Apartment Compound Silva Compound Sheikh Zayed

Silva Compound Sheikh Zayed
Silva Compound Sheikh Zayed

First Group has ensured that once you enter Silva Compound Sheikh Zayed كمبوند سيلفا الشيخ زايد, the vast green spaces and lakes will immerse you in a deep sense of comfort and spectacular design of your new home will take your breath away. Additionally, the offered prices and installment plans make living in Silva New Zayed a dream come true.


Project Site Location of Silva El Sheikh Zayed

Silva Compound Zayed is situated in a prime location within the Green Belt area, specifically at Gate No. 3, Basin 1. First Group succeeds to achieves a rare balance by locating Silva Sheikh Zayed Compound in a quiet area offering privacy and relaxation, while still being close to key roads and landmarks.

Adjacent to the project Landmarks Near Silva Compound Zayed

  • Silva New Zayed Compound is a few minutes away from the Boulevard.
  • A short distance separate Hyper One and Carrefour from Silva Compound El Sheikh Zayed.
  • Compound Silva Zayed can be easily reached via the Ring Road and Juhayna Square.
  • Reaching Dabaa Road takes a few minutes from Silva Compound Zayed.
  • Silva First Group is also very close to Mall of Arabia, Arkan Plaza, Nile University, Media Production City, and the British School.
  • Well-known projects, such as Beverly Hills, Ivoire Compound and Lake West Compound, are proximate to Compound Silva Sheikh Zayed.

Project Design Design of Silva Sheikh Zayed Compound

Panoramic View of Units in Compound Silva Zayed
Panoramic View of Units in Compound Silva Zayed

Villas of Silva Compound Zayed are lined up like jewels in an elegantly designed necklace, harmoniously surrounding the compound. First Group has applied a modern design for all units, where simplicity and elegance meet luxury and richness in a unique blend.

In addition, Compound Silva Sheikh Zayed comprises various types of villas for sale, including townhouses, twin houses and standalone villas. Therefore, high levels of privacy, comfort, and luxury are provided for residents who choose to buy units in Silva Compound Zayed.

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Project Area Area of Compound Silva Zayed

Facade of Villas in Silva El Sheikh Zayed
Facade of Villas in Silva El Sheikh Zayed

The total area of Silva Compound Zayed is 21 acres, with most of the space dedicated to green areas and artificial lakes, creating a comfortable and joyful atmosphere as well as providing stunning views for all units. Moreover, First Group Developments presents diverse spaces of villas as follows, so that clients can choose the suitable size to their needs:

  • Townhouses in Compound Silva Sheikh Zayed start from 228 m2, with gardens ranging from 126 to 253 m2.
  • Twin houses are available with spaces starting from 223 m2 in Silva El Sheikh Zayed, and gardens range from 129 to 251 m2.
  • Standalone villas in Compound Silva Zayed start from 335 m2, with gardens ranging between 170 and 257 m2.

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Project Prices Silva Compound Sheikh Zayed Prices 2024

Entrance Gate of Silva Compound Zayed
Entrance Gate of Silva Compound Zayed

Compound Silva Zayed offers villas for sale at highly competitive prices, making it an ideal choice for investment. The starting price of a villa in Silva Compound Sheikh Zayed is 8,500,000 EGP, a rate that is based on a reasonable price per meter of units and aligns perfectly with the comprehensive services, prime location, and diverse space options provided.

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Project Installment Installment Plans of Silva First Group

First Group Development has facilitated buying units in Silva New Zayed by providing comfortable installment systems with a minimal down payment and a long installment period, guaranteeing that buyers will not face financial burdens. Clients can book villas of Silva Compound Sheikh Zayed with the following installment systems:

  • 10% down payment, along with installments over 8 years.
  • 15% down payment, and the remaining amount will be paid in installments over 7 years.
  • There is an 8% maintenance fee, required in Silva El Sheikh Zayed.
  • The delivery of units in Compound Silva Zayed is scheduled for 2026.

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Project Facilities Services and Facilities of Silva El Sheikh Zayed

Landscaping in Compound Silva Sheikh Zayed
Landscaping in Compound Silva Sheikh Zayed

First Group Developments has ensured comfort and luxury in every detail of Silva Compound Sheikh Zayed to present an elegant residential community, offering an exceptional living experience. Consequently, it has provided a wide range of services and facilities, setting the compound as a leading project. Some of the key services and features of Silva Compound October include:

  • The compound boasts beautifully designed landscaping, complete with water features and walking paths for leisurely strolls, enhancing the serene environment.
  • A variety of restaurants and cafes are available within Silva Compound Sheikh Zayed, offering diverse culinary experiences to residents.
  • The project includes advanced and fully secured parking garage, ensuring convenience and safety for vehicle owners.
  • Compound Silva Sheikh Zayed provides complete security services, including advanced surveillance cameras and professional security personnel, ensuring a safe living environment.
  • Dedicated maintenance and cleaning companies work round the clock to maintain the aesthetic appeal of Silva Compound Sheikh Zayed.
  • Silva Compound Zayed features the latest fire-fighting systems for immediate response to fire incidents, prioritizing the safety of its residents.
  • Gyms are included, so that residents can engage in fitness activities at their convenience.
  • Silva Sheikh Zayed Compound features a kids’ area with a selection of popular games, providing a fun and safe environment for children.
  • Specialized areas for outdoor barbecues are available in Silva Compound, enhancing the community living experience.
  • The compound is eco-friendly, utilizing the latest technological innovations and renewable energy sources.
  • Compound Silva includes swimming pools, a gym, and a spa, providing luxury amenities for relaxation and wellness.

Project Advantages Features of Silva Compound Zayed

Town House in Silva New Zayed
Town House in Silva New Zayed

Silva Compound Sheikh Zayed offers a set of features rarely found together. The most significant advantage of the project is its exceptional pricing, equivalent to the prices of apartments in many other projects. The opportunity to buy a villa in Sheikh Zayed for 4,760,000 EGP is ideal, especially with the integrated services and prime location.

Drawbacks of Silva First Group

Despite all the features in Greya project that are mentioned above, some people believe the prices per meter of the units for sale are too high, however, the apartments will be delivered fully finished, fully furnished and will also include air conditioning, with installment plans up to 8 years, making the opportunity worth the price.

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