Shopping Mall Zaha Park Mall New Capital

Zaha Park Mall New Capital
Zaha Park Mall New Capital

Zaha Park Mall New Capital مول زاها بارك العاصمة الإدارية الجديدة stands as a beacon of the region. As the first shopping center inspired by the renowned architect Zaha Hadid’s designs, its wave-like structure uniquely marks MU23 area. Hometown chose this site to enhance investment opportunities in such a grand project. Exploring its features, prices, services, and systems is essential.


Project Site Location of Zaha Park New Capital Mall


Zaha Park Mall, a gem in Egypt’s New Capital, seamlessly blends work, pleasure, security, and comfort. Nestled in the heart of New Capital, within the bustling MU-23 commercial zone on plot e15, it not only serves this area but also caters to residents of R2 and R3. Its location is just one of its many distinctive features.

Adjacent to the project Nearby Places to Mall Zaha Park New Capital

  • Zaha Park Mall New Capital directly overlooks Al-Amal Axis in MU23 area, providing a direct link to Suez-Ain Sokhna Road.
  • It is approximately 30-minutes’ drive from Capital International Airport.
  • Zaha Park New Capital Mall is situated about 15-minutes’ drive from Fifth Settlement.
  • From Zaha Park Mall, one can easily access Government District, Financial and Business District, Green River area, Embassy District, and Sports City.
  • It’s also in close proximity to Aurora Mall New Capital and Marvel Mall New Capital.

Project Design Design of Zaha Park Mall New Capital

Design of Zaha Park New Capital Mall
Design of Zaha Park New Capital Mall

Hometown has uniquely designed Zaha Park New Capital Mall using deconstructivism architecture, aimed at liberating buildings from traditional methods. This approach highlights the contrast between the building’s form and its foundation, as well as between the structural framework and decorations, merging design creativity with productivity.

Zaha Park New Capital Mall offers an extensive array of units, encompassing commercial, medical, administrative, and government spaces. Additionally, it features units with balconies, offering panoramic views of Green River, making it a prime location for various business and administrative activities.

The allure of the mall extends beyond its design to include dazzling features like MU23’s first dancing fountain, the area’s inaugural bowling center, and the first artificial lake with sandy beaches. Additionally, it boasts a free children’s area, Khan El Khalili shops, jewelry and gift stores, cinemas, exclusive events, and more. These comprehensive services are expertly crafted by Hometown.

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Project Spaces Area of Zaha Park New Capital Mall

Spanning approximately 7,200 m², Zaha Park New Capital Mall is a marvel of space utilization, blending units, services, facilities, and leisure areas. The mall encompasses 9 floors in addition to the ground level. Unit sizes vary to cater to diverse tastes and investment activities. For those interested in booking units for sale, a range of options awaits:

  • Commercial units range from 12 to 238 m², spanning from ground floor to 2nd floor.
  • Medical units start at 26 m² and go up to 81 m², located from 3rd to 5th
  • Governmental and administrative units vary from 26 to 81 m², occupying 6th to 9th floor, with terraces overlooking Green River.

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Project Prices Prices of Mall Zaha Park New Capital 2024

Restaurants and Cafes of Mall Zaha Park New Capital
Restaurants and Cafes of Mall Zaha Park New Capital

The unit prices at Zaha Park Mall are tailored for diverse investment projects, not restricted to specific ventures. These prices are strategically set to foster mutual serviceability among units, enhancing investment diversity. The cost at Zaha Park Mall varies depending on the type, size, and location of the unit you desire:

  • Commercial unit prices start from 6,314,000 EGP for a 41 m2 On the 2nd floor (Food Court), prices begin at 9,086,000 EGP for a 59 m2 unit.
  • Medical clinic prices start from 2,244,000 EGP for a 34 m2
  • Prices for administrative offices begin at 2,904,000 EGP for a 44 m

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Project Installment Payment Methods and Installment Plans of Zaha Park Mall Hometown

Installment Systems of Zaha Park Mall Hometown
Installment Systems of Zaha Park Mall Hometown

Hometown has implemented various installment plans for investors to book units and shops in Zaha Park Mall, aiming to make prices accessible for investment by all segments. The company endeavors to offer the broadest spectrum of investors the opportunity to engage in New Capital’s projects, following these methods:

  • 5% upfront of the unit’s price, then the remaining amount is installment-based over 8 years.
  • 10% upfront, with the balance spread over 8 years, and receive a 10%
  • 15% upfront, then pay the rest over 9 years, with a 15%
  • 20% upfront, with the remaining amount installment-based over 5 years.

The Delivery Schedule and Finishing Types of Zaha Park Mall’s Units

One key detail about Zaha Park Mall is that the delivery of its units and stores is scheduled for the end of 2023. As for the finishing specifications in the mall, the commercial units are delivered in core and shell condition, while the administrative and medical units are finished to a high standard, offering a super-lux finish. 

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Project Video Video of Zaha Park Mall New Capital

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Project Facilities Facilities and Services of Zaha Park New Capital Mall

An Artificial Lake with a Sandy Beach at Mall Zaha Park Hometown
An Artificial Lake with a Sandy Beach at Mall Zaha Park Hometown

Zaha Park New Capital Mall boasts a variety of units, each providing a wide spectrum of facilities and services. The project excels with its unmatched general services, distinguishing Zaha Park Mall as a unique destination with its comprehensive offerings. Some of these facilities are:

  • Zaha Park Mall New Capital features the first bowling center in the area, designed by the renowned American brand
  • In front of the mall, there’s the first artificial lake with a sandy beach, surrounded by green spaces totaling 1,200 m².
  • Additionally, Zaha Park New Capital Mall boasts the first high-tech artistic dancing fountain.
  • Units come with terraces, complemented by a service roof and employee lounges.
  • Underground parking spaces are available at Mall Zaha Park New Capital.
  • A dedicated children’s entertainment area is included in Zaha Park Mall.
  • Zaha Park Mall Hometown offers a variety of cafes, restaurants, bakeries, a food court, and cinemas.
  • There’s a gold market, pharmacies, banks, and medical radiology labs in the mall.
  • Zaha Park Mall is equipped with surveillance cameras and round-the-clock security systems.
  • Electronic gates are featured within Mall Zaha Park Hometown for entry.
  • Fire alarm and firefighting systems are installed for safety.

Project Advantages Privileges of Mall Zaha Park New Capital

Service Roof in Zaha Park
Service Roof in Zaha Park

Zaha Park Mall’s allure lies in its prime location in the bustling MU23 commercial area, unit features like air conditioning, finishes, security and surveillance systems, and scenic views including an artificial lake, sandy beach, and a dancing fountain. Additional entertainment services include a bowling center and a children’s area, complemented by diverse unit sizes, prices, various payment and installment plans.

Drawbacks of Mall Zaha Park Hometown

While some may perceive the unit prices at Mall Zaha Park Hometown as slightly high, they are justified by the extensive services and amenities included with the purchase. Furthermore, the company has facilitated buying by offering diverse installment and payment plans extending up to 10 years, along with discounts on price per meter of units reaching up to 20%.

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Company Previous WorkAbout Hometown Developments

Hometown Developments, the developer of Zaha Park Mall New Capital, is a leading and esteemed player in Egypt’s real estate investment sector. The company has significantly contributed to the development of a wide array of large and renowned investment projects in some of Egypt’s most prestigious areas.

Hometown is renowned for its ability to select prime investment locations for its projects, maximizing the potential for success. In Zaha Park Mall, the company collaborated with the esteemed consulting engineer Hussein Sabour, known for executing numerous significant projects. This partnership elevates Zaha Park Mall as one of the most important developments in New Capital.

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  • Udora Mall New Capital
  • Mini Compound in Beit Al Watan, Fifth Settlement
  • Narges Residence
  • The company has constructed a significant number of apartments in New Cairo
  • It has built apartments in the heart of Fifth Settlement
  • It boasts a diverse portfolio of properties in Beit Al Watan project

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