Apartment Compound Darvell Mall New Capital

Darvell Mall New Capital
Darvell Mall New Capital

Profitable investment is guaranteed in Darvell Mall New Capital مول دارفيل العاصمة الإدارية الجديدة, a commercial and administrative project which is implemented by White Eagle Developments to ambitious investors. Darvell Business Complex is characterized by its strategic location and variety in spaces of units. In addition, convenient payment systems are provided and Darvell New Capital prices are highly competitive.


Project Site Location of Mall Darvell

White Eagle Developments is fully aware of the vibrant areas which are suitable for executing projects and achieving successful results. Therefore, it has chosen an ideal location in Downtown, which is a prime area for investment in the New Capital, for Darvell Business Complex. Moreover, the site of Darvell Mall New Capital will be near vital landmarks and well-known areas.

Map of Darvell Mall New Capital
Map of Darvell Mall New Capital

Adjacent to the project Popular Areas Close to Darvell Mall New Capital

  • Darvell Mall White Eagle is located near the Green River.
  • The Iconic Tower can be reached within minutes from Darvell New Capital Mall.
  • Darvell New Capital project is easily accessible from the Government District.
  • The Ministries District is also proximate to Mall Darvell.
  • Darvell Business Complex is situated near Bin Zayed Axis.
  • It takes minutes to reach Masr Mosque from Darvell New Capital Mall.
  • Mall Darvell New Capital is a short distance from the Gold Market and monorail station.
  • Mall Striple Walk and Mall Life Medical Tower are also near Darvell Mall New Capital.

Project Design Darvell Business Complex Design

Design of Mall Darvell New Capital
Design of Mall Darvell New Capital

White Eagle Developments applies a group of exceptional architectural designs, inspired by European buildings, to Darvell New Capital Mall. Engineer Yasser El-Beltagy, who is assigned to execute the design of Darvell Mall White Eagle, has produced a fascinating design, featuring a glamourous glass facade which allows the passage of light and gives a sense of coziness.

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Project Area Area of Mall Darvell

As a result of conducting a study to find out the demands of investors regarding spaces, White Eagle Developments has successfully exploited Mall Darvell New Capital’s large area and offered a diversity of spaces. Therefore, investors are given the opportunity to buy a unit for sale, in Darvell New Capital Mall, with suitable space from the following options:

  • Spaces of commercial units for sale in Darvell Mall start from 26 m2 + an outdoor area of ​​36 m2.
  • Administrative units, in Darvell New Capital project, are offered with areas, starting from 29 m2.

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Units of Mall Darvell New Capital
Units of Mall Darvell New Capital

Project Prices Prices of Darvell Mall New Capital 2024

By offering various spaces of units for sale at the most convenient prices per meter, Darvell Business Complex succeeds to be one of the major projects for investors in the New Capital. Thus, investors get to buy the appropriate size of a unit for sale and enjoy limitless features in Mall Darvell New Capital with the following prices:

  • Prices of commercial units, in Darvell Mall White Eagle, start from 3,039,000 EGP.
  • The starting price of administrative units is 788,800 EGP in Mall Darvell New Capital.

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Project Installment Payment Systems in Darvell Business Complex

White Eagle has been keen to facilitate the purchase process, and thus it provides Darvell New Capital installments system, which will be convenient and comfortable for investors. Moreover, it has made sure that Darvell New Capital down payment is the lowest and the longest repayment period is provided. Here are the installment systems of Mall Darvell New Capital:

  • 0% down payment and installments over 5 years.
  • 10% down payment and the rest is paid over 6 years.
  • 15% down payment is required and the rest is paid in installments over 7 years.
  • 20% down payment and a repayment period of up to 8 years.
  • 25% down payment and the remaining amount is paid over 9 years.
  • 30% down payment and 10 years of installments for the rest of the amount.
  • Units of Mall Darvell will be received within 3 years.

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Project Video Video of Mall Darvell White Eagle

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Project Facilities Facilities and Services of Mall Darvell New Capital

In addition to the reasonable prices and flexible payment systems, investors and visitors of Darvell New Capital Mall are granted a comfortable experience with the provision of integrated facilities. The presence of the following services and facilities distinguishes Mall Darvell from other projects in the New Capital:

  • There are secured garages, operating with the best technological systems, for parking cars easily in Darvell Mall White Eagle.
  • Darvell Business Complex New Capital has electronic gates that facilitate entry and exit.
  • Panoramic elevators and escalators are available in Mall Darvell, for easier movement between floors.
  • Darvell New Capital Mall includes cafes and restaurants which provide tasty plates and drinks.
  • High-speed internet network is offered for owners of units in Darvell Mall New Capital to get their jobs done easily.
  • Mall Darvell New Capital contains a central air conditioning system which works on moderating the temperature.
  • Well-equipped gyms are also included in Darvell New Capital project.
  • Darvell New Capital Mall provides a spa and jacuzzi to please customers.
  • Security personnel works 24 hours a day to secure Darvell Business Complex.
  • Modern monitoring systems are used in Mall Darvell New Capital to increase security.
  • Darvell Mall White Eagle offers ATMs to facilitate financial transactions.
  • Fire extinguishing systems and generators are included in Darvell New Capital project in case of emergencies.

Project Advantages Features of Darvell Mall New Capital

Façade of Darvell Mall New Capital
Façade of Darvell Mall New Capital

Darvell Mall New Capital is considered an integrated project since it provides all the privileges needed for a successful investment. The ideal location, convenient prices, marvelous design and comfortable installment systems contribute to making Mall Darvell one of the exceptional projects in the new Capital.

Disadvantages of Mall Darvell White Eagle

White Eagle has aimed to make Mall Darvell New Capital flawless, however, some customers may assume that its location is far and difficult to reach. Actually, such claim does not exist because there are several roads and axes, linking the New Capital with all other areas in Cairo and modern means of transportation, such as the electric train and monorail.

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Company Previous Work About White Eagle Developments

White Eagle Developments has recently established itself as a major company in the real estate market. Despite that short period of experience, it has succeeded in proving its worth due to its efficiency and the quality of its projects. White Eagle has chosen the New Capital to implement prime projects and start its journey in the real estate market.

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