Project 4T1 Tower New Capital 

4T1 Tower New Capital
4T1 Tower New Capital

In cooperation with distinguished contracting companies, VAI Developments offers a superb opportunity for investment seekers in the New Capital through its project 4T1 Tower New Capital 4T1 تاور العاصمة الإدارية الجديدة. VAI Developments has chosen a superior location for 4T1 Tower units in Downtown with various spaces and convenient installment systems. Moreover, 4T1 New Capital prices are ideal.


Project Site Location of 4T1 New Capital Mall

The priority for investors is the location, therefore, VAI Developments has picked an exceptional spot for 4T1 Mall New Capital in block 41 in Downtown. As a result, investors, who decide to buy a unit for sale in 4T1 Tower, will get high traffic and quick profit due to the proximity of 4T1 Tower units to all major areas.

Map of 4T1 Mall New Capital
Map of 4T1 Mall New Capital

Adjacent to the project Places Near 4T1 Tower New Capital

  • 4T1 VAI is about half an hour away from the Capital International Airport.
  • Al Masa Hotel is located near Mall 4T1 New Capital.
  • Reaching 4T1 Tower project takes 5 minutes from the Green River.
  • A few minutes separate Masjid Misr from 4T1 New Capital Mall.
  • 4T1 Mall New Capital is close to the Monorail station.
  • Westin Park Tower and Sky Bridge Mall are situated near 4T1 Tower New Capital.

Project Design Design of 4T1 VAI Developments

Commercial Units in 4T1 Tower New Capital
Commercial Units in 4T1 Tower New Capital

With the assistance of superior design companies, the design of Mall 4T1 Tower New Capital becomes fascinating. In addition, 4T1 New Capital Mall is a result of the partnership between VAI Developments and CCC, a prime contracting company in the Middle East; therefore, the emergence of a creative and efficient project is guaranteed. The design of 4T1 VAI is as follows:

  • Mall 4T1 New Capital consists of a ground floor and 10 upper floors.
  • There are 3 basement parking floors in 4T1 Tower.
  • Commercial units in 4T1 VAI project occupy the ground and 1st floors.
  • The 2nd floor is allocated to services in 4T1 Mall New Capital.
  • From the 3rd to the 10th floor of 4T1 New Capital Mall, there are hotel units.

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Project Area Area of 4T1 Mall New Capital

VAI Developments has been keen to provide a diversity of spaces in 4T1 Tower New Capital, where the total area is 2528 m2. Therefore, it has allocated the largest percentage of the area of Mall 4T1 New Capital to buildings, and the rest is dedicated to green spaces. The spaces of 4T1 Tower units start from 55 m2.

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Project Prices 4T1 Tower New Capital Prices 2024 

VAI offers commercial and hotel units in 4T1 Mall New Capital with distinct spaces and exceptional prices, starting from 4,565,000 EGP, for the satisfaction of investors. Additionally, the prices per meter of 4T1 Tower units start from 83,000 EGP with a discount on the total price. Moreover, a 40% discount is applied on cash payments for units of 4T1 VAI.

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Project Installment Installment Systems in Mall 4T1 New Capital

Installment System in Mall 4T1 New Capital
Installment System in Mall 4T1 New Capital

Besides presenting various spaces and convenient prices, VAI Developments provides in 4T1 New Capital Mall comfortable installment systems to facilitate buying a unit for sale for investors. 4T1 down payment starts from 0%, and a long period of installments is offered. Buyers can choose the suitable system from the following 4T1 installments systems:

The first system: equal installments

  • 10% down payment and the rest is paid over 6 years.
  • 15% down payment and installments over 7 years.
  • 20% down payment and the rest is in installments over 8 years.

The second system: an exclusive system, featuring unequal installments

  • 0% down payment and the rest in installments over 6 years.
  • 5% down payment and installments over 7 years.
  • 10% down payment and the rest is paid in installments over 8 years.

The EOI for booking 4T1 Tower units:

  • The EOI for commercial units in 4T1 New Capital Mall is 50,000 EGP.
  • The EOI for pharmacies is 150,000 EGP in 4T1 Tower.

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Project Video Video of 4T1 Tower

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Project Facilities Services and Facilities of 4T1 New Capital Mall

Hotel Units in 4T1 Tower New Capital
Hotel Units in 4T1 Tower New Capital

To ensure that 4T1 Tower New Capital is an integrated community, fulfilling the desires of investors, VAI Developments has focused on providing all the services they may need, taking into account the smallest details. Here are the services and facilities, offered in 4T1 Mall New Capital, to provide a comfortable experience for both investors and visitors:

  • Mall 4T1 Tower contains large display screens to guide visitors.
  • Elevators are included to facilitate movement between floors of 4T1 VAI.
  • Mall 4T1 New Capital provides security and guarding services throughout the day.
  • Surveillance cameras are also added to increase security in 4T1 New Capital Mall.
  • In 4T1 Tower New Capital, there are international brands, so that clients can enjoy shopping.
  • High-speed internet, suitable for a working environment, is provided in 4T1 VAI Developments.
  • 4T1 New Capital Mall features well-equipped meeting rooms so that investors can hold meetings easily.
  • Central air conditioning is included in Mall 4T1 Tower New Capital.
  • 4T1 Mall has electric generators to deal immediately with power outages.
  • The fire extinguishing systems are added in Mall 4T1 Tower for emergency cases.
  • In Mall 4T1 New Capital, there is an entertainment area for children, so that they can spend fun times.
  • ATMs are also available in 4T1 Tower New Capital to facilitate financial transactions.
  • 4T1 VAI Provides maintenance and cleaning services throughout the day.

Project Advantages Features of 4T1 Tower Project

VAI Developments provides integrated features in 4T1 Tower New Capital for investors, including the perfect location in Downtown and the various spaces of units for sale. In addition, convenient prices are offered in Mall 4T1 New Capital, along with comfortable installment plans. Moreover, VAI has cooperated with Arabella Plaza which manages one of the successful malls in the 5th Settlement.

Disadvantages of 4T1 Tower New Capital

Despite the mentioned features of 4T1 Tower New Capital, some may see that its location in the New Capital is a bit far, but with the presence of the monorail, which links the New Capital with Cairo, it will be easy to reach 4T1 Mall New Capital in a short time.

Project's Brochure 4T1 Tower New Capital Brochure

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Company Previous Work About VAI Developments

VAI Developments is considered a leading company in the Egyptian real estate market. It has sought, through 4T1 Tower project, to continue its successful path in providing distinguished units for investors in cooperation with superior companies such as CCC for Contractingwhich has implemented major projects like City Center Almaza Mall, and others.

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