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Lafayette Mall New Capital
Lafayette Mall New Capital

Regarded as a premier and distinguished development in the New Capital, Lafayette Mall New Capital مول لافاييت العاصمة الإدارية الجديدة stands out significantly. Situated in the busy Downtown district, Lafayette New Capital Mall is poised to become a magnet for countless visitors, thanks to its array of impressive entertainment options.

Acquiring a space in Mall Lafayette New Capital represents an exceptional investment opportunity for those aiming for prosperous ventures in the New Capital. In the following discussion, we will delve into the varied aspects of Lafayette Mall, exploring the prices, and highlighting the key benefits and potential drawbacks associated with the mall.


Project SiteLafayette Mall Downtown Location

Lafayette Mall boasts a strategic position in the New Capital’s most prestigious districts, prominently placed at the core of Downtown overlooking the tourist walkway and facing Almasa Hotel. Mall Lafayette New Capital’s area, renowned for shopping and recreation, draws visitors extensively, thanks to its array of delightful leisure activities.

Adjacent to the project Landmarks Near Lafayette New Capital

Lafayette Mall Hometown Location
Lafayette Mall Hometown Location
  • Lafayette Mall New Capital is a short 5-minute journey from the Central Monorail Station.
  • Located under 10 minutes away from the Government District, Lafayette Mall benefits from high visibility and accessibility.
  • Just a 3-minute distance separates Lafayette Mall Hometown from the Opera House.
  • Proximity to the Green River enhances Lafayette New Capital Mall location.
  • The new museum is approximately a 10-minute drive from Mall Lafayette New Capital.
  • Lafayette Mall Downtown is close to prominent Downtown malls like Central 33 Mall and V Business Tower Mall.

Project Design Design of Mall Lafayette New Capital

Design of Mall Lafayette New Capital
Design of Mall Lafayette New Capital

Comprising of 4 buildings, interconnected through various entrances and equipped with internal transportation systems, Mall Lafayette New Capital developers have meticulously crafted a distinctive and contemporary design, enhancing the Downtown area’s aesthetic appeal. The owner company aims to make Lafayette New Capital Mall a key destination for diverse entertainment activities, drawing the attention of investors.

In a pioneering move within the New Capital, Lafayette Mall is exclusively dedicated to commercial spaces, uniquely distinguishing it by not incorporating any administrative or medical offices. Lafayette Mall structure encompasses a ground level and 5 additional floors, each floor featuring:

  • The base level of Lafayette Mall Hometown presents an ice-skating facility, a bowling alley, and an elegant dancing water feature.
  • The 1st level provides access to both the ice skating and bowling amenities.
  • On the 2nd level, there’s the Magic Planet area designed for children’s entertainment.
  • The 3rd and 4th levels are designed as a food court area, catering to a variety of dining and cafe options.
  • The 5th, is dedicated to a kid’s zone, a state-of-the-art 9D cinema experience, and shops reminiscent of the traditional Khan El Khalili bazaar.

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Project Spaces Spaces of Units in Lafayette Mall New Capital

The expansive Lafayette Mall project covers 25,000 m2, a size well-suited to accommodate the mall’s daily visitor traffic. Commercial spaces and retail outlets within Lafayette Mall Hometown vary in size, starting from a modest 39.5 m2 up to a more spacious 150 m2.

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Project Prices Lafayette Mall Downtown Prices 2024

Lafayette New Capital Roof
Lafayette New Capital Roof

The appealing pricing of storefronts in Lafayette Mall Project New Capital is one of its key draws. Located in one of the most bustling zones of the New Capital, Lafayette Mall offers units for sale at exceptionally competitive prices per meter of units.

The affordability of Lafayette Mall prices allows investors to buy units with the option of either outright cash payments or flexible installment plans. The starting price for units and retail spaces in Lafayette Mall Downtown is set at 9,900,000 EGP.

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Project Installment Installment Plans in Lafayette Mall New Capital

Dancing Fountain of Lafayette New Capital Mall
Dancing Fountain of Lafayette New Capital Mall

To acquire a shop in Lafayette Mall, several financing options are available. These options include a minimal 5% down payment, followed by 10 years of uneven, interest-free installments. Alternatively, a 10% initial payment can be made, with the balance spread over up to 10 years in uneven installments, which includes a 5% discount.

For a larger down payment of 20%, the remainder can be paid over 10 years in unequal installments, earning a 10% discount. Lafayette Mall Hometown also provides an option for clients to make a nominal reservation down payment of just 20,000 EGP.

In Lafayette Mall, the developer provides the shop units in a basic state, essentially raw brick, but includes air conditioning systems, enabling purchasers to select and apply their desired final finishing. The company has also announced that the planned completion and handover of all Mall Lafayette units is set for the year 2023.

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Shopping Mall Lafayette Village New Capital

Lafayette New Capital Roof
Lafayette New Capital Roof

Home Town developed Lafayette Village Mall New Capital, a first-of-its-kind lifestyle community in downtown. The village will offer residents a range of exclusive on-site amenities focused on wellness, leisure and entertainment, all under one roof in modern comfort with a strong sense of community as follows:

  • Lafayette Village offers water transport via canals between buildings, allowing travel by boat.
  • A central fountain adds vibrant visuals to the community.
  • Lafayette Village Mall New Capital hosts the first outdoor Roman theatre with a huge floating screen.
  • Family fun zones include an entertainment district and playground.
  • An artificial lake features floating restaurants for dining on the water.
  • The expansive lake provides scenic views and relaxation for residents.

Lafayette Village Mall New Capital Prices

  • Property prices at Lafayette Village Mall New Capital vary by floor level.
  • Ground floor units start at approximately 220,000 EGP per meter.
  • 1st-floor units range from 160,000 to 170,000 EGP per meter.
  • Prices for 2nd floor properties are between 140,000 to 160,000 EGP per meter.
  • 3rd floor Lafayette Village units range from 120,000 to 140,000 EGP per meter.
  • 4th floor apartments at Lafayette Village Mall sell for 110,000 to 120,000 EGP per meter.
  • 5th floor properties at L
  • Lafayette Village command prices of 130,000 to 150,000 EGP per
  • The pricing reflects the premium location and amenities on offer at each level, providing residents a range of ownership options to suit varying budgets.

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Project Facilities Services and Amenities of Lafayette Mall New Capital

A Panoramic View of Lafayette Mall
A Panoramic View of Lafayette Mall

Lafayette Mall’s units and retail spaces are complemented by a wide array of amenities and services, underscoring the importance of this development. Since it offers visitors a diverse selection of restaurants, entertainment areas, and service establishments within its corridors and open areas. Some of Lafayette Mall outstanding services are:

  • Lafayette Mall features an impressive dancing fountain at its front.
  • The mall hosts the largest AMF bowling center, ensuring the ultimate enjoyment of visitors.
  • Boasts a dedicated Aqua Park for water-based games for spending fun times with your family and friends.
  • Contains a vast food court on an entire floor, showcasing renowned global dining options with a panoramic view of Almasa Hotel.
  • Includes a grand artificial lake with a sandy beach for enhanced visitor enjoyment.
  • Offers a Kids Area specifically designed for children’s fun and entertainment.
  • Provides an ice-skating area where visitors can also take memorable photos with penguins.
  • Dedicates a whole floor exclusively to cinema exhibition halls, so that visitors can enjoy watching movies in Lafayette Mall New Capital.
  • Houses Khan El Khalili market on the 5th floor for shopping and gifts.
  • Features areas for popular youth activities like Magic Planet and Var.
  • Boasts a spacious 60 m wide internal promenade with 4 access points.
  • Equipped with multiple main entrances for easy access.
  • Ensures safety with a round-the-clock security and surveillance system.

Project Advantages Features of Lafayette Mall New Capital

Located in the downtown district of the new capital city, Lafayette Mall offers valuable residential and commercial investment opportunities with easy access to local amenities. Mall Lafayette New Capital features reasonably priced units with up to 10-year interest-free installment plans, making property ownership more accessible.

Drawbacks of Lafayette New Capital Mall

Although there’s an observation regarding the lack of administrative or medical facilities in Lafayette Mall, the mall’s focus on exclusively commercial spaces opens up broader prospects for varied and specialized offerings drawing larger clients and bolstering the potential for the businesses and ventures housed within Mall Lafayette New Capital to thrive and stand out.

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Home Town Developments, known for its extensive experience in creating successful communities, is the force behind Lafayette Mall New Capital project. As a veteran developer, Home Town Developments has a reputation for high-quality, innovative projects, while also leveraging its proven development skills and innovative designs to construct this premier development in a prime downtown location.

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