Shopping Mall Mall BN Down Town New Capital

Mall BN Down Town New Capital
Mall BN Down Town New Capital

With the intention of providing an exceptional investment opportunity, El Nahal Developments launches its first project, Mall BN Downtown New Capital مول بي ان داون تاون العاصمة الإدارية الجديدة. El Nahal has chosen a vital location, implemented dazzling design, and offered luxurious services & diverse spaces for a unit for sale. In addition, BN New Capital prices are highly competitive.


Project Site Location of BN Mall New Capital

The superior location of Mall BN Downtown will help in raising its importance among other projects in the New Capital. BN Nahal Developments project is located on the Eastern Axis, with a width of 70 m2, joining the Government District with Bin Zayed Axis and the Green River. Therefore, Mall BN New Capital provides a charming view of major landmarks.

Map of Mall BN Down Town New Capital
Map of Mall BN Down Town New Capital

Adjacent to the project Places Near BN Down Town Mall

  • Mall BN Downtown New Capital is located near the Government District.
  • The Green River can be easily reached from BN New Capital Mall.
  • BN Nahal Developments project is within walking distance of the Data Center, pharmaceutical companies, and Misr Mosque.
  • Petroleum Companies District and Adala City are also proximate to BN Mall Downtown.
  • Mall BN New Capital is minutes away from the Opera House and the Financial & Business District.
  • Mall Trave and Track 14 Tower are also close to Mall BN Downtown New Capital.

Project Design Mall BN New Capital Design

Units of BN Mall New Capital
Units of BN Mall New Capital

The outstanding modern design of Mall BN Downtown New Capital is developed by Mimar Engineering Consultancy. BN New Capital Mall consists of 3 basements + a ground floor + 10 upper floors. In addition, there are various types of units, including medical, commercial, and administrative units, in Mall BN Down Town.

Project Area Area of BN Down Town Mall

The large area of BN Nahal Developments project, which is around ​​2725 m2, allows the designer to create fascinating interior designs for units to be suitable for each type. Spaces of a unit for sale in Mall BN Downtown New Capital start from 29 m2 to be appropriate for all types of units and meet the aspirations of buyers.

For more about the divisions of the interior spaces available in Mall BN Down Town New Capital Click Here

Project Prices Mall BN Downtown New Capital Prices 2023

Façade of Mall BN Down Town
Façade of Mall BN Down Town

El-Nahal has made sure that its first project, BN Mall Downtown, offers units at unbeatable prices per meter to attract clients who are interested to buy. Thus, investors get to choose from the following selling prices when they decide to invest in a unit for sale in Mall BN Downtown New Capital:

  • Prices of commercial units on the ground floor of BN New Capital Mall start from 3,204,500 EGP.
  • The starting price of commercial units on the first floor is 2,958,000 EGP in BN Nahal Developments project.
  • Prices of clinics start from 936,700 EGP in BN Mall.
  • The minimum price for administrative offices is 912,050 EGP in Mall BN Downtown.

The prices of Mall BN Down Town New Capital may have changed, for the updated prices Click Here

Project Installment Installment Systems of BN Mall New Capital

BN New Capital installments systems are as convenient as the provided prices. El Nahal Developments has been keen to facilitate the payment process for buyers, and thus it offers flexible installment plans for BN Mall New Capital. The following points provide more details about BN New Capital down payment and installments period:

  • 10% down payment and the rest is paid in installments over 6 years.
  • 15% down payment and the remaining amount is paid in installments over 7 years.
  • 20% down payment and installments over 8 years.

For more available installment and payment systems in Mall BN Down Town New Capital Click Here

Project Facilities Services and Facilities of Mall BN Downtown New Capital

Units of BN Mall Nahal Project
Units of BN Mall Nahal Project

El Nahal Developments has signed a contract with RE’AM Company, headed by Dr. Farid, to handle the management of BN Mall New Capital. The assigned company will work on providing an ideal work environment for investors in Mall BN New Capital. Moreover, the following facilities and services will be provided for visitors and investors, in BN Mall Downtown:

  • There are cafes and restaurants, serving delicious food and drinks to visitors and unit owners in Mall BN Downtown New Capital.
  • BN Mall New Capital operates on a smart system to provide a convenient experience for visitors and employees.
  • In order to facilitate movement between floors of BN Mall Downtown, elevators, and escalators are provided.
  • Mall BN New Capital includes famous and international brands.
  • There is high-speed internet in BN Down Town Mall so that unit owners and investors can easily complete the required work.
  • Meeting rooms, equipped with the latest technological systems, are available in BN New Capital Mall.
  • ATMs are also presented in BN Nahal Developments project to easily manage all financial transactions.
  • BN Mall Downtown provides well-equipped gyms to do some exercises.
  • Security guards operate 24 hours a day, in Mall BN New Capital, to achieve the highest level of safety and comfort.
  • There are garages in BN Mall so that customers can park their cars.
  • Mall BN contains surveillance cameras in all of its corners to increase the sense of security.
  • Maintenance and cleaning services are included in BN New Capital Mall to ensure the proper function of units.

Project Advantages Features of Mall BN Downtown New Capital

BN Mall New Capital presents a set of advantages, establishing it as one of the major projects in the New Capital. For example, BN Mall Downtown is characterized by an ideal location for profitable investment in the heart of the New Capital. In addition, Mall BN New Capital offers various spaces, magnificent designs, unbeatable prices, and comfortable installment systems.

Disadvantages of BN Mall New Capital

Features of Mall BN Downtown encourage various clients to buy its units but some may fear the multiplicity of activities within the mall, which hinders the provision of a suitable work environment for clinics and offices, for example, the successful management and experience of RE’AM ensures that each activity performs its work easily and smoothly.

Furthermore, Mimar Engineering Consultancy, with its great experience in executing Towers of the New Capital, has successfully managed to divide the diverse types of units, in BN Mall New Capital, on floors and provide separate entrances & elevators, so that each investor feels that BN Mall is designed specifically for him.

Company Previous Work About El Nahal Developments

EL Nahal Developments has real estate experience, extending for about 25 years, during which it has implemented several residential and commercial projects in various Egyptian governorates. Dr. Kareem El Nahal, the Chairman, has been eager to participate in executing the state’s plans for urban expansion through the establishment of BN Mall New Capital, the first project in the New Capital.

Project Information FAQ about Mall BN Downtown New Capital