Apartment Compound Compound De Joya New Capital

Compound De Joya Villas New Capital
Compound De Joya Villas New Capital

If you want to live in a luxurious community where you can enjoy comfort and privacy, you can find that in De Joya Villas New Capital فلل دي جويا العاصمة الإدارية الجديدة, one of Taj Misr Developments projects in the heart of the New Capital, in which there are elegant designs, various spaces, and high-quality services, at a reasonable price.


Project Site Where Are De Joya New Capital Villas?

Taj Misr Developments has picked a distinctive location for Compound De Joya New Capital in the heart of the New Capital, specifically in District R8, Block B2, directly in front of the Tourist Walkway, overlooking 3 large main streets in the district with a width of 70 m2.

Adjacent to the project Places Close to De Joya Compound New Capital

  • Compound De Joya New Capital is located just a few minutes from the heart of the New Capital and the Green River.
  • Expo City, City of Arts and Culture, Opera House, and Presidential District are close to De Joya Taj Misr.
  • Compound De Joya Villas New Capital is located next to the Diplomatic Quarter.
  • The Tourist Walkway is close to De Joya Compound New Capital.
  • It takes about half an hour to reach the Capital International Airport from De Joya New Capital Villas.
  • The distance between De Joya Compound New Capital and Teseen St is 15 minutes.
  • Bleu Vert Compound and Rivan Compound are close to De Joya Compound Villas.

Project Design De Joya Compound New Capital Design

The Design of De Joya Villas Compound New Capital
The Design of De Joya Villas Compound New Capital

De Joya New Capital Villas are designed according to the highest level of sophistication to meet the needs of Taj Misr clients, where they can enjoy the fresh air and sunlight, in addition to the wonderful views of the green spaces and water fountains. This is in addition to the privacy that they can enjoy wherever they are.

De Joya Taj Misr is characterized by amazing designs and modern decorations, as Taj Misr Developments has selected the finest building materials, the latest equipment, and the most beautiful designs, whether on its own or in partnership with other large companies.

Project Area The Area of De Joya New Capital Villas

Artificial Lakes in De Joya Taj Misr
Artificial Lakes in De Joya Taj Misr

The total area of De Joya Villas New Capital is about 23 and a half acres, and despite this large area, the constructions (apartments, studios, and villas) occupy the lowest percentage with 21%, while the rest of the project area is allocated to green spaces, water features, commercial, entertainment services, and facilities for the comfort of residents.

Project Spaces De Joya Taj Misr Spaces

A Roof in Compound De Joya New Capital
A Roof in Compound De Joya New Capital

In Compound De Joya, you can find studios, apartments, duplexes, and villas, and the units’ spaces start from 70 to 410 m2, as Villas in De Joya spaces start from 310 to 410 m2, while the studios’ space starts from 70 to 80 m2, and De Joya apartments’ space starts from 138 to 410 m2.

The divisions of a villa with an area of 330 m2 consist of two floors, as follows: the first floor: entrance, lobby, kitchen, bathroom, reception, terrace, small bedroom, and dining room. The second floor includes stairs, a kitchen, a living room, large bedrooms, a terrace, 2 bathrooms, and 3 small bedrooms.

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Project Prices De Joya Villas Prices 2024

De Joya features large areas that have been exploited in the best way, in addition to the distinguished services surrounding the villas, and De Joya unit prices start from 6,794,400 EGP, which makes Taj Misr Compound the best among the New Capital projects.

The prices of De Joya Villas New Capital may have changed, for the updated prices Click Here

Project Installment De Joya Villas Installments System

At the time that Taj Misr Developments has provided units for sale at a reasonable price per meter, it offers convenient payment systems to facilitate the purchase of Villas in De Joya, and the reservation and installment systems in De Joya Villas New Capital are as follows:

  • 0% down payment and 0% interest, and the rest should be paid in installments over 7 years.
  • 5% De Joya Villas down payment, and the rest in equal installments for 8 years.
  • 10% down payment and you can install the rest over 10 years with 0% interest.
  • The maintenance fee is 8%.

Delivery Time and Finishing System

Villas in De Joya will be delivered semi-finished, but you can get it fully finished by paying more fees. It is worth noting that Taj Misr Developments will deliver Villas in De Joya whether you pay in installments or cash by 2023, and the finishing will be at the highest level of elegancy.

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Project Video De Joya New Capital Compound Villas Video

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Project Facilities The Facilities of Compound De Joya Villas

Clubhouse in De Joya New Capital Compound Villas
Clubhouse in De Joya New Capital Compound Villas

A large part of Compound De Joya New Capital has been allocated to the area surrounding De Joya units, which includes a huge number of services and facilities needed to serve the residents, the most important of which are the following:

  • De Joya Villas New Capital includes De Joya Strip Mall, where you can find Shops, Restaurants, and Cafes.
  • There are 2 luxuriously designed Clubhouses that include a Spa, Jacuzzi, Gym, and Swimming pool for ladies.
  • Compound De Joya Villas is secured by the latest Surveillance Cameras to provide 24-hour safety.
  • There are Tracks for Walking and Cycling in De Joya Villas New Capital Project to practice these sports
  • Compound De Joya Villas overlooks charming views of the Green Spaces, Artificial Lakes, and Fountains, and there is a large aquarium.
  • Swimming pools are available in various shapes and sizes for adults and children, where you can enjoy your time inside De Joya Project.
  • De Joya Compound Villas is distinguished by a Service Roof for more comfort for the residents.
  • Compound De Joya Villas uses Eco-friendly Solar Energy.
  • When you buy a villa in De Joya, you will enjoy the Sports Clubs and Gyms to practice all sports.
  • In De Joya Compound Villas, a Kids’ Area has been provided where they can enjoy time with their families.
  • There is a safe and clean Garbage Disposal Service in De Joya Villas project.
  • There is a Medical Unit at the highest level in De Joya Compound Villas.

Project Advantages The Pros of De Joya Villas

De Joya Villas are characterized by a huge number of features, as it provides large areas that reach 410 m2, and the villas are surrounded by water features and green spaces where you can enjoy the most beautiful views, In addition to the integrated security system, elegant designs, strategic location, and competitive prices.

The Cons of De Joya Villas

Despite the above-mentioned advantages, some may think that the location of De Joya Villa is far away from downtown Cairo, but thanks to the huge road network and the monorail, moving from and to the New Capital will be easier.

Project's Brochure De Joya Villas Brochure

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Company Previous Work About Taj Misr Developments

The company that owns and executes De Joya Villas is Taj Misr Developments, which is a subsidiary of the Egyptian International Construction Company, which was established in 2006. It owns other companies such as Landmark Tourism, United Agricultural Investment, Egyptian Hotel Services, and Lone Star in Qatar.

Taj Misr Developments is distinguished by the quality of the projects and services that it provides, and its partnerships with the best engineering consultancy companies. This project, sought the help of Dr. Medhat Dorra, the consultant expert in Space Consultants, to make De Joya Villas appear in the best way.

Taj Misr Developments Profile:


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  • The Address Compound.
  • Greens Compound El Sheikh Zayed from Dorra Group.
  • The American International School in Sheikh Zayed.
  • The headquarters of BLOM Bank in New Cairo.
  • The Social Club for Central Bank of Egypt employees in New Cairo.
  • Badr Gardens project.

Lone Star in Qatar

  • Panasonic Tower,
  • Showroom Hyundai Motor Company,
  • Markhiya Mall,
  • Albaker Twin Towers,
  • Al-Attiyah Tower,
  • Al-Salhiya Tower.

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