Villa Compound LVLS North Coast

Village LVLS North Coast
Village LVLS North Coast

Mountain View has announced the launch of its new project, LVLS North Coast قرية لفلز الساحل الشمالي, where luxury and tranquility are the dominant factors. The village features luxurious units with remarkable designs and offers a wide range of services. More importantly, the prices of LVLS Mountain View North Coast are extremely reasonable, compared to the incredible features provided.


Project Site Location of LVLS Mountain View

Mountain View has chosen a strategic location for LVLS North Coast at kilometer 179, a prime spot just minutes away from the finest projects on the coast. LVLS Ras El Hikma can be easily accessed via multiple routes and highways and is located only 3 hours from Cairo.

Map of LVLS North Coast
Map of LVLS North Coast

Adjacent to the project Landmarks Near LVLS Ras El Hikma

  • Village LVLS North Coast is 30 minutes away from El Alamein International Airport.
  • It takes 20 minutes to reach Crystal Bay from LVLS Sidi Abdel Rahman.
  • Levels Mountain View North Coast is within a short distance from El Dabaa Road.
  • The distance between Sidi Abdel Rahman and LVLS North Coast Village takes 40 minutes.
  • LVLS Ras El Hikma is less than 2 hours away from Alexandria.
  • Only 3 hours separate Cairo from MV North Coast.
  • LVLS North Coast is also proximate to Soul North Coast and Solare North Coast.

Project Design Design of Village LVLS North Coast

Chalets in LVLS North Coast Village
Chalets in LVLS North Coast Village

LVLS North Coast can be easily distinguished, like most of Mountain View’s projects, whether coastal resorts or residential projects. Its hallmark is the white facades with elegant touches of blue, combined with green spaces. In LVLS Mountain View North Coast, these designs are given a contemporary twist, making each unit for sale a modern architectural masterpiece.

Moreover, the design of LVLS North Coast Village is terraced, rising up to 40 m above sea level. Each terrace reaches a height of 9 m, ensuring 100% of LVLS Ras El Hikma units have views of either the sea or the lagoon. The lagoons within the village cover an area of up to 6 acres.

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Project Area Area of LVLS Sidi Abdel Rahman

LVLS North Coast Villas
LVLS North Coast Villas

The total area of MV North Coast project is 200 acres, with a beach stretching up to 600 m2. To offer everyone an opportunity to buy a unit in LVLS Mountain View Ras El Hikma, MV provides a variety of units for sale, including chalets, townhouses, twin houses, and villas, separately positioned to ensure privacy.

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Project Prices Spaces and Prices of LVLS North Coast 2024

Townhouses in LVLS Mountain View North Coast
Townhouses in LVLS Mountain View North Coast

MV ensures that if a client opts to rent or resell a unit, he will likely get a higher price, and thus the decision to buy in LVLS North Coast Village is considered a winning investment. Additionally, Mountain View promises ultimate luxury & elegance and assures the affordability of total prices, based on a convenient price per meter of units.

Details of Prices and Spaces of Units in LVLS Mountain View

  • The spaces of chalets starting from 90 m2 in LVLS North Coast.
  • The chalets in Village LVLS North Coast come with a roof or garden and range between 140 and 150 m2.
  • Townhouses with an area of 180 m2 (3 bedrooms).
  • Twin houses in LVLS Mountain View North Coast with an area of 180 m2.
  • Villas for sale with spaces starting from 300 m2 in MV North Coast.
  • The unit prices in LVLS North Coast start from 85,729,638 EGP.

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Project Installment Installment Systems for LVLS Ras El Hikma

Mountain View offers flexible installment systems to encourage many clients to buy units for sale in Village LVLS North Coast. Clients can book units with a down payment starting from 10%, followed by 5% after 6 months, and the remaining amount can be paid in installments over 8 years. Moreover, all units of LVLS North Coast are delivered fully finished.

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Project Video Video of Village LVLS North Coast

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Project Facilities Services and Facilities of Village LVLS North Coast

Twin House in LVLS Village
Twin House in LVLS Village

In LVLS Sidi Abdel Rahman, Mountain View has integrated its latest advancements in service and luxury amenities, making the village an ideal destination for those seeking opulence and elegance. To know some of the prime services offered in Village LVLS North Coast, check the following highlights:

  • LVLS Mountain View North Coast boasts multiple swimming pools of varying sizes, ensuring complete relaxation and leisure for its residents.
  • An elegant hotel with world-class services is included in the village for entertaining residents.
  • For an enjoyable beach experience at LVLS North Coast Village, there are food trucks and outdoor sports facilities.
  • Medical facilities of the highest standards are also available in LVLS Mountain View North Coast.
  • LVLS Ras El Hikma features a shopping mall and a supermarket, providing residents with easy access to everything they may need.
  • An exclusive clubhouse is certainly one of the notable features of Village LVLS North Coast.
  • For added relaxation, there’s a dedicated yoga area in MV project.
  • Sports enthusiasts can take advantage of the gym within the village.
  • Additionally, LVLS North Coast offers a health club, featuring a spa and jacuzzi.
  • For those looking to work remotely, there’s a workspace equipped with high-speed internet in LVLS Sidi Abdel Rahman.
  • Village LVLS North Coast provides jogging and cycling tracks, catering to fitness enthusiast.
  • For enhanced security, surveillance cameras are installed throughout LVLS North Coast.
  • To ensure peace and order in Levels Mountain View North Coast, 24-hour security personnel are present.
  • Maintenance and cleaning crews work throughout the week to preserve the aesthetic appeal of LVLS North Coast Village.
  • In case of emergencies, the village is equipped with modern fire-fighting systems and backup power generators.

Project Advantages Features of LVLS Mountain View

View of Villas in LVLS Ras El Hikma
View of Villas in LVLS Ras El Hikma

Mountain View Developments presents a variety of outstanding features in Village LVLS North Coast holds, starting from the exceptional location to the diversity of spaces and marvelous design. Additionally, LVLS Ras El Hikma offers competitive prices and convenient booking systems, making buying units even more attractive.

Drawbacks of LVLS North Coast Village

Despite the numerous advantages of Village LVLS North Coast, some may consider the North Coast to be somewhat remote from Cairo and challenging to access. However, with the new infrastructure and road networks developed by the state, reaching LVLS North Coast has become exceedingly convenient, especially with the inauguration of New Alamein Airport, which is only half an hour away.

Company Previous WorkAbout Mountain View

Village LVLS North Coast is the latest venture by Mountain View, classified as one of the foremost Egyptian real estate companies since its inception in 2005. This stature is attributed to its advanced projects and investments amounting to 67 bn EGP, led by Engineer Amr Ismail.

In addition, Mountain View Developments has utilized the latest international designs in its projects, emphasizing leisure, comfort, and security for the satisfaction of buyers. Consequently, its projects have been the talk of the town in both Cairo and coastal cities.

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