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Livelli Mall New Cairo
Livelli Mall New Cairo

Livelli Mall New Cairo مول ليفالي التجمع الخامس is the latest jewel by Arabco Developments, offering abundant investment opportunities through a diverse array of commercial shops and administrative offices. Additionally, Mall Livelli is designed to ensure a seamless shopping or working experience, and units for sale are provided with flexible prices and convenient installment plans.


Project Site Location of Livelli Arabco Project

Livelli New Cairo Mall’s strategic location was meticulously chosen by Arabco Developments. Situated in the bustling area of 90th Street, this prime location of Livelli Mall guarantees a constant flow of visitors, making it the perfect spot for ambitious investment seekers.

Map of Mall Livelli New Cairo
Map of Mall Livelli New Cairo

Adjacent to the project Landmarks Near Mall Livelli New Cairo

  • The American University is close to Livelli Mall New Cairo.
  • Livelli Arabco project can be reached easily from the Ring Road.
  • The Suez Road is adjacent to Mall Livelli project.
  • Livelli New Cairo Mall is a few minutes away from Cairo International Airport.
  • A short distance separates Cairo Festival City from Livelli Mall.
  • Reaching Livelli Arabco project is easy from Nasr City.
  • Projects like Valencia Valley Compound and Rivali Compound are located near Mall Livelli New Cairo.

Project Design Design of Livelli New Cairo Mall

Façade of Livelli Mall
Façade of Livelli Mall

Inspired by European elegance, Livelli Mall New Cairo boasts luxurious architectural designs, crafted to satisfy the most refined tastes of discerning customers. Teaming up with Smarch Architecture as the project’s engineering consultant, the brilliance of Mall Livelli’s design is evident in its sprawling plaza, grand glass façade, and stunning interior. The design of Livelli Arabco project is divided as follows:

  • The mall spans a total area of 10,600 m2.
  • The plaza and landscape occupy the largest percentage of the area, while the rest is dedicated to the mall itself.
  • Livelli Mall contains 2 basements, a ground floor, and 4 upper floors.
  • The ground floor and 1st floor are allocated to commercial units.
  • Administrative offices occupy from the 2nd to the 4th floors.
  • The basement of Mall Livelli project provides spacious parking areas for 69 cars.

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Project Area Area of Mall Livelli

Mall Livelli New Cairo’s cleverly designed units showcase the expertise of Arabco Developments in catering to diverse preferences. Whether a client seek commercial or administrative units, Livelli Mall offers a variety of unit spaces to allow clients to buy the suitable size and guarantee their success. Here are the spaces of units provided in Livelli New Cairo Mall:

  • Commercial units are available with spaces starting from 33 m2.
  • The space of administrative offices in Livelli Mall New Cairo starts from 36 m2.

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Project Prices Livelli Mall New Cairo Prices 2024

Shops of Livelli New Cairo Mall
Shops of Livelli New Cairo Mall

Investing in units at Mall Livelli New Cairo has never been more accessible, thanks to Arabco Developments’ competitive prices. Offering the perfect price per meter of units among all malls in New Cairo, Livelli Mall ensures that the total unit prices remain within reach for investors. Check out the prices of Mall Livelli Arabco project below:

  • The prices of commercial units at Livelli New Cairo Mall start from 12,250,000 EGP.
  • Administrative offices are offered at prices starting from 3,300,528 EGP in Livelli Mall.

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Project Installment Installments Plans at Livelli Arabco Project

Arabco Developments makes it easy for customers to book units at Livelli Mall New Cairo by providing flexible booking and installment systems, featuring a modest down payment and installments over a long period. This allows investors ample time to pay the unit prices at Mall Livelli project, and here are the available installment plans:

  • 10% down payment with installments over 4 years.
  • 15% down payment and the remaining amount is paid in installments over 5 years.
  • 20% down payment and the rest is paid over 6 years in installments.
  • Administrative units for sale at Livelli New Cairo Mall will be delivered semi-finished within 3 years.

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Project Video Video of Mall Livelli New Cairo

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Project Facilities Facilities and Services at Livelli New Cairo Mall

Arabco Developments guarantees a comfortable experience for unit owners and visitors of Livelli Mall New Cairo by providing all the essential facilities and services, ensuring smooth operations and a complete shopping experience. Collaborating with top-notch management companies for Livelli New Cairo Mall, the project boasts the following amenities:

  • Electronic gates at Mall Livelli New Cairo to control entry and exit, preventing congestion.
  • Advanced technological systems throughout the mall to enhance convenience for unit owners and visitors.
  • Panoramic elevators and escalators for easy navigation between the floors of Livelli Mall New Cairo.
  • Smart parking garages to avoid crowding at the entrances of Mall Livelli project.
  • High-speed internet networks for efficient business operations of unit owners.
  • Top-notch meeting rooms at Livelli Mall New Cairo for holding meetings at any time.
  • ATM machines for hassle-free financial transactions at Livelli Arabco project.
  • 24/7 security personnel to ensure safety and comfort for unit owners and visitors.
  • Modern surveillance cameras placed throughout the mall for enhanced security.
  • Maintenance and cleaning services available seven days a week to keep Livelli Mall New Cairo in top-notch condition.

Project Advantages Features of Mall Livelli Project

Panoramic View of Livelli Arabco Developments
Panoramic View of Livelli Arabco Developments

Arabco Developments has ensured that Livelli Mall New Cairo boasts all the features investors desire for optimal results. From a prime location to luxurious designs and a variety of unit spaces, Livelli Arabco project offers flexible prices and payment plans, making it one of the best malls in New Cairo.

Drawbacks of Livelli Mall New Cairo

While Mall Livelli New Cairo shines with its remarkable features, some customers may have reservations about the unit delivery timeline, especially for those seeking a quicker possession. However, purchasing units during the construction phase of Livelli Mall New Cairo presents investors with the opportunity to enjoy exceptional prices and greater payment flexibility.

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Company Previous WorkAbout Arabco Developments

With 28 years of experience, Arabco Developments embarked on a journey to execute remarkable projects that have earned the respect of clients within Egypt and beyond. Leveraging the expertise of top engineering talents Arabco meets the diverse needs of its customers, making it one of the leading real estate companies in Egypt.

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