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Marvel Mall New Capital project
Marvel Mall New Capital project

Marvel Mall New Capital project (مارفل مول) is considered one of the most important commercial projects in the New Administrative Capital. The units there have a strategic location among the most important landmarks in the New Capital, which qualifies these to be one of the most visited units at all.

In addition to the strategic location, the mall’s stores have many integrated facilities and services. Let’s know together more about Marvel Mall’s prices, its most important services, and its areas.


Project Site Marvel Mall New Capital’s Location

The location of Marvel Mall is one of the most important locations in the new capital. The mall is located in the heart of the largest commercial area in the Administrative Capital in plot H8, in MU23 district, between R2 and R3 neighborhoods, with a population density of 250,000 people.

The address of Marvel Mall specifically is located at the main entrance to the capital From Suez Road, on the axis of El Amal. Also, the mall overlooks the main entrance to R3 residential neighborhood.

Map of Marvel Mall in administrative capital
Map of Marvel Mall in New Administrative Capital

Adjacent to the project Nearby Places to Marvel Mall, the New Capital

Now we’ll answer that asks where Marvel Mall is located in relation to the New Capital landmarks?

  • Marvel Mall the New Administrative Capital, is 100 meters away from Al-Amal Square and the Northern Axis of Bin Zayed.
  • The project is a few minutes away from the Olympic Village and Sports City.
  • It is located about 10 minutes from the financial and business district.
  • it’s about 5 minutes away from the CBD, so it is one of the closest areas to it.
  • Marvel New Capital is a few minutes drive from the Government Neighborhood.
  • The mall is only minutes away from Africa’s tallest tower.

Project Design Design of Marvel Mall, New Administrative Capital

Marvel Mall New Administrative Capital was designed in a distinctive way, to be a wonderful facade of the New Capital on the Suez Roadside. The modern image was taken to be the dominant image on the designs of the mall in general. The mall consists of 3 types of units:

  • Commercial units.
  • Medical units.
  • Administrative units.

Marvel New Capital units are booked with different areas, according to the type of activity of the unit. Each floor also is specialized in a specific activity. For example, Marvel Mall New Capital Commercial Units are available from the ground floor to the third floor, with a total of 100 stores, which is the largest commercial gathering in the capital.

The medical and administrative units are available from the fourth to the seventh floor in different areas, to be far from the noise.

Project Spaces The Spaces of Marvel Mall New Capital

Marvel Mall model
Marvel Mall model

The total area of the Mall of ​​Marvel New Capital is 3,480 m2, including a variety of different activities. The mall has been designed to include 7 floors other than the ground floor. These floors begin with commercial activity, while starting from the third floor, it occupies administrative offices, clinics, and medical centers. Marvel Mall New Capital spaces vary between:

  • Booking Marvel Mall commercial Units start from an area of 38 m2.
  • Reservation of the administrative and medical units starts from 42 m2. 
For more about the divisions of the interior spaces available in Marvel Mall New Capital Click Here

Project Prices Marvel Mall New Capital Prices 2022

Marvel Mall units
Marvel Mall New Capital units

Marvel Mall units prices are competitive prices in the New Capital. Obtaining one of the units that are for sale there will provide you with a strategically located unit among the important landmarks of the capital. Besides, you’ll find that the price per meter in Marvel Mall New Capital is suited for investors, as the stores are available at the following prices:

  • The meter’s price for the ground floor starts from 70,000 EGP up to 75,000 EGP.
  • The meter price of the units on the first floor ranges between 43,000 EGP and 44,000 EGP.
  • Marvel Mall prices for the second-floor units range from 42,000 EGP to 43,000 EGP.
  • Note: A maintenance deposit of 10% is paid (5% on 6/2022 and 5% on 6/2023).
  • The value of the garage is 80,000 “it’s optional”.
The prices of Marvel Mall New Capital may have changed, for the updated prices Click Here

Project Installment Reservation Systems of Marvel Mall New Administrative Capital

Marvel Mall units reservation is available with several payment systems:

  • Paying 0% as a down payment and paying the whole amount in installments over 5 years.
  • Paying 5% and the remaining over 6 years (5% discount of the total value of the unit).
  • 10% is paid and the remaining over 7 years (7% discount of the total unit value)
  • 20% is paid and the remaining over 8 years (10% discount of the total value of the unit).

In order to obtain one of Marvel Mall stores that are for sale in installments or cash, a mandatory lease contract must be signed for a period of one year from the date of final receipt (200 EGP per meter).

The Delivery Date of Marvel Mall Units

Finishing specifications in the mall are available at the highest level. Marvel Mall administrative and medical units are delivered with Air Conditioned Super Lux finishing, while commercial units are delivered on red bricks with air conditioning connections, and a free terrace is provided. As for the delivery date for Marvel Mall units, it will be in June 2023.

For more available installment and payment systems in Marvel Mall New Capital Click Here

Project Facilities Facilities & Services of the Mall

Dancing fountain in Marvel Mall
Dancing fountain in Marvel Mall

Marvel Mall units and stores have many services and facilities for all of its buyers, these services are available as the following:

  • There are 3 main entrances to the mall.
  • In Mall of Marvel New Capital, there are 6 elevators, developed at the highest level.
  • Delightful dancing fountain in front of the mall.
  • A number of smart units are available.
  • The Mall’s medical and administrative units are air-conditioned.
  • The “food court” area brings numerous international restaurants.
  • There is a daycare center.
  • A special area for children “Kids Area“.
  • A huge garage consists of two floors to accommodate 200 cars.
  • ATM exchange machines.

After we have reviewed the most important features of Marvel New Capital stores, we are now reviewing the previous works of the founding company of the project.

Project's Brochure Brochure of Marvel Mall

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Company Previous Work Previous Work of Location Company, Marvel Mall Owner

Construction of Marvel Mall
Construction of Marvel Mall

Marvel Mall New Capital, isn’t the first project of Location Company. This leading real estate development company consisted of the merger of two real estate entities present in the real estate market since 2000, namely: “ Diyar Misr Real Estate Development Company ” and “Al Wajaha Real Estate Investment Company ”. These two companies contributed In several projects in Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the Emirates, so in addition to Marvel Mall project, Location has many other successful projects.

Previous Projects of Location Real Estate Company

  • Vida Mall the New Administrative Capital.
  • Mivida Medical City (Aterna)
  • Al-Rehab City, phases 1 and 2.
  • Golf Extension Mall project in Palm Hills.
  • CMC project in the Fifth Settlement.
  • Zizinia compound project.
  • Failaka Island planning project, Kuwait.
  • Makkah Hills and Oasis Project in Saudi Arabia.

Project Advantages Advantages of The Mall

Marvel Mall New Administrative Capital
Marvel Mall New Administrative Capital

The availability of Marvel Mall units and stores that are for sale in installments or cash are distinguished by many advantages, the most important of which is that buying a unit there will ensure the success of the business for any investor.

The mall enjoys a great strategic location, it also provides a variety of services, facilities and unit finishing systems. As well as the price per square meter for the commercial, administrative and medical activities, which is characterized by its competitiveness, not to mention the variety of installment and payment systems.

Project Disadvantages Disadvantages of Marvel New Capital

Like any other commercial project, the mall has what can be classified as defects for some people. For example, the delivery date will be in 2023, and there is no opportunity for immediate delivery. So for those who are looking for an immediate return on investment, these units may not be the best investment plan for them at the present time.

Project Information FAQ about Marvel Mall New Capital Project