Apartment Compound Vaha Compound New Zayed

Vaha Compound New Zayed
Vaha Compound New Zayed

A peaceful and elevated living experience awaits those seeking serenity and luxury in Vaha Compound New Zayed كمبوند فاها زايد الجديدة, developed by Alkarma Developments. In the heart of Sheikh Zayed, the compound presents stunningly tailored homes for a cozy experience with a variety of spaces. More importantly, the prices of villas in Compound Vaha New Zayed are extremely attractive.


Project Site Location of Vaha AlKarma Developments

The high demand for units in New Zayed has led many developers to compete for land in the area to construct the finest residential compounds. Therefore, AlKarma Developments has selected an ideal location for Vaha Compound, in the center of New Zayed and just minutes away from essential services and main roads.

Adjacent to the project Landmarks of Vaha Compound

  • Vaha New Zayed Compound is located 15 minutes from Alexandria Desert Road.
  • Waslet Dahshur Road can be easily reached from Vaha Compound.
  • Vaha Alkarma Developments is close to Nile University, October University and Misr University.
  • Mall of Egypt and Mall of Arabia are a short distance from Compound Vaha New Zayed
  • It is easy to go to Vaha 6 October from Remaya Square and Juhayna Square.
  • Reaching the Grand Egyptian Museum takes a short period from Vaha Compound New Zayed.
  • Vaha El Sheikh Zayed is proximate to popular projects such as Park Valley Blue Compound and River Park Compound.

Project Design Design of Compound Vaha New Zayed

Townhouse in Compound Vaha New Zayed
Townhouse in Compound Vaha New Zayed

Vaha Compound New Zayed is distinguished by its contemporary and lively designs, appealing to those with a discerning taste for elegance. Alkarma Developments offers a diverse range of units for sale in Compound Vaha New Zayed, including townhouses, twin houses, and standalone villas. All villas are available in various sizes to accommodate the needs of a broad spectrum of families.

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Project Area Area of Vaha Sheikh Zayed

Vaha New Zayed Compound extends over 100 acres, with green spaces covering about 86%, enhancing the sense of comfort and tranquility within the compound. The interior spaces of villas in Vaha Compound are varied, starting from 230 m2, and thus home seekers get to buy a suitable size depending on their needs and budget. Here are the available spaces:

  • The spaces of townhouses in Vaha Zayed range from 230 to 240 m2.
  • Twin houses are available with spaces varying from 250 to 275 m2 in Vaha Compound New Zayed.
  • Areas of standalone villas in Compound Vaha New Zayed range between 285 and 500 m2.

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Project Prices Vaha Compound New Zayed Prices 2024

Twin House for Sale in Vaha Sheikh Zayed
Twin House for Sale in Vaha Sheikh Zayed

AlKarma has set a reasonable price per meter of units in Compound Vaha New Zayed to encourage various customers to buy villas. This compound aims to provide an exceptional living experience filled with luxury at the lowest price. Thus, prices of Vaha Compound start from 12,500,000 EGP, a reasonable rate that represents a good investment, aligning with the project’s features.

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Project Installment Installment Plans in Vaha AlKarma Developments

Views of Villas in Vaha Alkarma Developments
Views of Villas in Vaha Alkarma Developments

Besides the competitive prices, Al Karma Developments offers a convenient and flexible installment system for customers of Vaha Compound New Zayed. This installment system allows buyers to book villas for sale with a down payment starting from 5%, followed by installments over up to 7 years. Additionally, a fully refundable EOI of 250,000 EGP is required for booking.

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Project Facilities Services and Facilities of Compound Vaha Sheikh Zayed

Villas for Sale in Vaha New Zayed Compound
Villas for Sale in Vaha New Zayed Compound

AlKarma Developments is renowned for fulfilling residential needs with a deep understanding of luxury living. Vaha Compound New Zayed is meticulously designed, offering a mix of practicality and indulgence. It features a wide range of services and amenities, facilitating the experience of residents and making life more comfortable. Here are the provided services in Compound Vaha New Zayed:

  • There are swimming pools located near the residential units, offering residents of Vaha Compound leisure and relaxation opportunities right at their doorstep.
  • Residents of Vaha New Zayed Compound have access to a commercial mall, housing top brands and labels for a premium shopping experience.
  • The compound is adorned with ample green spaces, ideal for residents who enjoy spending quality time outdoors with their families and friends in a serene environment.
  • Vaha Compound New Zayed includes conveniently located parking garages, ensuring easy and accessible parking solutions for all residents.
  • A gym, equipped with a wide range of modern fitness equipment, is included in Vaha Alkarma Developments.
  • Compound Vaha Sheikh Zayed features dedicated tracks for running and cycling, located near the units for easy access by fitness enthusiasts.
  • There is a special kids’ area, allowing children to enjoy their time in a safe and engaging environment.
  • Vaha New Zayed Compound is secured by well-trained security personnel, providing residents with a sense of safety and peace of mind.
  • Modern surveillance systems are added to further augment the security level within Vaha Compound New Zayed, ensuring a secure living environment.
  • To counter any power outages, Vaha Sheikh Zayed is equipped with electric generators that ensure uninterrupted power supply.
  • Comprehensive maintenance and cleaning services are provided throughout the week, ensuring a well-maintained and clean living environment for all residents of Vaha Compound.

Project Advantages Features of Vaha Compound New Zayed

Standalone Villa in Vaha Compound
Standalone Villa in Vaha Compound

Vaha Compound is a landmark in New Zayed, offering a variety of features for a luxurious living experience. The compound covers 100 acres, offering diverse spaces of units with marvelous architectural designs. The strategic location of Vaha Compound New Zayed near key roads enhances its allure. This is complemented by attractive prices and a flexible installment plan.

Drawbacks of Vaha AlKarma Developments

Despite the various advantages of Compound Vaha New Zayed, some clients are still hesitant to buy units because they believe that Sheikh Zayed is far from central Cairo. However, the establishment of the modern road network has facilitated reaching Tahrir Square from Vaha Compound in 45 minutes only.

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Company Previous WorkAbout AlKarma Developments

Al Karma Developments, founded in 1996, has a rich history of successful projects and consistently strives to deliver exceptional projects in selected locations. It commits to maintaining high quality in its projects, with expertise not limited to residential areas but also extending to administrative and commercial projects.

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