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Vida Mall, the Administrative Capital
Vida Mall New Capital

Vida Mall New Capital (فيدا مول) is one of the largest projects of Location Development. This company has proven its worth in the real estate market for decades. This developer company has designed the mall’s stores at the highest level to attract those interested in investing in the New Capital. Throughout this article, we will review everything related to Mall of Vida New Capital’s units’ spaces, prices, and payment systems.


Project Site Vida Mall New Capital location

Vida Mall is one of the strategic locations in the New Administrative Capital. The address of the mall has been chosen with precision, to mediate the amazing landmarks in New Capital. The mall is located in Downtown area, which is an extension of the government district, among pharmaceutical companies, insurance and recreational areas, on two plots No. 4 and 8.

Now we’ll answer the frequent question, Where is Vida Mall from the other important places?

Adjacent to the project Nearby places to Vida Mall New Capital

Map of Vida Mall
Map of Vida Mall New Capital
  • Vida Mall is located a few minutes away from the financial and government district.
  • It is located 10 minutes from the northern Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road.
  • The mall is about 10 minutes from Monorail Central Station.
  • The mall is only 5 minutes away from the Al Massa Hotel.
  • Vida New Capital is only 20 minutes by car from New Cairo.

Project Design Design of Vida Mall, New Administrative Capital

Vida Mall Design, New Capital
Mall of Vida New Capital’s Design

Vida Mall is designed in a modern architectural style, to decorate the Down Town area in the New Administrative Capital. When you book Vida Mall units, you will be able to see how the executing company was concerned about the construction details to reach impressive architectural designs. As for reserving the mall’s stores, it is available for three types of different activities:

  • Shops.
  • Medical units.
  • Administrative units.

All types of units were provided in Vida Mall with varying areas, to satisfy the needs of all investment projects. Now we’ll review the available spaces in the mall and the different models, whether in installments or cash.

Project Spaces The Total Area of Vida Mall New Capital

The total area of Vida Mall is 8,917 m2, while the building’s area is 6,507 m2. The remaining area was dedicated to the land around the project for a cheerful surrounding environment and view. Regarding the number of floors and the mall; the mall consists of 8 floors in addition to the ground floor. Now we’ll review the area of ​​the mall’s units that are available for sale.

  • Booking Vida Mall business units start from an area of 45 m2.
  • Reserving administrative and medical units start from 45 m2 and it is available from the third floor to the eighth floor.

For more information regarding the units that are for sale; here we review the prices of Vida Mall New Capital commercial, medical, and administrative units.

For more about the divisions of the interior spaces available in Vida Mall New Administrative Capital Click Here

Project Prices Prices of Vida Mall New Capital 2022

Vida Mall Units
Vida Mall Units

The prices of units in Vida Mall New Capital vary due to the variation in the available spaces for the units. The executing company was keen to provide units of the mall that are for sale at a big discount. In addition to the competitive price per meter in the Downtown area, so that let’s know more about the meter price in Vida New Capital:

  • The meter’s price in the mall starts from 45,000 EGP for commercial units.
  • The price of meter for the medical and administrative units ranges from 18,000 EGP to 24,000 EGP, with a discount of up to 20% on the price per meter.

Therefore, store prices in the Mall of Vida in New Administrative Capital start from 2,025,000 EGP for commercial activity, while the value of administrative/medical units starts from 810,000 EGP, besides the project has provided several methods of reservation, payment, and installments.

The prices of Vida Mall New Administrative Capital may have changed, for the updated prices Click Here

Project Installment Reservation Systems of Vida Mall New Capital

You can reserve Vida Mall units through a set of payment methods, and this applies to commercial, medical and administrative units, as you can now get the mall’s stores in installments through the following systems:

  • Vida Mall units reservation system with no down payment and 5 years installments.
  • Pay 5% down payment, and the rest in installments over 6 years.
  • To pay 10% as a down payment and paying the rest in installments over 7 years.
  • Pay 20% reservation down payment, and installments in up to 8 years.
  • The maintenance deposit, which is refundable in the event of canceling the contract, is 5% that will be added to the total value a year before receipt, and 5% upon receipt.

The value of the maintenance deposit for commercial units is 50,000 EGP, while it’s 20,000 for administrative and medical units.

The Delivery Date for Vida Mall Units

Finishing specifications in the mall are available at the highest standards. The executing company was keen to deliver the units of Vida mall as super lux for the medical and administrative units, while the commercial units are delivered semi-finished with air conditioning.

In addition, providing a free terrace for all ground floor units. As for the delivery date for Vida Mall New Capital units, it will be in 2023.

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Project Facilities Facilities and Services of Vida New Capital

Vida Mall New Capital services
Vida New Capital services

Vida Mall stores and units are characterized by the availability of a variety of services and facilities within the project, to provide all means of distinction and comfort for both of the project workers and the visitors:

  • In the mall, there are elevators that operate throughout the day.
  • The food court area of the project includes international & local restaurants and cafes.
  • An available Sky Lounge in Vida Mall.
  • Large green spaces and landscapes.
  • Free high-speed internet for all the units in the mall.
  • Surveillance cameras throughout the project and integrated security systems and guards throughout the day.
  • Central air conditioning equipped with all commercial, medical and administrative units of Vida Mall.
  • A special system for cleaning the mall around the clock.
  • ATM banking machines.
  • A dedicated loading area to facilitate cargo transportation.
  • Electric generators, and an integrated firefighting system.
  • There are electronic gates at Vida Mall entrances.
  • Solar energy panels that generate nearly half of the building’s power.
  • A smart system for collecting the mall’s garbage.
  • A dedicated hall for holding meetings and parties.

Project Video Vida Mall New Capital Project’ Video

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Company Previous Work Location Company, Founder of Vida Mall Project

Vida Mall the Administrative Capital, implemented by Locations Developments, resulting from the merger of two large real estate entities in the Arab world since 2000, namely Al Wajhaa Investment Company and Diyar Misr Real Estate Development. These companies have a previous huge business in the Delta, New Cairo, and Maadi in the residential and commercial fields. In addition to their role in developing several projects in the Arabian Gulf.

Previous Projects of Location Real Estate Company

Besides the Vida Mall project; Location Company has undertaken the following projects:

  • Marvel Mall at New Capital.
  • Midway New Heliopolis project.
  • Ozone Medical Mall Cairo.
  • Cairo Capital Center.
  • Paris East, the Administrative Capital.
  • Makkah Hills and Oasis Project in Saudi Arabia.

Project Advantages Features of Vida Mall Administrative Capital Project

Vida Mall New Capital project
Vida Mall New Capital project

In addition to providing Vida Mall shops in installments with payment systems in up to 8 years, the project provides many other advantages for commercial, administrative, and medical units, such as providing integrated services and facilities that are needed by any project.

Also, providing a strategic location in the middle of the Downtown area, near many living areas in the New Administrative Capital. This will help while buying a unit in Vida Mall and will provide you with most of the things you may need for your project.

Project Disadvantages Disadvantages of Vida Mall Project New Capital

We can’t find a project without defects, but Vida Mall’s faults are very slight. For example, the units will be delivered in 2023 and they cannot be received before this date. Also, the mall doesn’t provide medical or administrative units on the first three floors, but others also may see it as an advantage for investors, as these floors may provide more privacy and tranquility.

Project Information FAQ About Vida Mall New Capital Project