Apartment Compound Pukka New Capital Compound

Pukka New Capital Compound
Pukka New Capital Compound

Pukka New Capital project (كمبوند بوكا) has a strategic location that is distinctive in the heart of the new capital. It was created by major designers and real estate development companies, which made the whole compound treated as an integrated city with all the needed facilities and services, together with Pukka compound’s sophisticated design that has a unique architecture.

Here we will give a detailed report about all the questions that relate to the apartments’ prices in Pukka New Capital compound also the spaces and the payment methods.


Project Site Pukka New Capital’s Location

Where is Pukka compound located? MBG company was keen to have an excellent location for Pukka, as it is located within the first residential district that is extremely special on the 9B Area near the southern axis of Mohammed bin Zayed, which makes the compound at the center of the Administrative Capital, making it reachable through to the most important areas in the Administrative Capital.

Adjacent to the projectLandmarks Close to Pukka Compound in New Capital

  • Pukka New Capital project is about 300 m away from the Great Cathedral.
  • The Compound is located next to important service and commercial places, including the conference hall, exhibition grounds and the British University.
  • The project is located a few minutes away from Dubai Mall.
  • Pukka Compound is 700 meters from the Green River.
  • The New Capital Airport is located on the northeast side of the compound, about 12 minutes away.
  • Expo City is 3 minutes away from the compound.

Project Area The Space of Pukka New Capital Compound

Landscape Compound Pukka
Landscape Compound Pukka

The total area of ​​Pukka New Capital project was estimated at about 40 acres, of which only about 22% was allocated for the establishment of the residential units, while the rest of the space was divided into green gardens and distinctive services according to a strategy that gives the compound’s residents a real luxurious life through surrounding Pukka’s apartments with wide streets that contain wonderful trees and water lakes for sophistication and comfort.

Project Design Designs of Pukka Compound, New Administrative Capital

Designs of Pukka Compound
Designs of Pukka Compound

For luxury and sophistication enthusiasts, here you’ll find wonderful designs at the compound, which simulates the finest international architectural designs with a unique view from the apartments, as well as the breadth of its streets and the spaces between the buildings that give the residents more privacy, as Pukka New Capital project consists of 43 buildings and 4 different types of units, so all you need is to know more about the models and prices of Pukka in order to book the right apartment there.

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Project Spaces The Spaces of Pukka New Capital Apartments

Apartment model in Pukka Project
Apartment model in Pukka Project

Master Builders Group Development and Real Estate Company has made sure to vary the prices in Pukka Compound in New Capital according to the areas of the residential units, including the following:

  • Apartment spaces start from 48 m2 to 196 m2 for the ground floor, with a garden that has an area that starts from 43 m2.
  • Apartments start from 106 m2 and up to 227 m2 for standard floors.
  • Penthouses spaces start from 147 m2 and up to 274 m2.
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Project Prices Prices of Pukka Compound, New Capital 2023

Apartment Model A in Pukka Compound
Apartment Model A in Pukka Compound

Prices of apartments in Pukka New Capital were determined according to its area, but the prices are generally characterized by being suitable for most categories due to the facilitations they provide on payment systems, as the value of the price per square meter starts from 11,500 EGP, and the price of the apartments in Pukka generally start from 2,070,000 EGP.

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Project Installment Payment Methods in Pukka Compound, New Capital

Penthouse in Pukka Compound Project
Penthouse in Pukka Compound Project

Master Builders Group for Real Estate has provided many systems for booking apartments in Pukka, including the following:

  • An installment system without a down payment and the total amount will be paid in installments over 5 years.
  • Paying 5 % as a deposit, then paying 5 % after 6 months, and the rest of the amount in installments over 6 years.
  • Pay 10% as a down payment, 5 % after one year, and the installment of the remaining amount over 7 years.
  • Pay 20% as a down payment, 5 % after 6 months, and the remaining amount in installments over 8years.

The Delivery Date of Pukka New Capital Apartments

The units in Pukka Compound are delivered semi-finished within two years from the date of the contract, and there is an option for having the apartment fully finished as per what is agreed upon during the reservation of the apartment.

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Project Facilities Facilities & Services in Pukka New Capital

Private gardens in Pukka Compound
Private gardens in Pukka Compound

Pukka’s residential units occupy about 22.5%, while the rest of its space is allocated for the facilities and the services that meet its resident’s needs of luxury and elegance, here are the most important services:

  • Security and guard services work around the clock, seven days a week.
  • Pukka Compound New Capital was provided with surveillance cameras for more safety and security.
  • Swimming pools of various sizes and shapes, with wonderful water games.
  • The compound apartments are surrounded from all sides by charming views that involve vast green spaces, and wide streets that are full of trees.
  • The energy system in the compound depends on solar energy, which is one of the cleanest means for the environment.
  • Residents of the apartments the compound enjoy private garages underneath each property.
  • Having an apartment in Pukka New Capital is enough to spend most of the fun times in the entertainment and play areas, especially for young children.
  • There is a huge commercial area of ​​20,000 square meters that provides all goods and services to the residents of compound apartments.
  • Comprehensive medical services, and a 24-hour pharmacy.
  • There are cafes and restaurants offering delicious food and drinks.
  • There is also a health club and spa.

Project Video Pukka Compound New Capital’s Video

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Project's Brochure Brochure of Pukka New Capital

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Company Previous Work Previous Work of MBG, the Founder of Pukka Project

The commercial area of Pukka
The commercial area of Pukka

Master Builders Group’s previous real estate projects are considered as a series of honorable achievements and successes, due to its long years of experience, reaching nearly 23 years, and its latest achievement is Pukka in the New Administrative Capital. Here we mention several achievements in the service, commercial, medical and educational sectors.

Previous Projects of Master Builders Group

  • Sunset Compound in Ras El Bar.
  • Safa Mall.
  • Al-Ola City in the city of Mansoura.
  • El Tahrir Tower.
  • Dar Al-Safa Hospital Jehan Medical Center.
  • Master Builders helped build Elite Medical Center.
  • El Mansoura International Medical.
  • Nile Academy Medical.

Project Advantages Advantages of Pukka Project Administrative Capital

Fountains & green spaces in Pukka project
Fountains & green spaces in Pukka project

Buying an apartment in Pukka Compound will give you several advantages, including that the project is very close to the center of the Administrative Capital, and the streets that surround the project have vast areas, and stunning views, in addition to the design of the apartments that is characterized by sophistication and luxury, also the fact that the apartments of the compound whether was in installments or in cash are available in several areas and with different prices to suit all categories.

Project Disadvantages Disadvantages of Pukka Compound in New capital

The thing that some people may be upset about when they think about buying a flat in Pukka and see it among the disadvantages of Pukka Compound is that the New Capital, in general, is not very close to Cairo, but in fact, it is not far too thanks to the roads and bridges that link it with Cairo to ensure easy transportations between the Compound or the Administrative Capital in general, and Cairo.

Project Information FAQ about Pukka New Capital Project