Apartment Compound Compound Moraya New Capital‎

Compound Moraya New Capital
Compound Moraya New Capital

Edge Stone Developments has launched its new project, Compound Moraya New Capital كمبوند مورايا العاصمة الإدارية الجديدة, a residential compound amidst the most famous landmarks. The compound provides apartments of varying sizes and elegant designs, along with convenient payment plans, services, and entertainment facilities; all of these features are at competitive prices.


Project Site Moraya Project Location

Moraya New Capital Compound has been built in the R8 District in plot L10 near the Green River. This strategic location is in the middle of the famous landmarks of the New Capital, making it easy to reach many places from Moraya Compound in a short period of time, as the compound is also located near the most important roads.

Map of Moraya New Capital
Map of Moraya New Capital

Adjacent to the project Places Near Moraya Compound

  • Moraya Compound is close to the Green River.
  • Compound Moraya New Capital is minutes away from the Government District.
  • Moraya Project is easy to access from the Diplomatic Quarter.
  • Getting to Compound Moraya from Capital Airport takes about 15 minutes.
  • Compound Moraya project is close to the Regional Ring Road.
  • The project is close to Light City Compound and Blue Bird Compound.

Project Design Compound Moraya New Capital Design

Design of Moraya New Capital
Design of Moraya New Capital

Moraya New Capital Compound is designed in a way that suits the tastes of clients, so the company has chosen the most efficient engineers and architects to implement the finest designs to match international compounds. The construction tasks are assigned to Engineer Mohamed Abdel Ghani, who has great experience, as the design of Compound Moraya New Capital is as follows:

  • The total space of Moraya New Capital Compound is about 5 acres.
  • The percentage of green spaces and landscapes in Moraya Heights Compound is 80%, and the rest is for buildings.
  • 90% of the units of Moraya project have a charming view of the landscape.
  • 40% of Moraya project has been completed.

Project Area Area of Moraya Compound

Apartments in Compound Moraya
Apartments in Compound Moraya

The spaces of Moraya project were decided reasonably to meet the client’s needs, as they are greatly diverse. The areas of the apartments in Moraya Compound start from 154 m2, and the large area that the compound occupies has allowed the company to implement this variety in spaces perfectly.

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Project Prices Compound Moraya New Capital Prices 2023

Moraya Compound Apartments
Moraya Compound Apartments

Edge Stone Developments has aimed to provide all the possible ways to help clients to buy the units for sale in Moraya project at the most reasonable, competitive values, as the prices per meter in Moraya New Capital Compound start from 15,750 EGP.

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Project Installment Compound Moraya Installments and Reservation Systems

Units of Moraya Compound
Units of Moraya Compound

In addition to the affordable prices, Edge Stone Developments has also offered appropriate Moraya down payment and installment plans in order to help clients to buy the units for sale in Moraya Compound more easily. The payment plans start with a 10% down payment, the rest in installments over 8 years, and apartments are delivered fully finished in 2025.

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Project Facilities Compound Moraya New Capital Facilities & Privileges

Services in Moraya Compound
Services in Moraya Compound

Residents of Moraya Compound will find all the services and facilities they need in order to live comfortably, with the presence of countless entertainment facilities to give them happiness and luxury. The company has taken into account all the details that the residents may need, as the most important of these facilities are in the next points:

  • Moraya New Capital Compound has green spaces and landscapes, which help residents to obtain rest and recreation.
  • There are swimming pools inside Compound Moraya New Capital, which give clients the chance to live luxuriously.
  • Moraya Compound includes cafes and restaurants, in which delicious dishes are served.
  • Children can spend fun times at the kids’ area in Moraya Heights Compound.
  • A gym has been provided at the highest level in Moraya project, to allow sports lovers to practice easily.
  • Moraya project contains jogging and cycling tracks, to provide the right space for lovers of these sports.
  • Moraya New Capital Compound works with a solar energy system, to ensure the use of clean energy.
  • Generators have been provided in Compound Moraya, in order to deal immediately with power outages.
  • Guarding services operate 24 hours a day, to ensure safety among the residents of Compound Moraya New Capital.
  • A commercial area in Moraya Compound makes it easier for residents to shop and get everything they want.
  • There are maintenance and cleaning services that work seven days a week, to ensure that the apartments of Moraya Heights Compound appear decently.

Project Advantages Advantages of Moraya New Capital Compound

Moraya New Capital Compound contains all the features that any client wishes for in a residential unit, as it is strategically located in District R8, and therefore it is very close to the vital places in the New Capital. The compound also provides diverse spaces, competitive prices, convenient installment plans, and countless services and entertainment facilities within the compound.

Disadvantages of Moraya New Capital Compound

Despite the features in Compound Moraya that have been mentioned above, some clients may want their units to be delivered immediately, such as investors that would like to achieve profit quickly. However, the company has made sure to deliver units fully finished in order to provide clients with the best quality, and this may take time.

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Company Previous Work About Edge Stone Developments

Edge Stone Developments was established 20 years ago as an investment entity working to gain success in the real estate field. They have thrived in achieving their goals by hiring the most skilled specialists and implementing many mega projects, allowing them to occupy the first category in construction works according to the Egyptian Federation for Building and Construction.

Previous Projects of Edge Stone Developments:

  • A residential compound in New Cairo on an area of 10 acres and another on an area of 7 acres.
  • Residential projects in El Shorouk City.
  • Residential projects in Badr City.
  • An administrative building on an area of 800 m2 in New Cairo.
  • Factories on an area of 18 acres in Wadi Al-Natroun.

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