Project Oia Towers New Capital

Oia Towers New Capital
Oia Towers New Capital

A major advancement in multi-activity projects fields in the city is Oia Towers New Capital أبراج اويا تاورز العاصمة الإدارية الجديدة, which incorporates several purposes into the highest structures in the city. Oia Towers not only stands out for its architectural excellence but also offers flexible installment plans and competitive prices, adding to its appeal to discerning investors.


Project Site Location of Oia Towers Edge Holding

Mall Oia Towers New Capital is an architectural wonder that sits at the core of the Northern Bin Zayed Axis. Constructed by the creative geniuses of Edge Holding, Oia Towers New Capital dominates the skyline and is located in MU19; one of the capital’s busy business districts. Oia New Capital Mall is shining as an example of modernism and elegance.

Location of Oia Towers
Location of Oia Towers

Adjacent to the project Adjacent Landmarks to Oia Towers Edge Holding

  • Oia Mall New Capital is conveniently close to Green River and Central Park, approximately a 10-minute
  • Almasa Hotel stands just a five-minute drive from Mall Oia New Capital.
  • Oia Towers Mall New Capital is a mere two-minute journey away from the iconic tower.
  • The Cathedral and the Government District are only two minutes away from Oia Towers Edge Holding mall.
  • Oia Mall New Capital is also in proximity to key shopping centers of the capital such as Stars Mall New Capital and Cubes Tower New Capital.

Project Design The Architectural Design of Oia Mall New Capital

Panoramic Views of Mall Oia New Capital
Panoramic Views of Mall Oia New Capital

Oia Towers Edge Holding is not just another addition to the skyline; it’s a statement of style and sophistication. Mall Oia New Capital soars to a majestic height of 111 m, hosting 30 levels of unparalleled luxury. Oia Mall New Capital is a tapestry of modernity, with each floor presenting a panoramic view of the city’s most enchanting landscapes with artificial lakes.

Mall Oia Towers New Capital provides magnificent and elegant solutions for all types of needs, from hotel apartments that show elegance to administrative offices that show professionalism, lively commercial areas that bustle with activity, and medical units that offer peaceful places.

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Project Spaces Spaces of Units in Oia New Capital Mall

Spanning 15,000 m2, Oia Mall New Capital houses a diverse array of units across 30 floors. Commercial, administrative, medical, and hotel spaces can be booked through internal divisions starting from 45 m2, catering to buyers of Oia Towers apartments for a range of investment objectives.

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Project Prices Oia Towers New Capital Prices 2024

Design of Oia Towers Edge Holding
Design of Oia Towers Edge Holding

Unit prices in Oia Towers New Capital Mall vary depending on the type of investment activity. You can book your preferred unit in Oia Towers Edge Holding based on your needs. For administrative and medical units for sale, the price per meter of units starts from 138,000 EGP.

While for hotel units, the prices are available starting from 157,000 EGP. For commercial units, the price per meter of units starts from 380,000 EGP. Total prices of units for sale in Oia Towers New Capital start from 7,176,000 EGP.

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Project Installment Flexible Payment Plans in Oia Towers Mall New Capital

The installment plans for units and shops for sale are designed to accommodate every investor’s needs, allowing for the purchase of units within Mall Oia Towers New Capital through convenient installment plans. The first plan starts with paying only a 10% down payment, with equal installments for up to 7 years.

Also, you can book your unit by paying a 20% down payment, and the installments will be divided over 8 years. Booking with a 30% down payment is available in Oia Towers and you can pay the rest over 9 years in installments. The last plan starts with a 40% down payment, followed by the first installment due after delivery.

The expected booking down payment for the commercial units within Oia Towers New Capital starts with an amount of 50,000 EGP, while it’s 20,000 EGP for the administrative and medical units. For hotel apartments in this mall, a booking amount of 50,000 EGP is required.

Oia Towers Edge Holding’s units are delivered with full finishing systems. Clinic and office units are delivered with super-luxury finishing, while commercial units are delivered on red bricks. You can own your unit in Oia Towers New Capital in 2023.

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Project Video Oia Towers New Capital Video

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Project Facilities Services and Amenities at Oia Towers Edge Holding

Features of Mall Oia Towers New Capital
Features of Mall Oia Towers New Capital

Amenities and services are the backbones of any successful real estate development, setting apart one development from its peers. Edge Holding has designed these services, ensuring they encompass every aspect of daily life, thus enhancing the living experience within Oia Towers Downtown:

  • Mall Oia New Capital boasts expansive parking facilities, offering ample space for residents and visitors, ensuring convenience and ease of access.
  • Oia Towers Edge Holding ensures the safety and well-being of its residents and visitors with round-the-clock security and surveillance, bolstered by cutting-edge technology.
  • Oia New Capital Mall offers a visual feast with its vast green spaces and breathtaking views, ensuring a serene and aesthetically pleasing environment.
  • Connectivity and productivity are seamlessly integrated, thanks to high-speed internet services available throughout Mall Oia New Capital Mall, fostering a conducive work atmosphere.
  • Oia New Capital Mall caters to the health and recreational needs of its inhabitants with well-maintained swimming pools for adults and children.
  • The commercial zone within Oia Mall New Capital is a testament to luxury and convenience, featuring a variety of international franchises.
  • Oia Towers Mall New Capital takes pride in its meticulous upkeep, with regular cleaning services ensuring pristine living conditions for all units.
  • Oia Towers is a hub of social and dining experiences, housing a diverse array of international and local restaurants and cafes.
  • Ensuring comfort for families, Oia Towers Edge Holding includes dedicated childcare areas, providing a safe and engaging space for the younger residents.
  • Residents’ health and well-being are paramount, reflected in the availability of pharmacies and comprehensive medical care centers, alongside a well-stocked hypermarket.
  • Oia Towers Project is an oasis of tranquility, fronted by artificial lakes and meticulously landscaped areas, offering a retreat within the city.

Project Advantages Features of Mall Oia Towers New Capital

Whether purchased in cash or installments, units in Oia Towers Project offer several advantages, including a prime location in the Downtown region, a plethora of services and amenities grouped in the most upscale areas of New Capital, and a variety of activities within the project.

The Drawback of Oia New Capital Mall

Scheduled for delivery in 2023, the units in Oia New Capital Mall are currently under preparation. Investors seeking immediate returns might find these units less suitable for their needs. Nevertheless, Edge Holding is dedicated to ensuring the swift completion and delivery of units to meet investor expectations.

Project's Brochure Brochure of Mall Oia Towers New Capital

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