Project ONYX Tower New Capital

ONYX Tower New Capital
ONYX Tower New Capital

ONYX Tower New Capital مول اونيكس تاور العاصمة الإدارية الجديدة was launched by Doja Developments, a pioneering commercial, administrative, and medical project at the eastern gateway of Downtown. Offering competitive prices and flexible payment plans, ONYX Tower stands as a prime investment in one of the largest projects of New Capital, with easy reservations ensuring a substantial real estate venture.


Project Site Location of ONYX Mall New Capital

ONYX Mall New Capital, situated in a strategic location in New Capital, occupies a prominent corner with 3 main facades. It boasts a stunning view of Green River, ideally positioned on the main street at the eastern entrance of Downtown, enhanced by the convenience of Monorail passing by.

Adjacent to the project Nearby Places to ONYX New Capital Tower

  • ONYX Tower New Capital is separated from Mosque of Egypt by 120 m wide
  • New Capital Airport is approximately 30 minutes’ drive from ONYX Mall New Capital.
  • ONYX New Capital Tower is located adjacent to Petroleum Sector area and the famous Al-Shaab Square.
  • Monorail station is about 20 minutes’ walk from Onyx Tower Mall New Capital.
  • Mall ONYX Tower New Capital is situated near Souq Al-Dahab, a major commercial hub in New Capital.
  • It is just a few meters away from key landmarks like Government District, Prime Minister’s Office, ministries, and parliament.
  • ONYX New Capital Mall is also in proximity to significant New Capital projects like G3 Mall New Capital and Quan Tower New Capital.

Project Design Design of Onyx Tower Mall New Capital

Map of ONYX Mall New Capital
Map of ONYX Mall New Capital

ONYX Tower’s modern design marks it as a prime investment destination for young entrepreneurs in New Capital. It offers a diverse range of administrative offices, medical clinics, and retail shops. It comprises a ground floor and 10 main floors, with retail units from the ground floor to 2nd floor, and administrative and medical units available from 3rd to 10th floor.

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Project Area Area of Mall ONYX Tower New Capital

ONYX Mall New Capital spans a vast land area, yet only 30% of it is constructed, maximizing space for numerous units. The sizes of the shops, administrative, and medical units start from 26 m². The developer offers a variety of spaces to meet diverse investor needs.

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Project Prices Prices of Mall ONYX New Capital 2024

Units of ONYX New Capital Tower
Units of ONYX New Capital Tower

The prices of units in Onyx Mall vary according to size and location. It is worth noting that Doja Development Company has launched this mall in the New Administrative Capital with competitive selling prices. Here are examples of prices for some units in Onyx Tower in the New Administrative Capital:

  • The starting price for a restaurant on the second floor in Onyx Tower, with an area of 26 , is from 4,871,958 EGP.
  • Meanwhile, the starting price for a shop on the second floor, with an area of 30 in the Doja project, is from 4,142,156 EGP.
  • The starting price for a clinic on the fourth floor, with an area of 100 , is from 4,581,000 EGP.

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Project Installment Payment Methods and Installment Plans of ONYX New Capital Mall

Shops in Onyx Tower Mall New Capital
Shops in Onyx Tower Mall New Capital

ONYX Mall New Capital presents a selection of units complemented by highly flexible payment and financing solutions. The company has tailored these systems to cater to a diverse spectrum of investors, ensuring accessibility and convenience. The array of available options, designed to suit different financial preferences, are detailed below:

  • 10% down payment, followed by equal installments over 6 years.
  • 15% upfront, with the balance spread equally over 7 years.
  • 20% reservation fee, then equal installments over 6 years, starting 2 years post-contract.
  • 20% down payment, with the remainder paid over 10 years in equal installments.
  • 30% initial payment, balance over 6 years in equal installments, starting 2 years after signing.
  • 40% down payment, the rest over 7 years, with the 1st installment due 3 years post-contract.

ONYX Tower Units’ Finishing Scheme 

In ONYX Mall New Capital, Doja Developments delivers its commercial units and shops with basic red brick finishing. In contrast, the medical and administrative units, pharmacies, and clinics are provided with full finishing and air conditioning. The units are set for delivery in 2023, ensuring the highest efficiency and quality in completion.

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Project Video Video of ONYX Tower New Capital

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Project Facilities Facilities and Services of ONYX Mall New Capital

Units in Onyx Tower Mall New Capital, are enriched with an extensive array of services and features, meticulously curated by the developer. These offerings stand out for their variety and quality, emphasizing the developer’s commitment to excellence. Highlighted key features include:

  • Escalators for effortless movement between ONYX Mall New Capital’s floors.
  • Solar power backup to run all devices is featured within ONYX New Capital Tower during power outages.
  • Onyx Tower Mall New Capital provides a dedicated elevator for people with disabilities.
  • Numerous landscaped gardens and leisure areas within Mall ONYX Tower New Capital.
  • 24/7 security and surveillance, with the entire Mall ONYX New Capital monitored by cameras.
  • Free Wi-Fi is also available throughout Onyx Tower Mall New Capital.
  • Mall ONYX Tower New Capital features multiple electronic gates for hassle-free entry and exit.
  • A designated children’s area or ‘Kids Zone’ in Mall ONYX New Capital.
  • Various entertainment and sports activities, including a well-equipped gym, sauna, and jacuzzi.

Project Advantages Privileges of ONYX New Capital Tower

Mall ONYX Tower New Capital
Mall ONYX Tower New Capital

ONYX Mall New Capital offers units for sale that stand out with unique features. Skillfully crafted by a team of expert engineers and workers, these units represent a lucrative real estate investment in Egypt with notable profit margins. Key highlights are solar-powered device management for reducing utility expenses and higher ROI, alongside the strategic positioning in New Capital.

Drawbacks of Onyx Tower Mall New Capital

Each project is distinct in its merits and perceived limitations, subject to individual perspectives. A feature deemed a drawback by one may be inconsequential to another. While some view ONYX Tower Doja’s New Capital location as distant from Cairo, the development of new roads and transport networks has significantly bridged this gap, enhancing accessibility to and from Cairo.

Project's Brochure Brochure of Mall ONYX Tower New Capital

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Company Previous Work About Doja Developments

Doja Developments, the proprietor of ONYX Tower New Capital, is a renowned entity in the real estate sector. Since its inception in 2011, Doja has emerged as a leading developer in Egypt, marked by its significant previous projects. Additionally, the company has a strong presence in the field of engineering software technology, further solidifying its diverse expertise.

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