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T Hub Mall New Cairo
T Hub Mall New Cairo

In the heart of New Cairo’s vibrant Fifth Settlement, T Hub Mall New Cairo مول تي هب التجمع الخامس, a gem from Times Real Estate Development, emerges as an example of risk-free investment opportunities. This architectural marvel stands as a testament to successful synergy.

T Hub Mall is designed by Egypt’s leading engineering consultant, who has a proven track record of creating successful commercial projects. Mall T Hub offers competitive prices and flexible payment plans, making it a golden ticket for those seeking a safe and profitable investment in the bustling New Cairo.


Project Site Location of T Hub New Cairo

Fifth of Settlement, which is expected to grow into a tourist destination for a wide range of people, guarantees a steady flow of traffic for T Hub Mall. Mall T Hub New Cairo is tucked away in the center of New Cairo, a short distance from 90th Street, the famous thoroughfare that is home to many residences and celebrities.

Adjacent to the project Nearby Landmarks of Mall T Hub New Cairo:

  • Mohamed Naguib Axis is within a short distance from T Hub Mall New Cairo—just a few minutes away.
  • T Hub Times is situated a 15-minute away from Cairo Airport, offering unrivaled accessibility.
  • The American University in Cairo is conveniently close to T Hub Mall New Cairo.
  • T Hub Mall New Cairo is at a prime location that is both convenient and strategically close to the Ring Road.
  • T Hub Mall is a mere 15-minute pulse away from the city’s vibrant heart.
  • T Hub Mall in New Cairo is in proximity to Boutique Village and Z90 Mall, adding to its allure and convenience.

Project Design Design of T Hub Times

Panoramic View of T Hub New Cairo Mall
Panoramic View of T Hub New Cairo Mall

In New Cairo’s architectural landscape, Mall T Hub Fifth Settlement, crafted by esteemed Egyptian engineer Raef Fahmi, emerges as a serene retreat for investors and visitors alike, offering a space for cherished experiences. Mall T Hub New Cairo includes six buildings, each with a ground floor plus three levels, meticulously designed for ideal use.

  • The ground floor of T Hub Times houses an array of commercial stores, restaurants, and cafes.
  • The other three levels of T Hub New Cairo Mall are exclusively designed for contemporary office spaces, tailored to meet the diverse requirements.

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Project Area Spaces of Units in T Hub Mall

T Hub Times also features a stunning plaza area, offering all units breathtaking views of lush green spaces. Spanning an impressive 10,600 m2, the internal spaces of T Hub Mall units for sale range from 42 to 200 m2, ensuring that every investor; even young or adult, finds their perfect spot in T Hub Mall.

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Project Prices Mall T Hub Times Prices 2024

Services of T Hub Mall
Services of T Hub Mall

Times Developments didn’t just build T Hub Mall New Cairo’s heart, it built an investment haven. It envisioned a world-class project, accessible to everyone through allured prices. Times Developments has set its desired prices for selling units at T Hub Mall New Cairo, ensuring the best value for your investments.

You can book your units at T. Hub Mall New Cairo with prices starting from 4,300,000 EGP. Meanwhile, if you want to buy a unit, the price per meter of units in T Hub Mall starts from 88,000 EGP. Here are all the prices of units in T Hub Mall New Cairo:

  • Pharmacy units are available in T Hub Times Mall with an area of 183 m2, with a price per meter starting from 250,000 to 270,000 EGP.
  • There are bank branch units with an area of 270 m2, with a starting price of 200,000 EGP.
  • Mall T Hub New Cairo also includes supermarket space units with an area of 750 m2, starting from 200,000 EGP.

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Project Installment Installment Plans in Mall T Hub New Cairo

Times Developments offers a variety of installment plans for acquiring units, catering to diverse financial capabilities. T Hub Mall’s flexible options facilitate customer access to its spaces, ensuring each individual can find a payment system that aligns with their budget:

  • 10% down payment with a repayment period of up to 5 years.
  • 15% down payment with an installment period of up to 6 years.
  • 20% down payment for booking with a repayment period of up to 7 years.
  • An EOI of 50,000 EGP is also required to be paid at T Hub Mall.
  • Units in Mall T Hub New Cairo are delivered semi-finished after 3 years.

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Project Video Video of T Hub Mall New Cairo

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Project Facilities Services and Amenities of T Hub New Cairo Mall

Desgin of Mall T Hub Fifth Settlement
Desgin of Mall T Hub Fifth Settlement

Any real estate project needs excellent services to succeed, and these services are what set one property apart from another. Times Developments has taken extra care to fulfill their needs and strives to accurately provide them for all activities that are part of Mall T Hub New Cairo. The following is further information on each of these services:

  • T Hub New Cairo Mall provides security and surveillance services 24/7 to protect visitors and property.
  • T Hub Mall also includes high-quality surveillance cameras to ensure the safety of everyone.
  • T Hub Times provides high-speed internet to all visitors, allowing them to get their work done accurately and quickly and communicate easily with each other.
  • T Hub New Cairo Mall includes a large parking garage for employees and visitors, ensuring easy access.
  • Visitors can enjoy breathtaking views from T Hub Mall New Cairo, which boasts panoramic views of the main streets.
  • T Hub New Cairo Mall includes meeting rooms and a conference hall to serve administrative units.
  • Mall T Hub Times includes many elevators with smart gates and a reception desk to ensure easy transportation in the project
  • T-Hub Mall offers guests a full range of recreational options, including a spa and gym.
  • T Hub Mall New Cairo includes a mosque and a children’s entertainment area, which provide visitors with religious and entertainment services at T Hub Mall.
  • T Hub Mall includes ATMs to provide convenience for visitors.

Project AdvantagesFeatures of T Hub New Cairo

Features of Mall T Hub New Cairo
Features of Mall T Hub New Cairo

T Hub Mall presents an unparalleled investment opportunity where no compromises are necessary. Located in New Cairo, T. Hub Mall stands out for its luxurious and dynamic setting, offering competitive pricing and ideal spaces for launching your business venture. T Hub Mall New Cairo is distinguished by its modern and sophisticated design, complemented by a flexible system for installments.

Drawbacks of T Hub Mall

While T Hub Mall New Cairo is often praised for its excellence, some have expressed concerns about the potential congestion due to the variety of activities within T Hub Mall. Nonetheless, Times Developments has skillfully addressed this by segregating different activities across various floors, entrances, and elevators. This thoughtful layout ensures a top working environment at T Hub Mall.

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Times Developments, with over 35 years in Egypt’s real estate, was founded by engineers Ahmed Abdel Latif and Al-Sarjani. Beyond constructing buildings, they foster communities. Under Times Real Estate Development, they lead companies like Ofok, El-Rabwa, and Green Waves, pivotal in developing Zayed Regency and Zayed Dunes into flourishing residential areas in Sheikh Zayed City.

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