Villa Compound Village Bianchi North Coast

Village Bianchi North Coast
Village Bianchi North Coast

Without needing to fly, Village Bianchi North Coast قرية بيانكي الساحل الشمالي will transport you to a world beyond imagination, like a simulation of a charming Greek city, with its wonderful designs and excellent location on Sidi Abdelrahman Bay, close to important axes and roads. Developer X Developments offers Village Bianchi prices competitively, in a way that won’t be repeated.


Project Site Where is Bianchi Village Located?

The North Coast is still at the top of Egypt’s summer resorts, so Developer X Developments has reserved a place on its most beautiful beaches in Sidi Abdelrahman Bay, known for its splendid waters and charming sandy beaches. Bianchi Village North Coast is located on kilometer 134, near axes and main roads, making Village Bianchi North Coast easy to reach.

Map of Bianchi North Coast
Map of Bianchi North Coast

Adjacent to the project Places Near Village Bianchi Project

  • New Alamein is 25 minutes away from Bianchi North Coast Village.
  • Wadi El Natroun is only 30 minutes away from Village Bianchi North Coast.
  • The distance between Dabaa Road and Bianchi Village North Coast is 40 minutes.
  • Bianchi project is 155 km from Alexandria and 276 km from Sheikh Zayed via Waslet Dahshur Road.
  • Village Bianchi North Coast is adjacent to Amwaj North Coast and Masaya North Coast.

Project Design Design of Village Bianchi Project

Villa Views in Bianchi Village
Villa Views in Bianchi Village

Bianchi Village North Coast is unique with wonderful Greek designs, making you dissolve in the gorgeous architecture and sparkling sea water. Developer X Developments combines originality and modernity, where the Greek atmosphere is accompanied by “wave technology” in the lakes of Bianchi North Coast, giving you safe waves with controlled intensity and frequency to provide entertainment without risks.

The design of Bianchi North Coast Village is characterized by joy and comfort. It is known that the most important characteristic of Greek architecture is its combination of nature’s colors, blue and white, giving stability and tranquility within the village. All units within the village are connected to swimmable lakes, which gives a sense of joy and refreshment.

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Project Area Area of ​​​​Bianchi Village North Coast

Chalet Rooms in Bianchi North Coast
Chalet Rooms in Bianchi North Coast

Village Bianchi North Coast extends over 483,300 m2, with a construction rate of 15%. The lagoon reaches 11%, with an area of 46,000 m2. Unit areas vary within Bianchi North Coast Village between apartments, chalets, twin houses, townhouses, and villas. All Bianchi Village North Coast buildings consist of a ground floor and 3 upper floors, directly overlooking the lake.

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Project Prices Spaces & Prices in Bianchi North Coast 2024 

Developer X Developments is keen to satisfy all tastes and needs in Bianchi project, so it has offered its units at very competitive prices per meter according to the space of each unit, where spaces in Bianchi Village North Coast start from 95 m2, and Village Bianchi unit prices start from 2,800,000 EGP.

  • Standalone Villa spaces in Bianchi Village North Coast start from 200 up to 400 m2, with prices ranging from 10,000,000 to 15,000,000 EGP.
  • Twin House spaces in Bianchi North Coast start from 180 to 210 m2, with prices ranging from 8,500,000 to 9,500,000 EGP.
  • Townhouse Corner spaces in Bianchi North Coast Village start from 130 to 160 m2, with prices ranging from 7,600,000 to 8,200,000 EGP.
  • Townhouse Middle spaces in Village Bianchi North Coast start from 100 up to 140 m2, with prices ranging from 7,500,000 to 8,000,000 EGP.
  • Chalets (2 Bedrooms) in Bianchi project have spaces starting from 95 m2at 3,800,000 to 4,000,000 EGP for the ground floor, while the first floor starts from 2,800,000 to 3,200,000 EGP.
  • Chalets (3 Bedrooms) in Bianchi Village North Coast start from 125 m2at 4,400,000 to 4,600,000 EGP for the ground floor, while the prices of first-floor chalets start from 3,600,000 to 3,800,000 EGP.

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Project Installment Village Bianchi Installments & Reservation

Developer X Developments has provided multiple payment plans when buying the units for sale in Bianchi Village North Coast, as Village Bianchi down payment starts from 10%, and Bianchi installments extend up to 9 years. In addition, the EOI is 50,000 EGP, and villas and chalets for sale are delivered fully finished with air conditioning. Bianchi Village payment plans are:

  • 10% Down Payment and the rest is paid in equal installments over 8 years.
  • 10% Down Payment, 5% after 3 months, and the rest in equal installments for 9 years.

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فيديو المشروعBianchi North Coast Village Video

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Project Facilities Facilities & Services of Bianchi North Coast Village

Services in Bianchi Village North Coast
Services in Bianchi Village North Coast

In light of the great competition between North Coast villages and their shared sea, weather, and location, distinguished services become the finalizing factor for clients looking for an elegant integrated resort, so Developer X Developments are keen to make Bianchi Village North Coast an integrated urban community, which will contribute to Village Bianchi’s fame later. The most prominent facilities include:

  • Bianchi Village North Coast includes a 5-star international hotel, to serve the resort’s guests.
  • In Village Bianchi North Coast, you will also find a beach bar.
  • To spend quality time with your family, you will find a restaurant complex that caters to all tastes within Bianchi Village North Coast.
  • You can, of course, spend happy evenings full of fun at the clubhouse in Bianchi North Coast.
  • For a sense of comfort and relaxation in Bianchi project, it was provided with a social club that includes a gym, sauna, and jacuzzi.
  • For lovers of different sports, there are walking and cycling paths on the sea in Village Bianchi North Coast.
  • Your children will also enjoy the most beautiful times in Bianchi Village North Coast inside the Kids’ Area.
  • There are landscapes, lakes, and swimming pools of various shapes and depths, to enjoy a wonderful vacation in Village Bianchi North Coast.
  • Bianchi project provides security and guard services, trained at the highest level to achieve security and safety.

Project Advantages Advantages of Village Bianchi North Coast

Artificial Lakes in Village Bianchi
Artificial Lakes in Village Bianchi

Bianchi Village’s advantages make it one of the best options for those wishing to buy villas or chalets for sale in Sidi Abdelrahman Bay, known for its beauty and vitality. Designs in Village Bianchi are charming, making you feel like you’re in the heart of Greece, with prices and payment plans that make it a golden real estate investment opportunity.

Disadvantages of Bianchi Village North Coast

Despite the high demand on the North Coast, some still find it far from Cairo and difficult to reach, but in light of the state’s interest in the road network, especially to the North Coast, it does not take much time. Bianchi Village North Coast is located on one of the most beautiful beaches, next to important roads and axes.

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Company Previous Work About Developer X Developments

Developer X Developments is one of the most promising companies in the real estate market, especially since launching an important project like Bianchi North Coast, with all the elements of its success and excellence. The company’s board of directors is chaired by Mr. Nagy Erian, and the CEO is Mr. Ahmed Fouad, who has great experience in real estate.

Previous Developer X Projects

  • Compound Ourika Sheikh Zayed 6 October 

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