 months, and the rest in installments over 7 years in equal installments.
  • Second stage apartments: 5% downpayment, 10% after 3 months, and the rest in installments over 8 years in equal installments.

Finishing and delivery of Zed Project Apartments

As for the finishing specifications in Zed Sheikh Zayed project, the company will deliver the apartments in the best shape and best quality with super lux finishing with adaptations and kitchen cabinets, and the company also gives you two panels for the final colors for finishing; To choose the most suitable for you:

  • The company will deliver the apartments of Zed Sheikh Zayed Towers consisting of 10 floors within 3 and a half years from the beginning of the contract.
  • The towers’ apartments, consisting of 20 floors, will be delivered with super lux finishing within 4 years from the beginning of the contract.

Project mall Zed Strip Mall Sheikh Zayed

Zed Strip Mall Sheikh Zayed
Zed Strip Mall Sheikh Zayed

Zed Strip Mall El Sheikh Zayed is the first commercial center that serves the compound of Zed West Sheikh Zayed and the surrounding areas. It is designed in a unique modern style and includes shops, administrative offices, and medical clinics. It has a privileged location on Nozha Road at the entrance of Sheikh Zayed 1 and close to the central axis, the desert road, and overlooks the central park.

Zed Mall has a total area of 60 acres. It is a very large area to include various types of units such as international brand stores, restaurants, cafes, a gym, a supermarket, an entertainment area for children’s, cinemas, next to banks and pharmacies, in addition to buildings dedicated to administrative units and offices up to 6 floors.

Zed Mall units also feature surveillance cameras, security and guarding around the clock, underground parking, quick elevators, special meeting rooms, an advanced alarm system to work in case of fires, as well as maintenance and cleaning services throughout the day.

Spaces and Prices of Zed Strip Mall & Payment Methods

The unit areas in Zed Mall range from 60 m² to 550 m², and Ora stated that the prices of the first phase come at a price starting from 45,000 Egy per square meter, and the units will be delivered in a semi-finished system within 3 and a half year.

As for Zed Mall El Sheikh Zayed payment systems, there is a convenient payment system for those wishing to start booking a commercial, administrative or medical units in the Zed Mall project, which consists of paying 10% as a reservation deposit, 5% after 3 months, and the rest in installments over 6 years without interest.

De Joya services Zed Compound Services and Features

Zed Park El Sheikh Zayed
Zed Park El Sheikh Zayed

Staying in the apartments of Zed Towers Compound will give you an infinite number of facilities, services, and privileges to make it a luxury residential resort, and an integrated city with services so that you do not need to get out of it, such as:

  • A huge shopping mall offers the most famous international brands, as well as high-end restaurants and cafes.
  • There is a range of recreational and sporting activities such as Club House, gymnasium, spa, gym, swimming pools, as well as tennis and football courts.
  • Zed Park Sheikh Zayed or Central Park, has an area of 65 acres; it’s designed in an upscale French style, all units enjoy a delightful landscape view, and will guarantee an amusement park, with administrative, entertainment, and commercial services.
  • Compound Zed Towers El Sheikh Zayed has a  lift in each tower, one for residents and the other for furniture.
  • A large part of the Zed Sheikh Zayed project is dedicated to water bodies such as a dancing fountain, artificial lakes, and swimming pools.
  • Underground secure garages and there are emergency exits and ladders.
  • The social sports club allows practicing various types of sports, and an area dedicated to children’s games.
  • Zed Ora Towers project offers tracks for walking, running, and riding bicycles.
  • Zed Towers Sheikh Zayed Compound provides you with security, guards, 24-hour surveillance cameras, and security gates.
  • Administrative building, educational services, and International School.
  • Within Zed Sheikh Zayed there is a world-class luxury 5-star hotel.
  • Large supermarkets, small shops, and retail stores.
  • Eco-friendly places for litter.

      Project features Privileges and Features of Sawiris Towers

      Apartments View in Zed Towers Sheikh Zayed
      Apartments View in Zed Towers Sheikh Zayed

      Zed Sheikh Zayed Towers is a rare architectural masterpiece. It offers you high-end residential towers of 10 floors and 20-floors, with a privileged location in Sheikh Zayed. It also offers high-class apartments with international specifications and complete finishes with air conditioning, with a distinctive view on the central park, and designed with the highest level of privacy and luxury.

      All of this is offered to you by the famous Ora company affiliated with the engineer Naguib Sawiris, with reasonable prices and installment systems.

      Disadvantages & Problems of Zed El Sheikh Zayed Compound

      The Zed Towers project provides a large number of apartments, studios, and penthouses of various sizes, and this may not suit some who want to have a villa in the compound, but you will find there apartments with large and spacious areas designed in a way that guarantees you the privacy necessary for your comfort. If you want to buy a villa in Zed projects you will find A large number of villas in Zed East New Cairo.

      Project Video Video of Zed Towers in Sheikh Zayed

      The company's previous work A brief About Ora Developments, the Owner

      Compound Zed Towers El Sheikh Zayed is due to Ora Development Company, one of the largest companies in the real estate field. It relies on professionalism, efficiency, and accuracy with international standards in all its projects. The CEO is businessman Naguib Sawiris who is considered one of the richest people in the world, according to Forbes magazine.

      The company also cooperates with the largest entities in all disciplines; In order for its projects to come out properly, it hired WATG London to develop the engineering designs for the towers, and also contracted with Pioneers of Modern Engineering and Redcon Construction Company to implement the administrative and medical part of the project.

      Previous Ora Development Projects:

      The company’s projects inside Egypt :

      The company’s projects outside Egypt :

      • Great Britain Project
      • Twenty Grosvenor Square London
      • Ayia Napa Marina, Cyprus
      • The Silversands Resort, Grenada
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      Information about the project Questions about Zed Towers Sheikh Zayed

      How much does prices of Zed Towers Sheikh Zayed?

      The price per meter in 10-story Zed towers starts from 20,000 EGP, and 20-story towers from 26,000 EGP

      What is reservation system of Zed Towers El Sheikh Zayed?

      With a down payment starting from 5%, and installments up to 9 years in equal installments

      How to contact to book Zed Sheikh Zayed apartments?


      What is the location of Zed Towers project?

      In Sheikh Zayed on 6th of October City around the Sheikh Zayed Central Park

      Who is the developer of Zed Sheikh Zayed project?

      Ora Development, Company of Eng. Naguib Sawiris

      What is the area of the project?

      156 acres

      What types of units does Zed Towers compound offer?

      Apartments, duplexes, studios and penthouses

      What are spaces available for sale in Zed Towers?

      Apartment areas start from 55 m up to 252 m

      What is finish Compound Zed El Sheikh Zayed apartments?

      The company delivers the apartments with a fully finished system with air conditioners and kitchen cabinets

      What are spaces and prices of Zed Strip Mall Sheikh Zayed?

      Unit spaces from 60 to 550 m, prices starting from 45,000 EGP Per meter, semi-finished delivery in 3 and a half years, with 10% downpayment, and 6 years installments