Project Evolve Tower New Capital

Mall Evolve Tower New Capital
Mall Evolve Tower New Capital

Mall Evolve Tower New Capital مول ايفولف تاور العاصمة الإدارية الجديدة is the latest project, launched in Downtown by NTG Development, where multiple types of units are provided to encourage local and international investment. In addition, flexible payment systems & distinctive services are offered, and Evolve New Capital prices are highly competitive.


Project Site The Location of Mall Evolve New Capital

NTG Development has chosen a privileged location for Evolve Mall New Capital on two corners & a main street. Moreover, the front façade is 90 m wide, overlooking a main street, while the side façade overlooks a street with a width of 70 m. Furthermore, Evolve Tower lies on the tourist walkway, which is up to 35 m wide.

More importantly, the mall is located near the largest park in the Central Business District CBD, specifically close to R2 and R3 areas which are densely populated. Evolve Tower New Capital has 8 facades, and each of the two towers features 4 facades.

Map of Evolve Tower New Capital
Map of Evolve Tower New Capital

Adjacent to the project Places Close to NTG Project

  • There are residential areas near Mall Evolve New Capital from the south and north sides.
  • Evolve Tower is proximate to the Green River from the east and west.
  • Only 5 minutes separate Al Masa Hotel from Evolve Mall New Capital.
  • Evolve NTG project has a direct view of the Iconic Tower.
  • Projects such as Infinity Tower and Diwan Mall are close to Evolve Tower New Capital.
  • Reaching Evolve New Capital Mall takes a few minutes from the Government District.
  • The Monorail station is only 2 minutes away from Evolve Tower units.

Project Design Design of Evolve Mall

Design of Evolve Tower
Design of Evolve Tower

NTG Developments has made sure that Mall Evolve New Capital has a fascinating design, echoing its activities, which include administrative, commercial, and medical units. Additionally, the project consists of a ground floor & 13 upper floors and is divided into 2 towers from the 3rd to the 10th floor. Evolve Tower units are divided as follows:

  • The commercial units occupy from the ground floor to the 2nd floor.
  • The 4th floor features medical units.
  • From the 5th floor to the 13th floor, there are administrative units.

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Project Area Area of Evolve New Capital Mall

The total area of Evolve Tower NTG is 3,500 m2, and 30% of the area is allocated to construction, giving larger space to green areas which provide wonderful views for units of Evolve New Capital Mall. Moreover, NTG Developments has professionally exploited the area of the mall to provide diverse spaces, starting from 30 m2, of Evolve Tower units.

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Project Prices Evolve Tower New Capital Prices 2024

Evolve Mall New Capital Units
Evolve Mall New Capital Units

New Town Group presents exceptional prices plan to attract the largest number of investors from all over the world to buy a unit for sale in Evolve Mall New Capital. The total prices of units for sale start from 2,600,000 EGP, and here are the prices per meter of Evolve Tower units after the launch discount:

  • The price per meter of commercial units start from 139,000 EGP.
  • Medical units will be offered at a price per meter of 29,000 EGP.
  • The price per meter of administrative units in Evolve Mall New Capital start at 68,000 EGP.

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Project Installment Installment system in Mall Evolve Tower New Capital

Comfortable payment and installment systems are provided for purchasing units of Mall Evolve New Capital to encourage investors to start their success journey from the New Capital. NTG Development offers multiple values of Evolve down payment to allow investors to choose the affordable percentage, depending on their budget. Check the following points to know Evolve installments systems in detail:

  • 10% down payment and the rest is paid in equal installments over 6 years.
  • 20% down payment and the rest is paid over 7 years in equal installments.
  • 30% down payment and equal installments of the rest over 9 years.

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Project Video Evolve Mall New Capital Video

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Project Facilities Facilities and Services of Evolve Tower NTG

By providing a wide range of services and facilities which will allow investors to work in a comfortable environment, NTG Developments manages to make Evolve New Capital Mall an integrated project. The following points introduce the available services and amenities of Evolve Tower NTG:

  • All the needed medical services are provided in the mall.
  • Evolve Tower New Capital contains several generators for power outage cases.
  • Security guards and surveillance cameras operate 24 hours in Mall Evolve New Capital.
  • There are several elevators with a panoramic view and escalators for easy movement between the floors.
  • Evolve Mall New Capital contains ATMs which facilitate financial transactions.
  • Various famous cafes and restaurants, serving exceptional plates, are included in NTG project.
  • There are several meeting rooms, equipped with the latest modern technology, and other halls for hosting VIP guests.
  • Evolve Tower units feature a central air conditioning system and high-speed internet.
  • A kids’ area, where children can have fun and play safely, is included in Evolve New Capital Mall.
  • In case of a fire emergency, an automatic extinguishing system will operate at the mall.
  • Maintenance and cleaning services are provided regularly in Evolve Tower NTG.

Project Advantages Features of Mall Evolve

Panoramic View of Mall Evolve New Capital
Panoramic View of Mall Evolve New Capital

Evolve Tower New Capital has all the factors of success, including its ideal location in Downtown, a magnificent design of 2 towers and diverse services & facilities. In addition, the price plan of Mall Evolve New Capital is convenient for most investors, and flexible installment systems, with a period exceeding 10 years, are provided.

Disadvantages of Evolve New Capital

Although Evolve Tower New Capital has various features, some may consider the provision of a limited number of medical units on the 4th floor only as a disadvantage; however, NTG Developments has been keen to provide the greatest opportunity for all administrative activities of large and small companies.

Project's Brochure Brochure of Evolve Tower New Capital

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Company Previous Work About NTG Development

New Town Group (NTG) is a leading company in the field of real estate development with experience, extending over more than 30 years. It has established various successful projects, and the value of its financial investments is about 12 BN EGP. Furthermore, it has sought the assistance of the following consulting companies for implementing Evolve Tower:

  • ACE Project Management Moharram Bakhoum for engineering consultancy
  • Archrete for architectural consulting
  • ETQAN BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT for financial marketing
  • KAD, specialized in the field of management

Former Projects by NTG Development

NTG Developments has succeeded in executing hundreds of distinguished projects in Cairo and abroad, satisfying a diversity of clients. In addition, its businesses have helped in developing 1 MLN m2 of land, and here are some of its major projects:

  • 18 projects in the 5th Settlement (Lotus – Banafseg – Andalus)
  • 15 towers in Heliopolis
  • 58 projects in Hadayek Al Ahram and 6th of October
  • 18 projects in Al Obour

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