Apartment Compound The Loft New Capital Compound

The Loft Compound Administrative Capital
The Loft Compound Administrative Capital

The Loft project “كمبوند ذا لوفت” is one of the brilliant sparkling architectural projects that’s established by Living Yards, the pioneer in the real estate development sector. The Loft is an integrated compound as per international standards, due to the uniqueness of the design & its division of spaces, the magnificence of its exterior and interior design. Here we explain how to book The Loft Compound in detail.


Project Site Where is The Loft Compound located?

The Loft occupies a wonderful location in the New Administrative Capital Center in the R7 area in Block I2. One of the most important features that the residential headquarters should have to be near to the important places and this is applied perfectly to the project.

Adjacent to the project Landmarks Near to The Loft New Capital

  • The project is located near Expo City and Embassy neighborhood.
  • From the compound, it is easy to reach the southern axis of Mohammed Bin Zayed Street and the regional ring road.
  • The compound is very close to the British University, the fairgrounds, and Al Masa Hotel.
  • The Loft Living Yards Compound is 10 minutes away from the Green River and the Cathedral.
  • It takes about an hour to transfer from it to the Administrative Capital Airport.

Project Design Designs of The Loft New Capital

Designs of the Loft compound
Designs of the Loft compound

The designs of the compound are characterized by uniqueness and elegance, which makes you feel luxurious and glamorous, as the compound consists only of 23 residential buildings. Regarding interior design, there is a huge number of options for internal divisions, which facilitate the opportunity to choose between different options of divisions according to your desire and needs.

A number of the best designers and interior decorators will help you choose the most proper division and interior decoration according to your requirements, and most importantly, they will implement it for you at the highest level without compromising the specified time.

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Project Area The Areas of The Loft Compound

The Loft Apartments Project
The Loft Apartments Project

The total area of ​​the compound is 23 acres, but the apartments only occupy 19% of this space. Most of the project’s area is green spaces interspersed with buildings in addition to services and facilities. This distinctive division has a very positive effect on its residents to feel comfortable when looking at the green spaces surrounding their apartments and breathing in the fresh air. In spite of these distinctive features, the prices for booking apartments in The Loft New Capital are competitive and you will notice this yourself.

Project Spaces Areas of The Loft Apartments

The Loft Apartment Models
The Loft New Capital Models

One of the most important features of the compound is the diversity of its areas between studios, apartments, duplexes, and penthouses where the areas of the Loft apartments start from 78 m2 and reach 379 m2, so whatever area you want to own in the project, you will find it available for sale, especially since the Prices at The Loft are competitive.

Living Yards Company offers you a unique advantage when you own an apartment, that you can divide the apartment area as you want and without any additional expenses. Here we will show you the different areas of the apartments that are for sale and their divisions according to their type:

Studio for sale in an area of 78 m2 consists of: entrance lobby, reception area, kitchen, bathroom, and a bedroom that includes a dressing room.

– Apartment with an area of 123 m2 divided into: reception, kitchen, large bedroom with a dressing room and a bathroom, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, plus 2 lobbies and 2 terraces.

– Duplex apartment with an area of 257 m2 includes: lobby, guest bathroom, reception, kitchen, 2 master bedrooms with bathroom, 2 bedrooms, dining room, laundry room, bathroom, 3 terraces.

Penthouse Apartment in The Loft with an area of 338 m2 includes a lobby, guests’ bathroom, reception, living room, kitchen, 3 bedrooms, bathroom, dressing room, bedroom with a bath for home assistants, laundry room, and 3 terraces.

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Project Prices Prices of The Loft New Capital Apartments 2024

Cafes and restaurants in The Loft
Cafes and restaurants in The Loft

The price of apartments in The Loft varies as per the location and the area of the property. The price per meter starts from 31,000 EGP, the unit prices in The Loft start from 3,800,000 EGP for 123 m2 apartment when buying an apartment in cash or in installments in The Loft. As for the maintenance deposit, it is 6%.

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Project Installment Payment and Booking Methods in The Loft

Walking and running paths in The Loft
Walking and running paths in The Loft

You can book the Loft apartments with or without a down payment, with cash or in installments over several years. The advantages of the Compound are not limited to the great location, the uniqueness of the design, the integrated services, but also extends to competitive prices and discounts on the reservation of The Loft apartments, as follows:

  • Book your apartment without a down payment, in installments over 10 years.
  • Paying 10% as downpayment and providing another 12% after receiving the apartment, and the rest will be paid over 10 years; In return, you will have a 5% discount.

Exclusive Offers for a very limited time:

  • Paying 10% as a down payment, the rest in installments over 9 years, and you will take a 10% discount.
  • Paying 10% as a down payment, paying the rest over 6 years, and you will take a 20% discount.

Accordingly, the prices of the Loft in installments or even in cash are distinctive compared to the prices of real estate in any of the other residential compounds in the New Administrative Capital.

The delivery date of the Apartments

The delivery date of The Loft apartments for sale in installments or cash will be in 2022. As for the finishing specifications, the apartments are delivered semi-finished and if you want the company to finish the apartment, The company will welcome during the agreement.

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Project Facilities Facilities and Services of The Loft

Swimming pool of The Loft Apartments
Swimming pool of The Loft Apartments

When you book an apartment at the Loft, you will enjoy all the luxurious services and facilities that the Compound offers, including:

  • Green spaces between buildings, artificial lakes, and landscapes that are soothing to the eye.
  • There are swimming pools of different sizes that are suitable for children and adults.
  • Trails for walking, running and cycling, and they are all surrounded by stunning landscapes.
  • Security services, as the compound is surrounded by 3 meters high wall, it also has 24-hour security and guard service.
  • It has a social club where you can spend quality time with your family and friends while eating delicious dishes from the best kitchens in the world.
  • A barbecue area for barbecue parties to enjoy a special time with family and friends.
  • Near the Loft apartments, you will find children’s play areas where you can leave your children to have a good time without worrying about them especially because of the security and guarding services.
  • There are a health club and sports areas, as well as restaurants, cafes, shopping centers and health care centers.
  • Service and maintenance centers to provide periodic maintenance and repair services for your home with its various devices by the most intelligent specialists.
  • There are garages under every apartment building of The Loft apartments.

Shopping Mall The Loft Capital Center Mall, New Capital

Map of the Loft Mall
Map of the Loft Mall

The Loft CC is located in the northwest of Compound the Loft New Capital, and it consists of large floors that include many elegant Shops and include many distinctive stores especially in their competitive prices, as well as the wide range of high-level service centers.

Features and services of The Loft CC

  • A large square “Al Piazza”.
  • Promenade Gate Pass.
  • International and local fashion stores.
  • Elegant and modern restaurants & cafes.
  • Pharmacies and medical centers.
  • Food stores.
  • Bank branches.
  • Sports Club.
  • Hairdressing salons.
  • Laundry.
  • Administrative headquarters for a number of major institutions.

Spaces and prices of commercial units

The Loft Capital Center Mall
The Loft Capital Center Mall

The area of ​​the Loft Mall is about 10,000 m2, and the types of commercial shops in the Mall vary between shops that are suitable for small stores to stores that are large; In addition to the spaces allocated for service centers of all kinds, with areas ranging from 42 m2 to 360 m2.

On this basis, the cost of purchasing commercial or administrative units in The Loft Mall also varies. The minimum price per meter in the mall is 35,270 EGP per meter, but the price can be paid in installments in up to years, and the unit will be delivered within 2 years.

Project Video The Loft New Capital’s Video

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Project's Brochure Brochure of The Loft New Capital

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Company Previous Work About Living Yards Developments, the Founder

Construction work in The Loft Compound
Construction work in The Loft Compound

The Loft Compound project belongs to Living Yards Developments Egypt, and the previous projects of Living Yards are estimated to be worth $4 billion over the past 30 years.

The Compound is one of the most prominent projects of this leading company, which can be noticed easily when you know the fact that it is a result of the alliance of 2 large institutions, named: the Egyptian Swiss Group and AM Group, which have built more than 60 buildings in the Fifth Settlement and Heliopolis, and the company is currently constructing The Loft Downtown Mall the New Administrative Capital.

Project Advantages Advantages of The Loft New Capital Project

Green spaces with swimming pool in The Loft
Green spaces with swimming pool in The Loft

The Compound is characterized by its vital location in the center of the New Capital, and the modern design of buildings and apartments, with the integration of service and entertainment facilities that equipped according to the international standards Plus green spaces and landscape. Besides the high level of security, as all units are fully secured. Despite these advantages, the areas of The Loft apartments are varied and commensurate with the prices of apartments for sale and installment systems.

Project Disadvantages Disadvantages of Compound The Loft

The most important thing that some may consider among the disadvantages is that it is in the Administrative Capital, which is relatively far from Cairo. But the thing that isn’t known to some people that The Loft Compound or the New capital, in general, is beside New Cairo, including Al Rehab and the Fifth Settlement, in addition to the fact that Madinaty exists on its north. Also going to Cairo has been greatly facilitated thanks to the New Capital’s infrastructure.

Project Information FAQ about the Loft New Capital