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Trio Mall New Cairo
Trio Mall New Cairo

The success of investment requires a wise choice of location, and thus Everest Developments has picked the fund-flush zone of the Fifth Settlement to launch Trio Mall New Cairo تريو مول التجمع الخامس. This multi-purpose project features commercial, administrative and medical units, all designed with lavish architectural designs, offering a variety of spaces with extremely competitive prices.


Project Site Location of Mall Trio

Everest Developments has carefully selected the location for Trio New Cairo Mall to guarantee high return on investment for those seeking to buy units for sale and start their journey towards success. Trio Mall is located in the Southern Investors Area, a strategic location that brings it close to various prominent landmarks, thereby attracting high traffic to all units.

Map of Mall Trio New Cairo
Map of Mall Trio New Cairo

Adjacent to the project Landmarks Proximate to Trio Mall Everest

  • Mall Trio New Cairo is located 2 minutes away from Southern 90th Street.
  • Concord Plaza can be reached in a few minutes from Trio Mall New Cairo.
  • Trio Everest Developments is close to Nozha International Hospital.
  • The Ring Road is a short distance from Trio New Cairo Mall.
  • Reaching Trio New Cairo takes a few minutes from Cairo International Airport.
  • A short distance separates the American University (AUC) from Mall Trio.
  • Trio Mall New Cairo is also close to Boutique Village Compound and Z Mall.

Project Design Design of Trio Everest Developments

Everest Developments has transformed Mall Trio New Cairo into an architectural marvel as a result of its collaboration with seasoned architects, who have expertly maximized the use of space. Trio Mall features a stunning glass facade, a spacious plaza, and beautifully landscaped surroundings. Its interior boasts several floors seamlessly connected by panoramic elevators, enhancing the overall aesthetic and functionality.

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Project Area Spaces of Units in Trio New Cairo Mall

Commercial Units in Trio Mall Everest
Commercial Units in Trio Mall Everest

Trio Everest Developments is crafted to accommodate diverse preferences and a range of customer requirements. This has been achieved through offering a variety of unit spaces within the mall, thoughtfully chosen to align with the specific demands of different activities, whether commercial, administrative, or medical units. The available unit spaces in Trio Mall New Cairo include:

  • The spaces of commercial units in Trio New Cairo Mall start from 35 m2.
  • Medical clinics are offered with spaces starting from 31 m2 in Mall Trio New Cairo.

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Project Prices Trio Mall New Cairo Prices 2024

Everest Developments has made every effort to offer an ideal price per meter of units in Mall Trio New Cairo. This has had a significant impact on the overall prices of units to start from 3,740,000 EGP, simultaneously encouraging clients to buy units in Trio Mall 5th Settlement. Here are more details about the prices:

  • The price of commercial units in Trio New Cairo Mall starts from 5,080,000 EGP.
  • Medical units for sale are offered with prices starting from 3,740,000 EGP in Trio Mall.

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Project Installment Installment Plans in Trio Everest Developments

Trio Mall New Cairo’s attractions aren’t limited to diverse spaces and appealing prices. They also include facilitative installment plans, ensuring customers face no financial hurdles during their purchase. The process to book units in Trio Everest Developments starts with a 25% down payment, followed by installments over 5 years. Besides, units will be delivered within 1 and a half years.

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Project Facilities Services and Amenities of Trio Mall 5th Settlement

Features of Trio New Cairo Mall
Features of Trio New Cairo Mall

Everest Developments enhances the experience of both unit owners and visitors at Trio New Cairo by providing a diverse array of service facilities and entertainment options. It has collaborated with the most efficient management and operation companies to ensure customer comfort at Trio Mall New Cairo. The services and entertainment facilities include:

  • Trio Mall Fifth Settlement is equipped with advanced smart garages for parking to avoid congestion in front of the mall.
  • Electronic gates are added in the mall to facilitate flexible entry and exit.
  • The mall includes escalators and panoramic elevators to ease movement across the mall’s floors.
  • Units at Trio New Cairo Mall are provided with high-speed internet services for getting the work done easily.
  • The mall houses high-standard meeting rooms to conduct meetings at any time.
  • Top-rated restaurants and cafes are available in Trio Mall Fifth Settlement, offering the most delectable food and beverages.
  • Security personnel operate around the clock to enhance safety in the mall.
  • Modern surveillance cameras have been installed in Mall Trio New Cairo to further increase security.
  • Fire extinguishing systems and electric generators are available in Trio Mall for emergencies.
  • Maintenance and cleaning staff at Trio Mall Fifth Settlement work throughout the week to keep the project in an ever-presentable condition.

Project Advantages Features of Trio New Cairo Mall

Trio Mall New Cairo encompasses all the features customers seek. These features include the selection of a suitable location, luxurious designs, an array of spaces, and competitive prices. Add to this the availability of flexible booking and installment systems. All these factors make Trio Mall one of the most significant investment opportunities in New Cairo.

Drawbacks of Mall Trio New Cairo

Despite the numerous advantages of Trio Mall Fifth Settlement, some customers may perceive the diversity of activities as potentially leading to a lack of privacy and overcrowding. However, this is addressed by the 24-hour security service and the allocation of independent floors for each activity.

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Company Previous WorkAbout Everest Developments

Everest Developments, one of the leading real estate companies, has been in the real estate market for over 16 years. Over these years, it has successfully executed a number of exceptional projects, winning the trust of customers. It continually strives to keep pace with developments in the real estate market and applies the highest international standards in construction.

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  • Launching several chalets in New Alamein City
  • Several projects in Tanta

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