Apartment Compound Scene 7 New Capital Compound

Scene 7 Apartments Compound
Scene 7 Apartments Compound

Scene 7 New Capital Compound “كمبوند سين 7” is a pioneering project in the New Capital, consisting of a large number of high-end residential units with elegant design and various service facilities. This is evident in the planning of Scene 7 project, which is currently under construction.

The project also provides units of different areas and offers more than a Suitable method for payment & installments, so let’s get to know the spaces, prices, and services provided by Scene compound.


Project Site Scene 7 New Capital Location

The address of Scene 7 is in the Administrative Capital Center in the Seventh District R7,  in Plot G2. Thus its location is distinct in the Administrative Capital due to its proximity to many vital and important places, and the ease of transportation from it to outside the Administrative Capital. This makes the compound one of the most suitable areas for families to live in.

Adjacent to the project Places nearby the Compound

When you own an apartment in Scene 7 New Capital, you will get an important advantage, which is its proximity to many distinctive landmarks in the New Capital generally, including:

  • Scene 7 Compound has a distinctive view of the Green River that occupies an area of 35 km2.
  • Through the compound, it is easy to reach the Mohammed bin Zayed axis, the opera house, and the cathedral.
  • The project is about half an hour from the New Administrative Capital Airport.
  • It is minutes away from Ain Sokhna and the Central Ring Road.
  • The Compound is away from El Shorouk City by 37 km.

Project Design Designs of Scene 7 New Capital

Scene 7 compound plan
Scene 7 compound plan

The designs of the buildings in Scene 7 Compound are remarkable, from the exterior designs to the interior divisions, as each building consists of a wonderful hotel-like entrance in addition to 7 wide floors. Scene 7 New Capital models are distinguished by the diversity of spaces to suit different needs, and you will notice that by knowing the available models through reading the following lines:

Apartments models:

  • One bedroom and bathroom apartment.
  • Apartment with one bedroom and two bathrooms.
  • Two-room apartment + two bathrooms.
  • Two-room apartment + 3 bathrooms.
  • Apartment with 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms.
  • 3 bedroom apartment with 3 bathrooms.
  • 4-rooms apartment + 3 bathrooms.

Project Area The Areas of Scene 7 New Capital Compound

Scene 7 apartments project
Scene 7 apartments project

The total area of ​​Compound Scene 7 New Capital is 40 acres, but the buildings only occupy less than 10 acres, accurately its percentage is only 19%, so most of the areas on the compound are areas of trees, plants and landscapes.

Thus, the prices for booking apartments in Scene 7 are competitive compared to the splendor of the place and the charming view of the apartments, as well as the integrated services in the compound.

Project Spaces The Areas of Scene 7 Apartments, New Capital

Scene 7 Flat Model
Scene 7 Flat Model

The prices for Scene 7 apartments differ mainly depending on the area; The areas of the apartments range from 124 m2 to 236 m2, and with the difference in areas, the number of rooms in the apartment varies similarly. You can have a 2-room apartment, 3-room apartment, or even 4-room apartment.

  • The design of an apartment in Scene 7 New Capital with an area of 130 m2: Includes two rooms and a bathroom.
  • Model apartment with an area of 156 m2 consists of 3 bedrooms and two bathrooms.
  • Apartments models in Scene7 with an area of 190 m2: have 3 rooms + 3 bathrooms.
  • Luxurious design apartment in Scene7 with an area of 213 m2: Includes 4 bedrooms + 3 bathrooms.
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Project Prices Scene 7 New Capital Apartment Prices in 2023

Land Scape in Compound Scene 7
Land Scape in Compound Scene 7

The prices for booking apartments in Scene 7 vary according to the variety of spaces in the compound, but generally, the meter’s price in Scene 7 New Capital is 10,400 EGP, and it is considered among the cheapest apartment prices in the whole New Administrative Capital. The prices are as follows:

  • 95,000 EGP for garage, to be paid upon receiving the apartment.
  • 10,000 EGP for maintenance, the date of its payment is 6 months before the date of receiving the apartment.
  • 65,000 EGP for the club in installments over 4 years from the date of receiving the apartment.

It should be noted that the gym is free for the first 100 buyers of Scene 7 apartments.

The prices of Scene 7 New Capital Compound may have changed, for the updated prices Click Here

Project Installment Reservation Systems of Scene 7 Apartments

Green Spaces in Scene 7
Green Spaces in Scene 7
  • The apartments can be booked in installments even without a down payment, and the amount will be paid within 5 years in equal installments.
  • Buying an apartment in Scene 7 in installments over 6 years, with a 6% down payment.
  • Paying 7% down payment will give you the opportunity to pay the rest over 7 years.
  • Paying 10% as a down payment for booking Scene 7 Apartments in New Capital offers installments over 8 years.
  • Buying apartments in installments with 15% down payment10% after two years, and 5% upon receipt, the rest of the price can be paid over a full 10 years.

The Delivery Date of the Apartments

The delivery date for Scene 7 New Capital apartments that are for sale varies somewhat as per the contract, but in most cases, the scheduled delivery date will be after 3 years; The apartment will be delivered semi-finished in case there is no prior agreement on otherwise in the contract of purchasing.

It should be noted that the apartments’ delivery will require the payment of 10,000 EGP as maintenance fees, 6 months before the delivery deadline.

For more available installment and payment systems in Scene 7 New Capital Compound Click Here

Project Facilities Facilities and Services of Scene 7 New Capital

Football fields in Scene 7
Football fields in Scene 7

Owning an apartment in Scene 7 allows you to enjoy a range of facilities and features that are not found in many other real estate projects, such as:

  • Garages in each of the buildings, whether residential or service.
  • Service facilities on the roof of Scene 7 New Capital.
  • Distinguished Club House.
  • A vast mall has a variety of products and services.
  • 2 Olympic swimming pools, the first one is outdoor and the second one is covered.
  • Large central kitchen.
  • Scene 7 New Capital project is unique in having a huge sports club over 26% of the project’s area including 11 sports academies.

Sports Academies in the Compound:

  • Football Academy.
  • Handball Academy.
  • Basketball Academy.
  • Swimming Academy.
  • Badminton Academy.
  • Volleyball Academy.
  • Fitness Academy.
  • Tennis Academy.
  • Squash Academy.
  • Ballet Academy.
  • Arch Sports Academy.

Project's Brochure Brochure of Scene 7 New Capital

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Company Previous Work Previous Work of Akam Company, the Developer

Fountains of Scene 7 Compound
Fountains of Scene 7 Compound

The distinctive Scene 7 Compound is one of the pioneering workings of Akam, which has also implemented a number of other pioneering architectural projects, such as Scenario Compound in the Administrative Capital in the 7th District, and it is distinguished by the beautiful design, luxuriousness, and integration of facilities. Scenario Compound is the closest project to Scene 7 New Capital, especially in terms of space, as its area is estimated at 39 acres.

Project Advantages Advantages of Scene 7 New Capital

Recreation in Scene 7 Compound
Recreation in Scene 7 Compound

Scene 7 New Capital project is unique for its picturesque views over the water bodies and the green spaces. Also for its vital location in the Administrative Capital, the integration of services, its elegance, and its high number of sports centers.

We also cannot ignore the interesting exterior designs of the compound’s buildings, along with the amazing design of the apartments itself and the multiplicity of available different spaces, in addition to the competitive prices and the multiplicity of installment methods in the Compound.

Project Disadvantages Disadvantages of Scene 7 New Capital Project

What is most agreed upon as a disadvantage of Scene 7 Compound, and honestly, it’s more about the New Administrative Capital itself in general, which is the distance between the New Capital and Cairo, and what some do not know is that the Administrative Capital is not that far away, as it is bordered to the north by Madinaty and to the west by New Cairo, including Al Rehab and the Fifth Settlement.

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