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Mrsa Mall New Capital
Mrsa Mall New Capital

Mrsa Mall New Capital مرسا مول العاصمة الإدارية الجديدة is Power House Developments’ latest venture. Situated in the vibrant downtown area, this commercial project stands out in the heart of New Capital. This article delves into the mall’s retail units, highlighting their features and flaws, the prices and payment methods for Mrsa Mall.


Project Site Location of Mall Mrsa New Capital

Mrsa Mall New Capital boasts a unique strategic location amidst a diverse array of significant commercial and service centers in Downtown MU19, the most active area of New Capital. Positioned on a broad 70 m street, it also faces directly onto a 30 m avenue bisecting Downtown area, surrounded by renowned malls and towers like Trio V Tower.

Adjacent to the project Nearby Places to Mrsa New Capital Mall

  • Mrsa Mall New Capital is mere 5 minutes distance from Al Masa Hotel.
  • Government District is Just 10 minutes away from Mall Mrsa New Capital.
  • Monorail station is approximately 10 minutes by car from Mrsa New Capital Mall.
  • It is close to Souq Al-Dahab, nearly 5 minutes
  • Green River is situated 15 minutes from Marsa Mall New Capital.
  • Mrsa Mall Power House is around 10 minutes’ drive to Exhibition Land and Opera House.

Project Design Design of Mrsa Mall New Capital

Design of Mall Mrsa New Capital
Design of Mall Mrsa New Capital

Mall Mrsa New Capital emerges with a modern architectural style that harmonizes with the surrounding downtown edifices, offering a unique allure for its commercial-only units. This exclusivity promises to make it a magnet for hundreds of global investors, especially with its range of shop sizes.

Project Area Area of Units in Mall Mrsa New Capital

Mrsa Mall New Capital’s space is a crucial investment draw, with diverse unit sizes starting from 47 m²—ideal for various business activities. It comprises a ground floor plus 5 upper levels, offering freedom of choice for those seeking units for sale to select the floor that best suits their needs.

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Project Prices Prices of Mrsa New Capital Mall 2024

Night Lightening of Mrsa New Capital Mall
Night Lightening of Mrsa New Capital Mall

Mall Mrsa New Capital offers competitive pricing for its commercial units with substantial discounts in Mrsa Mall. Shop prices start from 120,000 EGP per meter, with unit prices starting from 5,640,000 EGP. Power House Developments offers an exclusive 20% discount on price per meter of units during the grand opening of Mrsa New Capital Mall for the first 60 reservations.

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Project Installment Payment Methods and Installment Plans of Mrsa Mall New Capital

Panoramic View of Mrsa Mall New Capital
Panoramic View of Mrsa Mall New Capital

Shop reservations in Mall Mrsa New Capital are available with 3 installments plans, each tailored to the delivery specifications announced by the project’s developer. The payment and installment schemes for shops at Mrsa Mall are divided into variable flexible, customer-friendly options:

  • 10% down payment, with the balance spread over 7 years.
  • 15% upfront, another 5% after 2 years, and the remainder over 8 years.
  • 20% down payment, 5% after 2 years, and the rest payable over 9 years.

Delivery Schedule and Finishing Specifications

Undoubtedly, the finishing standards at Mrsa Mall stand out distinctly from other malls in New Capital, as units are delivered with 3/4 completion, featuring exquisite ceramic flooring and primed walls—allowing clients to personalize decor to their taste. As for the delivery of units, they are set for 2023, enabling immediate client accommodation without the need for a Launch wait.

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Project VideoVideo of Mall Mrsa New Capital

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Project Facilities Facilities and Services of Mrsa New Capital Mall

Shops of Mall Mrsa New Capital
Shops of Mall Mrsa New Capital

Mrsa Mall’s shops and stores benefit from an extensive range of exceptional facilities and services, offering a rich and varied shopping experience. This includes state-of-the-art amenities, dedicated customer service, and a diverse selection of premium conveniences for both shoppers and store owners.

  • Mrsa Mall New Capital’s food court features a diverse array of international restaurants and cafes in New Capital.
  • A dedicated area for children’s games and entertainment, Fun Castle, to provide a suitable space for our youngest guests.
  • Mrsa Mall Show, a dedicated theater for concerts and performances, enriching the entertainment offerings within the mall.
  • A world-class health and wellness Spa center, offering a sports sanctuary in Mall Mrsa New Capital.
  • Mrsa New Capital Mall provides escalators for easy movement across different floors.
  • A private parking garage is included at Mrsa Mall Power House, ensuring ample space for parking.
  • Round-the-clock surveillance cameras, alongside a dedicated security and safety system.
  • Green spaces and landscaping, offering an exceptional view for all units in Marsa Mall New Capital.
  • Mrsa Mall New Capital boasts solar-powered lighting solutions.
  • Availability of ATMs within Mrsa Mall for convenient financial transactions.
  • Ongoing maintenance and cleaning services, ensuring a pristine environment throughout the week.

Project Advantages Privileges of Mrsa Mall New Capital

Cafes and Restaurants of Mrsa New Capital Mall
Cafes and Restaurants of Mrsa New Capital Mall

Mrsa Mall offers an unparalleled investment opportunity, blending flexible financing options, competitive pricing, and a prime downtown location. Its shops, accessible through both installment plans and upfront payment, stand out with a host of exclusive services and amenities. This strategic positioning not only elevates each unit’s appeal but also distinctively sets Mrsa Mall apart in the commercial landscape.

Drawbacks of Mall Mrsa New Capital

Mrsa Mall’s dedication to commercial units, far from a limitation, complements its vibrant essence as a hub for shopping, dining, entertainment, and leisure. The absence of office or medical spaces aligns with the mall’s lively atmosphere, where the thrum of activity and communal energy would contrast the quietude needed in professional settings, thus affirming the mall’s distinctive character and purpose.

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Company Previous Work About Power House Developments PHD

Mrsa Mall New Capital is a prestigious venture by Power House Developments, a conglomerate formed by the merger of ‘Mazaya Emirates’ and ‘Global for Contracting’. This company has acquired prime land in New Capital and Ain Sokhna to develop grand projects, with Mrsa Mall being the 1st illustrious project to take shape in New Capital.

In addition to these titans of the real estate market, the company has harnessed the expertise of the esteemed engineering consultant Dr. Akram Farouk. Renowned for overseeing numerous significant real estate projects, his profound experience in the property sector has been sought by the company to guide and enrich its ventures, among which the most notable are:

  • The prestigious R3 district in New Capital.
  • The Canadian University Project.
  • The modern city of New Alamein.
  • Kempinski Hotel in New Cairo.
  • The newly established Mansoura City.

Previous Projects by Power House Developments:

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