Project Nile Business City New Capital

Nile Business City New Capital
Nile Business City New Capital

Nile Developments, the grand architects of the sky, are all set to unveil their newest masterpiece, the magnificently towering Mall Nile Business City New Capital مول نايل بيزنس سيتي العاصمة الإدارية الجديدة. Crowning the African horizon, this breathtaking giant is the third highest monument of human achievement on Africa, its units presented in unmatchable prices.

The Nile Business City Mall is more than just a tower; it’s a testament to international excellence, a symphony of world-class services, innovative design, and panoramas that would make even the most hard-hearted swoon. its exceptional offering with prices that are as inviting as the view from its topmost floor, adding yet another layer to its irresistible charm.


Project Site Location of Nile Business City Tower

Nile Developments has chosen an exceptional location for its tower, situated on plot MU32. This colossal project features a façade overlooking Bin Zayed Axis and the Green River, just 200 m away. With the broadest view, Nile Developments Mall is impossible to miss for anyone visiting the New Capital, ensuring its prominence.

Map of Nile Business Towers New Capital
Map of Nile Business Towers New Capital

Adjacent to the project Places Near Nile Business City New Capital

  • The mall overlooks the Green River, featuring 21 towers, including 20 identical and 1 distinct tower.
  • A short distance away, the Monorail Station is easily accessible from Nile Business City Mall.
  • Approximately 5 minutes from Al Masa Hotel is Nile Business City Tower.
  • Green River Park views are enjoyed by all of the tower’s buildings.
  • Nile Developments Mall is in close proximity to the Financial and Business District.
  • The project is close to important malls and towers in the New Capital, such as 31 North Tower and Capital Diamond Tower, are also nearby.

Project Design Design of Nile Business City Project

Design of Nile Business City Project
Design of Nile Business City Project

Mall Nile Business City boasts an attractive and distinctive design, featuring international standards as the first building in the capital with LEED Certification. These environmentally friendly specifications help improve workers’ productivity within the building. The mall reaches a height of 233 m, equivalent to the Great Pyramid and the Radio & Television Building combined.

Nile Business City Tower has been ideally partitioned, with 5 underground floors designated for parking to accommodate unit owners and visitors. Additionally, there are 50 identical floors allocated for commercial and administrative units, making it an all-inclusive mixed-use project that caters to a variety of investment opportunities.

  • With a built-up area of 296,000 m2, it boasts a larger space than Iconic Tower, which has 268,000 m2.
  • Its impressive height 233 m (756 feet).
  • The mall features 56 floors, divided into a ground floor, 50 identical floors, and 5 basement floors dedicated to parking.
  • Its facade spans 200 m2 along Bin Zayed Axis and the Green River, making it the widest facade facing the river.

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Project Area Area of ​​​​ Nile Business City Tower

Area of Mall Nile Business City
Area of Mall Nile Business City

The total area of Nile Developments Tower spans 32,829 m2, equivalent to 7.8 acres. The company has ensured that the project’s built-up area is 296,000 m2, making Nile Developments Mall the largest of its kind, surpassing the iconic tower’s built-up area of 286,000 m2.

The net area of the New Capital’s project covers 28,000 m2, or 5.5 acres. The project’s height reaches 233 m. The company has announced administrative units in Mall Nile Business City, starting at 60 m2, with massive discounts during the launch.

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Project Prices Nile Business City Mall Prices 2024

Commercial Units in Nile Business Tower
Commercial Units in Nile Business Tower

Experience the epitome of success with Nile Business City Tower, meticulously designed for ambitious investors and entrepreneurs seeking excellence. Nile Developments Tower presents alluring cash discounts of up to 47%. Prices per meter are affordable for the units for sale, and you can view the details Nile Business City unit prices in the points below:

  • Hotel units of 62 m2 are offered with prices starting from 8,841,715 EGP in Mall Nile Business City.
  • The prices of hotel units of 63 m2 start from 16,862,952 EGP.
  • Residential apartments of 62 m2 in Nile Business City Tower are available with prices starting from 20,110,258 EGP.
  • Administrative unit prices start at 10,140,684 EGP.
  • Commercial shop of 51 m2 prices Nile Business City start from 11,612,354 EGP.
  • The company offers “100% Nile premiumcommercial shops, priced at an attractive 12,000,000 EGP.

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Project Installment Nile Business City Installments & Reservation

Landscape of Nile Business Mall
Landscape of Nile Business Mall

The company has created a flexible booking system for the units for sale, catering to investors eyeing this impressive project. With an exclusive launch discount of up to 12% and a 47% discount on cash purchases, Nile Business City down payment and installments accommodate a range of investment preferences.

  • Upon transfer, a payment of 30,000 EGP is required.
  • For cash payments, a sum of 40,000 EGP is necessary.

Nile Business City Reservation and Installment Systems

View of Nile Business City New Capital
View of Nile Business City New Capital
  • 10% down payment, with equal installments over 6 years.
  • 15% down payment, and the remaining amount in installments over 7 years.
  • 20% down payment, with the rest in installments across 8 years.
  • Cash discounts in Nile Business City range from 40% to 47%.
  • Launch discounts vary between 5% and 12%.

Nile Partner System

Hotel Entrances in Mall Nile Business City
Hotel Entrances in Mall Nile Business City

“Nile Partner” is a joint investment system aiming to deliver high returns and optimal operation. You can purchase 50% of a unit’s value, partnering with Nile Developments. For instance, if you want to buy an administrative unit worth 1,500,000 EGP in Nile Business City, you’ll pay half (750,000 EGP) with a down payment of 150,000 EGP. If the unit remains unrented, the company offers multiple solutions:

  • Reclaim the paid amount with the central bank’s interest rate.
  • Receive your share of rental returns after the contractually specified period.

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Project Video Video of Nile Business City Tower

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Project Facilities Facilities & Services of Nile Developments Tower

Panoramic View of Nile Developments Tower
Panoramic View of Nile Developments Tower

Nile Developments Mall has been meticulously designed to provide exceptional services and facilities for investors, business owners, and visitors. It is committed to ensuring a seamless, convenient, and enjoyable experience for everyone, creating a welcoming environment that fosters growth and engagement through the following amenities:

  • Be amazed by the first-ever Observation Deck in Nile Business City New Capital, offering a complete view of the New Capital’s landmarks.
  • Nile City boasts the highest suspended walkway in Africa at Mall Nile Business City.
  • Experience powerful central air conditioning and ultra-fast internet in the mall.
  • More than 40 elevators and escalators await you at Nile Developments Tower.
  • Vast green spaces encircle Nile Business City Mall, creating a mesmerizing and unique panorama.
  • Nile Developments Mall houses the largest cinema hall equipped with the latest technology.
  • State-of-the-art meeting rooms and a uniquely designed heritage lounge for VIP guests in the administrative units.
  • Indulge in a vast array of international cafes, restaurants, and world-renowned brands to satisfy all tastes.
  • Nile Business City units accommodate a daily influx of up to 24,760 employees using the commercial building.
  • Benefit from a comprehensive security system with high-resolution cameras and ample security personnel at Nile Developments Tower, ensuring safety around the clock.
  • Daily maintenance, including restroom cleaning and plumbing services.
  • Continuous lighting ensured with sufficient electricity generators inside Mall Nile Business City.
  • 24-hour ATMs to the needs of all visitors and owners.
  • A modern mosque for prayer and worship.
  • A safe kids’ area with various games and activities.

Project Advantages Advantages of Nile Business City New Capital

Roof of Nile Developments Mall
Roof of Nile Developments Mall

Behold the remarkable Nile Business City New Capital, brimming with exceptional features. Located in the vibrant Downtown area along the lush Green River, it stands at the convergence of the New Capital’s 3 major axes, linking 16 city entrances as a central hub.

Disadvantages of Nile Business City Tower

It is challenging to pinpoint any flaws in the mall, as it stands as a beacon of excellence in the New Capital. Some may perceive its distance from Cairo’s heart as a drawback. However, the government is working to establish roads and bridges to connect the New Capital with the rest of Egypt’s provinces.

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Company Previous Work About Nile Developments

Nile Developments, a pioneering company within Nile and Al-Ahram Group, was not born overnight. Since 2002, it has made significant strides in the real estate market, boasting investments worth billions. It’s no surprise, then, that their project in the New Capital exhibits such scale and distinction, as they currently undertake some of the most important projects in New Capital.

Previous Nile Developments Projects

  • Mall 31 North Tower New Capital.
  • Tycoon Tower New Capital.
  • A group of housing projects in the Beit Al Watan area.
  • Creation and implementation of the Lotus project.
  • Serving more than a thousand families in the Andalus region and providing excellent after-sales service.
  • Executing and supervising a group of projects in the northern house and northern Al-Rehab area.
  • Implementation of the most successful projects in the South of the Academy.

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