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Solano Mall New Capital
Solano Mall New Capital

Solano Mall New Capital سولانو مول العاصمة الإدارية الجديدة is one of the latest commercial investments by Capital Link Development, its the 3rd project in New Capital. Nestled in Downtown, it showcases diverse designs and spaces for commercial, medical, and administrative activities, at unparalleled price per meter in New Capital. Let’s delve into the mall’s features, booking systems, and prices. 


Project Site Location of Mall Solano New Capital

Solano Mall New Capital distinguishes itself with its strategic location in the vibrant, upscale Downtown area, prominently situated on 2 main streets. This deliberate positioning elevates the mall, placing it in an area of exceptional significance and unmatched commercial importance.

Map of Mall Solano New Capital
Map of Mall Solano New Capital

Adjacent to the project Nearby Places to Solano New Capital Mall

  • Solano Mall New Capital is situated near Green River and Al Masa Hotel in New Capital.
  • New Capital Airport is just 30 minutes’ drive from Mall Solano New Capital.
  • Solano New Capital Mall is a mere 10 minutes away from Government District.
  • It’s less than 20 minutes by car from Central Axis and Bin Zayed Axis.
  • Mall Solano New Capital is approximately 25 minutes from New Cairo.
  • It is close to several renowned malls in New Capital, such as Central 33 Mall New Capital and Soul Plaza Mall New Capital.

Project Design Design of Solano Mall New Capital

Solano New Capital Mall
Solano New Capital Mall

Mall Solano New Capital boasts a modern design with a glass facade, accommodating various investment activities. It consists of a ground floor plus 8 levels, with commercial units on the ground floor, medical units and clinics on the 1st and 2nd floors, and administrative units and offices from 3rd to 8th floor. 

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Project Area Areas of Units in Mall Solano New Capital

View of Solano Mall New Capital
View of Solano Mall New Capital

Solano Mall is established on a vast area, utilizing only 30% for buildings and units, while the remaining space is dedicated to landscaping, services, and other facilities offered by the mall. The unit sizes in Solano Mall are varied and categorized as follows:

  • Commercial units and shops start at 49  (Ground Floor).
  • Medical units and clinics begin at 56  m² (1st and 2nd Floors).
  • Administrative units and office spaces start from 54 m² (3rd to 8th Floors).

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Project Prices Prices of Solano New Capital Mall 2024 

Facade of Mall Solano New Capital
Facade of Mall Solano New Capital

If you’re seeking units or shops for sale in Solano Mall with installment plans, your first step will undoubtedly be to inquire about the unit prices. Unit prices in Solano Mall are starting from 4,590,000 EGP. Let’s now delve into the detailed reservation values and price per meter of units:

  • For administrative units, price per meter starts at only 85,000  EGP.
  • For clinics and medical units, price per meter begins at just 85,000  EGP.
  • For shops and commercial spaces, price per meter starts from only 108,500 EGP.

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Project Installment Payment Methods and Installment Plans of Solano Mall New Capital

Reservations for units and shops in Solano Mall are available through various schemes, as the developer has provided installment plans to satisfy all its customers. Below, we will outline the payment facilitation and repayment systems offered by Capital Link Development, including the reservation down payment.

  • For offices and administrative units, reservation down payment starts from 20,000 EGP.
  • For commercial units and shops, reservation down payment begins at 50,000 EGP.
  • For clinics and medical units, the reservation down payment starts from 20,000 EGP.

Scheduled Delivery Date for Solano Mall Units

Solano Mall’s finishing specifications are of the highest standard. The shops and commercial units are delivered in red brick, while the administrative, medical units, clinics, and offices come fully finished with air conditioning, electricity, a fire alarm and an extinguishing system. The project’s units are scheduled for delivery in 2024.

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Project Video Video of Mall Solano New Capital

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Project Facilities Services and Facilities of Solano New Capital Mall

Cafes of Solano New Capital Mall
Cafes of Solano New Capital Mall

The units and shops within Solano Mall are enriched by a diverse range of outstanding services and facilities, laying the groundwork for assured success in your investment endeavors. This includes an extensive suite of amenities, ensuring a comprehensive and rewarding experience.

  • Solano Mall New Capital features numerous marble entrances and electronic gates for easy access.
  • Lush green spaces and landscaping provide exceptional views for all mall units.
  • A dedicated garage is featured in Mall Solano New Capital to accommodate a large number of cars.
  • A food court bringing together various international restaurants and cafes.
  • Units are equipped with air conditioning and advanced fire extinguishing systems.
  • Electric and panoramic elevators are included in Solano Mall Capital Link for easy floor-to-floor access.
  • Solar-powered lighting and smart control for lighting and temperature.
  • Solano Mall New Capital comes with a supermarket and a mosque for prayers.
  • A highly trained security and surveillance system are also included in Solano New Capital Mall.
  • Investing in Mall Solano New Capital ensures safety with 24-hour surveillance cameras.
  • A range of emergency power generators and internet service are provided within the mall.
  • Solano Mall Capital Link offers banks, ATM machines, and a pharmacy.

Project Advantages Privileges of Solano Mall New Capital

Units are available for sale whether through installments or cash, boast several features. They’re located in the vibrant Downtown area of New Capital and offer numerous exceptional services and facilities vital for any investment venture. Additionally, purchasing a unit provides the flexibility to choose from various booking and payment systems, making it an attractive option for any savvy investor. 

Drawbacks of Mall Solano New Capital 

Some might perceive a downside of Solano Mall project as the scheduled 2024 delivery of commercial, administrative, or clinic units, which may not suit investors seeking immediate returns. However, the company has offered astounding specifications for the mall, presenting a significant and highly profitable investment opportunity at the most affordable prices in New Capital.

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Company Previous Work About Capital Link Development

Solano Mall New Capital is the 3rd project launched by Capital Link Development; a company established in 2020. Despite its recent inception, it has competently established itself in the construction and real estate investment world. Focusing on client needs, it creates attractive investment opportunities by offering a diverse mix of services and amenities, tailored to investors’ requirements.

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