Apartment Compound IL Mondo New Capital Compound

IL Mondo New Capital Compound
IL Mondo New Capital Compound

IL Mondo New Capital project (الموندو) is one of the residential compounds that RAFCO implements. It was established to attract lovers of high-end housing. As, you will live in a luxurious community, surrounded by green spaces and entertaining services that will make you achieve the level of luxury that you dream of.

In addition to the features of the compound, the prices of IL Mondo apartments are competitive, and the facilities provided by the company for installment and payment systems will make you more willing to book an apartment now.


Project Site IL Mondo Compound’s Site in New Capital

RAFCO has chosen IL Mondo’s site with great care, to be strategically located in the new capital, R7, in G7 region. Besides, it’s located in the middle of vast green spaces, and its facade overlooks the main street that has a width of 80 meters. The compound is distinguished by being built on a hill elevated by more than 10 meters. This will definitely distinguish residents of the compound’s apartments and will provide them more privacy.

Map of IL Mondo Compound in the New Capital
Map of IL Mondo Compound in the New Capital

Adjacent to the project Areas Adjacent to Compound IL Mondo New Capital

IL Mondo Compound is close to all prominent landmarks in the Administrative Capital, such as:

  • Green River.
  • Fairground.
  • Medical district.
  • Al Sefarat Neighborhood.
  • The diplomatic district.
  • Presidential Palace.
  • Capital airport.
  • It is 30 minutes from the heart of New Cairo.
  • It is about 5 km from the Ain Sokhna highway.

Project Area Total Space of IL Mondo New Capital’s Compound

Before we tell you the prices of booking apartments in IL Mondo New Capital, you must know first the total area of the compound. In fact, RAFCO was able to implement this distinctive edifice on an area of ​​approximately 23 acres, but only 18% were used for residential buildings, and the rest for green spaces, industrial lakes and facilities, This ensures that living in IL Mondo apartments will provide the customer with the privacy they dream of.

Design of IL Mondo Compound
Design of IL Mondo Compound

Project Design IL Mondo Compound Designs

Besides the large project area; IL Mondo New Capital provides a set of elegant designs, which adopt the European architectural style, and when you book an apartment in IL Mondo New Capital, that will make you get the perfect design, the appropriate space, privacy and tranquility. As well as you will ensure a high level of service and a very strategic location. The compound consists of 32 buildings that have ground floor and seven floors, and the floor includes 4 apartments, with a total of 960 units.

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Project Spaces Spaces of IL Mondo Apartments, Administrative Capital

Apartment design in IL Mondo
Apartment design in IL Mondo Compound

IL Mondo compound provided a range of different areas for apartments and studios. The area of IL Mondo New Capital Apartments starts from 115 m2 up to 245 m2. The apartments that are for sale are divided into different models according to the number of rooms:

  • Areas of studios (one-bedroom) start from 80 m2.
  • Areas of Apartments (2 bedrooms) start from 115 m2 up to 145 m2.
  • Areas of Apartments (3 bedrooms) start from 160 m2 up to 245 m2.

As we find that the prices in IL Mondo differ according to the apartment area, so let us review the prices of studios & apartments in IL Mondo, and the facilitations that are provided by RAFCO Real Estate to its customers.

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Project Prices Prices of IL Mondo apartments, New Capital 2023

Flat model in IL Mondo
Flat model in IL Mondo

If you want to buy an apartment in the compound at an ideal price and distinctive facilities, the executing company has provided units for sale in installments or in cash at different prices. So, the price per meter in IL Mondo starts from 10,500 EGP up to 11,500 EGP for half-finished apartments, and there is a possibility of fully finishing Superlux at a price of 2000 EGP Per meter. The apartments’ prices in IL Mondo start from 3,143,000 EGP.

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Project Installment Reservation Systems of IL Mondo Compound, New Capital

Views from IL Mondo Apartments
Views from IL Mondo Apartments

The cost of buying an apartment in IL Mondo is determined according to the apartment’s area, location, and finishing. Here we provide you with comprehensive information about the systems for booking apartments in the compound in installments that are provided by RAFCO Real Estate to suit you:

  • You can buy IL Mondo Compound’s apartment without a down payment, in installments over 5 years, with a 15% discount.
  • Reserving apartments in installments with a 10% down payment, and paying the remainder in installments in 7 years, with a 10% discount.
  • Buying an apartment with a 15% down payment, payment is available in installments in up to 10 years, with a 5% discount.

The Delivery Date of IL Mondo Apartments

RAFCO delivers the units within two years from the date of contracting for the unit. Regarding the finishing specifications of IL Mondo compound apartments; they are delivered semi-finished whether were in installments or cash, but there is an option for fully finishing the apartment upon signing the contract. The apartments on the upper floors from the 5th to the 7th floors have a high ceiling height of more than 3 meters, which helps in good ventilation.

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فيديو المشروع il Mondo New Capital Video

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 Project Facilities Facilities and Services, in IL Mondo New Capital

The commercial area of ​​compound IL Mondo
The commercial area of ​​IL Mondo compound

When you book an apartment in the compound, you will be able to benefit from the tremendous amount of services provided by the compound, so let us know more about the most prominent services and facilities of IL Mondo New Capital:

  • Owning an apartment in the compound guarantees your presence in the vast green spaces.
  • The compound provides tracks dedicated to jogging, walking, and cycling.
  • For sports lovers, the compound includes a gym with integrated sports equipment at the highest level.
  • There is a sport and entertainment club for those who gather and go out in the open spaces.
  • Owning an apartment in the compound will save you from parking problems as there is a private parking lot for your car.
  • For shopping enthusiasts, IL Mondo compound provides a special space for shopping “Sala Bianca Mall” including the most famous brands.
  • The compound includes a special area for children with all safety measures.
  • Owning an apartment in the compound will suit swimming lovers due to the presence of a number of swimming pools inside the compound.
  • The apartments in IL Mondo New Capital have safety and security systems throughout the 24-hours.
  • The compound includes a mosque that is prepared to receive worshipers throughout the day.
  • The compound provides maintenance service for buildings, gardens, and swimming pools.
  • There are 2 elevators in each building.

Project's Brochure Brochure of IL Mondo compound

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Company Previous Work Previous Work of REFCO Company, IL Mondo Project

IL Mondo Apartments Compound
IL Mondo Apartments Compound

IL Mondo project is not the first project of RAFCO, so the huge compound is only a part of a list of works full of successes in the real estate field for the company that started in 2015. IL Mondo New Administrative Capital is considered as the crown jewel of REFCO, to be an important sign of the company’s long tradition.

RAFCO Real Estate previous projects

The company invested in the “Build Your Apartment Project”, this huge project that included more than 17 housing projects for youth. Through this project, RAFCO provided the lowest price for youth and facilitated payment methods.

Project Advantages Advantages of IL Mondo project, New Capital

Swimming pool in IL Mondo compound
Swimming pool in IL Mondo compound

When you own an apartment in IL Mondo in installments or cash, it will guarantee you many advantages. The most prominent of which is staying in an area with a high strategic location in the heart of the Administrative Capital, which makes it quieter and more private.

While providing a high-level security and safety system, not to mention the ideal views of the green spaces. Besides high-end modern apartment designs, all this and more with competitive prices, payment systems and perfect facilities.

Project Disadvantages Defects of IL Mondo Project, the New Administrative Capital

The most important thing that some may consider among the disadvantages of IL Mondo Compound is that it’s in the Administrative Capital, which is relatively far from Cairo. But the thing that is not known to some, that IL Mondo New Capital project and the capital as a whole adheres to New Cairo, including Rehab and the 5th Settlement.

Besides the fact that Madinaty borders it from the north, also going to Cairo was greatly facilitated thanks to the infrastructure that was built to connect them together.

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