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Obex Mall Business Hub New Capital
Obex Mall Business Hub New Capital

Obex Mall New Capital مول اوبيكس بيزنس هب العاصمة الإدارية الجديدة, developed by Jadeer Group, offers your company a distinguished presence. With features that create a comprehensive environment fostering innovation and excellence, it’s situated in a promising and dynamic location. The modern design, diverse spaces, competitive prices, and convenient installment plans make Obex Mall Business Hub a unique investment opportunity.


Project Site Location of Mall Obex New Capital

Speed is a key to success in the business world. To swiftly accomplish your goals, it’s vital to have your company’s headquarters in a prime location like Obex Mall New Capital, surrounded by major government institutions and banks. This accelerates your agenda efficiently. That’s why Jadeer Group specifically chose plot CS12 in Financial District, strategically situated right on Central Axis.

Map of Obex Mall New Capital
Map of Obex Mall New Capital

Adjacent to the project  Nearby Places to Obex New Capital Mall

  • Mall Obex Business Hub New Capital is just a few minutes away from Central Bank and Banking Complex.
  • A short distance separates Obex Mall New Capital from Monorail Station and Bus Rapid Transit Station in New Capital.
  • Presidential Palace is conveniently located near Mall Obex New Capital.
  • Stock Exchange Headquarters and Egyptian Post Authority in New Capital are very close to Obex New Capital Mall.
  • Obex Business Hub Mall New Capital is neighboring the projects of The Central Mall New Capital and Mall Centoo Business New Capital.

Project Design Design of Obex Business Hub Mall New Capital

Areas of Mall Obex New Capital
Areas of Mall Obex New Capital

To ensure a sophisticated and prestigious design for Obex Mall New Capital, befitting its investors from global corporations to burgeoning startups seeking a growth-enhancing facade, Jadeer Group entrusted the design of Obex Business Hub New Capital Mall to MIMAR Architects, renowned for crafting some of the most significant projects in New Capital.

Mall Obex Hub New Capital boasts a dazzling design tailored for the discerning. Through it, Jadeer Group addresses business professionals seeking luxury by offering exclusive administrative offices, providing an ideal work environment away from the hustle of other projects. Obex Mall Jadeer Group comprises a ground floor plus 7 upper floors with glass facades, offering stunning views of lush greenery.

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Project Area Area of Obex Mall New Capital

The total area of Mall Obex New Capital spans approximately 2,675 m2, with a significant portion dedicated to the surrounding plaza. The office spaces in Obex Mall Jadeer Group start from 41 m2, an ideal size for beginnings amidst a building housing numerous major companies, lending strength and confidence to your venture in Obex Mall.

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Project Prices Prices of Mall Obex New Capital 2024 

Offices of Obex New Capital Mall
Offices of Obex New Capital Mall

Through Obex Mall New Capital, Jadeer aims to offer an ideal work environment to support small investors in achieving success and becoming an integral part of major global corporations. Offering office space in the Financial District of New Capital with a competitive price per meter, Mall Obex New Capital provides a unique opportunity for growth.

For detailed pricing information of Obex Business Hub New Capital Mall, refer to the following points:

  • An office of 53 m2 is offered at 5,700,000 EGP in Obex Mall New Capital.
  • You can buy an office in Obex Mall, covering 41 m2, for 5,509,350 EGP.
  • Jadeer Group has announced a discount of 5% on units of Obex Mall.

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Project Installment Payment Methods and Installment Plans of Obex New Capital Mall

Jadeer Group introduces its Obex Mall New Capital with a flexible installment plan catering to a wide range of clients. Starting with a minimal down payment for purchasing an office in Financial District from as low as 10%, the plan in Obex Mall extends up to 7 years of installments.

For more insight into the booking systems of Obex Mall Financial District, continue to the following section:

  • 10% down payment with an installment period of up to 7 years.
  • 15% down payment with an installment period of up to 6 years + 5% discount.
  • Units will be delivered fully finished in Obex Mall New Capital in 2025.

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فيديو المشروع Video of Obex Mall Business Hub New Capital

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Project Facilities Facilities and Services of Obex Business Hub Mall New Capital

Obex Business Hub Mall New Capital
Obex Business Hub Mall New Capital

Jadeer Group promises to provide business investors in Mall Obex Business Hub New Capital with a work environment that ensures their success. This commitment includes offering the latest technologies that facilitate the swift and efficient completion of office and administrative tasks in Obex Mall, allowing more time for innovation and the generation of fresh ideas across various company sectors.

To achieve these goals, Jadeer Group has entrusted the management and operation of Obex Mall Business Hub to REAM & CBRE, a company with a strong track record. Having assisted numerous commercial and administrative projects to thrive and prosper, they bring invaluable expertise. For an overview of the key services at Mall Obex Jadeer Group, see the following section:

  • High-speed internet in Obex Business Hub New Capital Mall, ensures precision in your work.
  • Obex Mall Jadeer Group offers top-tier security services, including guards and surveillance cameras.
  • A garage is included in Mall Obex Hub New Capital for the convenience of employees and visitors.
  • Units in Obex Hub Jadeer New Capital boast panoramic views of major streets.
  • Obex Hub Financial District features meeting rooms and a conference hall for the easy servicing of administrative units.
  • To prevent crowding and facilitate movement in Obex New Capital Mall, there are multiple elevators with smart gates and a reception desk.
  • A gym and spa are available inside Obex Business Hub Jadeer Group for wellness and relaxation.
  • For complete services, there is a mosque within Obex Business Hub Mall New Capital.
  • Maintenance and cleaning services operate 24/7 in Mall Obex New Capital.
  • For a unique and enjoyable shopping experience, ATMs are available in Obex New Capital Jadeer.

Project Advantages Privileges of Obex Mall New Capital

Investing in Mall Obex New Capital offers numerous advantages, notably its strategic location highly valued by business professionals. The attractive pricing of Obex Mall presents a lucrative deal for astute investors. Additionally, the diversity of spaces, comfortable installment plans, and elegant design all contribute to the appeal of Mall Obex Jadeer Group.

Drawbacks of Obex New Capital Mall 

Mall Obex Jadeer Group addresses most concerns that some might raise. Being dedicated to administrative units, it avoids overcrowding and noise disturbances. Its delivery timeline is one of the shortest in New Capital, within 2 years. While some may find New Capital distant from central Cairo, modern road networks have greatly eased access, making Obex Mall virtually free from flaws.

Project's Brochure Brochure of Obex Business Hub Mall New Capital

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Company Previous Work About Jadeer Group

Since its inception in 2006, Jadeer Group has been expanding its footprint in the contracting sector. Jadeer has successfully executed 35 projects in Fifth Settlement and 5 projects in Sheikh Zayed, all receiving commendation and trust from clients. The group also owns several specialized companies, including Grow, focused on construction and building, and Pantera, concentrating on interior finishes and designs.

Previous Projects of Jadeer Group:

  • Code Mall New Capital
  • Execution of 35 projects in Fifth Settlement
  • Execution of 5 projects in Sheikh Zayed

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