Apartment Compound Menorca Compound New Zayed 

Menorca Compound New Zayed
Menorca Compound New Zayed

Mardev Developments has launched its project, Menorca Compound New Zayed كمبوند مينوركا زايد الجديدة, for those seeking luxury and living amidst nature. At Menorca Compound New Zayed, the company offers an exquisite range of villas with luxurious designs and varied spaces. Menorca’s prices won’t burden its owners, providing them an ideal opportunity to purchase villas for sale in Sheikh Zayed.


Project Site Location of Compound Menorca New Zayed

The advantages of Compound Menorca Sheikh Zayed’s location are numerous. Carefully chosen by Mardev, it is a key benefit of Menorca New Zayed Compound. Specifically situated in new Sheikh Zayed City, within Green Belt area, Gate (1) Basin (3), the unique features of Compound Menorca New Zayed’s location will be detailed in the following points.

Map of Compound Menorca New Zayed
Map of Compound Menorca New Zayed

Adjacent to the project Nearby Places of Menorca New Zayed Compound

  • Menorca Compound New Zayed is just 2 minutes’ drive from Dahshur Link.
  • Mall of Arabia and Juhayna Square are located 5 minutes from Menorca Villa Zayed.
  • You can reach Mall of Egypt and Sphinx Airport from Compound Menorca New Zayed in just 10 minutes.
  • Menorca New Zayed Compound is near Media Production City and Giza Pyramids.
  • A short journey will take you to Menorca Compound Zayed from Remaya Square and Grand Museum.
  • Compound Menorca Zayed is close to Compound Alma Sheikh Zayed and Compound Rivers New Zayed.

Project Design Design of Menorca Compound Zayed

Design of Menorca New Zayed Compound
Design of Menorca New Zayed Compound

Mardev sought to introduce fresh designs and concepts for Menorca Villa Zayed, inspired by their previous ventures in New Capital. The aim was to make Menorca Compound a distinctive real estate icon among new Sheikh Zayed projects. To achieve this, it enlisted the renowned Egyptian consultant, Engineer Mohamed Hafez, whose portfolio includes prestigious projects like La Vista, Emaar, and Mountain View.

To ensure the precise execution of Menorca Compound New Zayed designs and deliver units of the highest standards, Mardev collaborated with the executive consultant, Muharram Bakhoum, who has executed projects in Beverly Hills, Marassi, and Azha. Compound Menorca Mardev Zayed is offering 250 diverse villas, including standalone villas, townhouses, and twin houses, in various sizes.

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Project Area Areas of Compound Menorca Zayed

Menorca Sheikh Zayed Compound spans 41 acres, with 85% being green spaces, making nature the project’s hallmark. Compound Menorca New Zayed is designed to suit all families by offering a variety of spaces to cater to different needs. For more details on new villas’ sizes within Menorca Zayed Compound, read the following points.

  • Townhouse sizes start from 225 m2.
  • Twin house sizes in Menorca Compound begin at 285 m2.
  • Standalone villa sizes start from 290 m2.

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Project Prices Prices of Menorca Zayed Compound 2024

Menorca Villa Zayed
Menorca Villa Zayed

Mardev Developments has presented exceptional offers, considered the best for buying villas for sale in Sheikh Zayed. Clients of Compound Menorca Sheikh Zayed are guaranteed value for their money, a fact that will be confirmed once you explore the detailed pricing for Menorca New Zayed Compound in the following points.

  • Prices for townhouses and twin houses start from 10,500,000 EGP.
  • Prices for standalone villas range from 11,400,000 EGP to 13,650,000 EGP.

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Project Installment Payment Methods and Installments Plans of Menorca Compound Mardev

Understanding the customer’s need for not just a good price, but also a comfortable installment system, Mardev Developments offers flexible booking and installment plans for Menorca Compound Zayed. You can book units without a down payment and pay in installments over 10 years. However, the company has announced EOI’s amounts for booking villas as follows:

  • EOI’s for booking a townhouse is 25,000 EGP.
  • EOI’s for booking a twin house is 40,000 EGP.
  • EOI’s for booking a standalone villa is 60,000 EGP.
  • Booking EOI’s is fully refundable.

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Project Facilities Facilities and Services of Menorca Compound New Zayed


Units for Sale in Compound Menorca Zayed
Units for Sale in Compound Menorca Zayed

Services are a paramount aspect of residential projects, reflecting Menorca compound’s level of luxury. Therefore, Mardev Developments has endeavored to provide the highest levels of luxury in Menorca Compound. Drawing from their experience with New Capital, Mardev will bring a newer level of services to New Zayed. For more insight into the services, follow the points below:

  • Menorca Compound New Zayed is distinguished as an eco-friendly residential complex, where natural landscapes and green spaces fill the compound.
  • In Compound Menorca New Zayed, security services are provided to ensure residents’ safety.
  • You’ll find a variety of swimming pools of different shapes and sizes.
  • Menorca New Zayed Compound incorporates the latest surveillance camera technologies for added security and stability.
  • Compound Menorca Zayed features dedicated outdoor BBQ areas.
  • It includes a social club equipped with a gym, spa, and jacuzzi, aiming to provide a luxurious experience for residents.
  • Menorca Compound Zayed houses 2 shopping malls, providing a comprehensive shopping experience within the compound.
  • It hosts top restaurants and global brands to fulfill all residents’ needs.
  • Menorca Compound Mardev includes dedicated Kids areas, allowing them to enjoy their time.
  • Walking and cycling paths, away from main roads, are available in Menorca Compound New Zayed.
  • Compound Menorca New Zayed includes a mosque for prayers.
  • Finally, to avoid congestion, you’ll find advanced garages that can accommodate a large number of cars.

Project Advantages Privileges of Compound Menorca New Zayed

Views of Units in Menorca Zayed Compound
Views of Units in Menorca Zayed Compound

Mardev Developments presents one of the most prominent projects in the real estate market through Menorca Compound Zayed. It offers residents a unique experience, thanks to competitive pricing, strategic location, elegant designs, and diverse spaces. All these factors contribute to bolstering the stature of Menorca Compound project, especially with it being executed by a major company like Mardev.

Drawbacks of Menorca New Zayed Compound

Despite the comprehensive benefits and myriad advantages of Menorca Zayed Compound, some might critique the absence of residential apartments. However, it offers villas of various sizes at prices comparable to apartments in other projects. This makes Menorca Compound New Zayed a good investment opportunity to purchase a villa at the price of an apartment.

Project's Brochure Brochure of Menorca Compound New Zayed

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Company Previous WorkAbout Mardev Developments

Mardev Developments, a real estate development company, was established in 1989 as a merger of 3 industry-leading companies: Al Marwa Real Estate Investment, Al Marwa Urban Development, and Heliopolis Construction and Urban Development. Over the years in the real estate market, Mardev Developments has risen to become one of the prominent real estate companies in Egypt.

Mardev Developments’ projects are distinguished by innovative ideas that lend a unique captivating character to each project they execute. These exceptional innovations add significant strength to Egypt’s real estate market, reinforcing Mardev Developments’ position as a leading company in this competitive field.

Previous Real Estate Projects of Mardev Developments:

  • Mall Sky Light New Capital
  • Compound Menorca New Capital‎
  • Construction of 3 residential towers under the supervision of the Military Works Department.
  • Construction of 7 residential buildings as part of “Housing Egypt” project.
  • Construction of 10 residential buildings for social housing in Badr City.
  • Construction of Zefta Courts Complex in Gharbia Governorate.
  • Construction of 19 hospitals in several governorates under Wadi El Nile Company.
  • Construction of 60 government hospitals under General Authority for Educational Buildings in Cairo and Beni Suef Governorates.

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