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Mall Maple New Capital
Mall Maple New Capital

Ontario Developments continues in providing what the market needs, and this time it launches its new project; Mall Maple New Capital مول مابل العاصمة الإدارية الجديدة, which is considered one of the most significant projects of the New Capital, but why?

In Maple Mall New Capital, you can find commercial, administrative, and medical units for sale, which are located in the most distinguished locations in the New Capital, in addition to the diversity of the spaces, international designs, and competitive prices.


Project Site Where is Mall Maple New Capital Located?

Ontario Developments has chosen an ideal location for Maple Mall New Capital Downtown, and it has a direct view of Northern Bin Zayed Axis and Green River, and it has another view of two streets, one of which is 70 m2 wide and the other 50 m2 wide, and it is also close to Central Station of the Monorail.

The Map of Mall Maple
The Map of Mall Maple

Adjacent to the project Landmarks Close to Maple Business Complex

  • Maple Mall New Capital is half an hour away from the Capital International Airport.
  • It takes minutes to reach Mall Maple Business Complex New Capital from the Presidential District.
  • The distance between Maple Mall New Capital and the Diplomatic Quarter is just 5 minutes.
  • Maple Ontario is minutes away from the Central Bank.
  • Maple Mall New Capital is 5 minutes away from the Cabinet.
  • Downtown Mall and Compound Capital Life are close to Mall Maple Business Complex New Capital.

Project Design The Design of Maple Mall New Capital

Maple Project Design
Maple Project Design

Ontario seeks to make Maple Business Complex an architectural masterpiece, so it has assigned the international consultant, Eng Mohamed Hafez, to supervise the design of the mall, who has great experience in Egypt and abroad, and he has also designed many projects in the New Capital and outside, and the design of Maple Mall New Capital come as follows:

  • The total area in Mall Maple Capital New Capital is 2700 m2.
  • The largest part of the total area in Mall Maple Business Complex New Capital is allocated to landscapes.
  • The project is designed in the shape of the letter L, which makes all units have charming views all the time.
  • Maple Mall New Capital consists of 3 basement floors, a ground floor, and 12 upper floors.

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Project Area Maple Ontario Spaces

Administrative Units In Mall Maple
Administrative Units In Mall Maple

Ontario Developments always works on providing units with spaces that satisfy the tastes of clients, so it has been keen to offer units with various spaces, to meet the needs of all investors. The units’ space in Maple Mall New Capital is as follows:

  • Commercial Units: The units’ space in Mall Maple Business Complex New Capital starts from 23 m2, and the units are from the ground floor to the second floor.
  • Administrative Units: The units’ space in Maple Mall New Capital starts from 31 m2, and they are based on the third and fourth floors.
  • Medical Units: The units’ space in Maple Business Complex starts from 31 m2, and the units are from the fifth floor to the twelfth floor.

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Project Prices Mall Maple New Capital Prices 2024 

Medical Units in Maple Mall
Medical Units in Maple Mall

Ontario Developments provides Maple units at competitive and reasonable prices per meter because it wants to provide the opportunity for the largest number of investors to buy units in Maple Mall New Capital, and those prices are irreplaceable according to the advantages that investors get, and Maple unit prices start from 962,000 EGP with 10% as Maintenance Fees.

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Project Installment Mall Maple Installments & Reservation System

Ontario Developments wants to make it easy for its clients to buy their preferred units in Maple Mall New Capital, and you can find that in the reservation and installments system, in which Maple down payment is 10% with a long-term payment period of up to 15 years.

It is worth noting that the EOI of commercial units for sale is 50,000 EGP, while the EOI of medical and administrative units in Maple Business Complex is 10,000 EGP, and regarding the delivery time, the units will be delivered by 2026.

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Project Video The Video of Maple Mall New Capital

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Project Facilities Maple Business Complex Facilities

Maple Mall Services
Maple Mall Services

The wide range of facilities and services provided by Maple Mall New Capital make it one of the most attractive projects in the New Capital, as Ontario Developments is keen to provide everything that investors need and has taken into account the smallest details. So, the services in the mall are as follows:

  • There are Security and Guarding Services in Maple Business Complex that work throughout the day to secure it.
  • Maple Mall New Capital provides Elevators and Escalators for ease of movement between the floors of the mall.
  • The world’s most famous brands are available in Maple Project so that investors can get everything they need easily.
  • You will find Landscaping and Green Spaces to provide an aesthetic view in Maple Mall New Capital.
  • Maple Ontario has the latest Surveillance Cameras to provide safety among investors and visitors while they are in the mall.
  • You can find a Garage with a mechanical system for cars in Maple Mall New Capital where investors can park their cars easily.
  • In Maple Ontario has a Thermal Decomposition Design and uses Eco-friendly Materials to reduce energy consumption.
  • There is Air-conditioning at the highest level In Maple Mall New Capital.
  • Mall Maple New Capital is resistant to the impact of wind.
  • There is a recycling and water waste system to save resources in Maple Ontario.
  • In Maple Ontario, you can find ATMs to facilitate financial transactions.
  • You can find the latest Fire Extinguishing Systems in Maple Business Complex, to deal with the fires immediately.
  • Maple Ontario provides High-speed Internet to make access to the Internet easier.
  • Meeting Rooms at the highest level are available in Mall Maple New Capital.
  • There are Maintenance and Cleaning Services in Maple Ontario that work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Project Advantages The Features of Maple Business Complex

Panoramic View of Maple Business Complex
Panoramic View of Maple Business Complex

Mall Maple New Capital has many features that make it an ideal opportunity for ambitious investors, as the mall has a vital location in the Downtown area, and there is a great diversity in spaces, ideal prices, and convenient installment systems, and Ontario Developments has provided all services that investor may need.

Maple Business Complex Defects

Despite these many advantages that have been mentioned about Mall Maple New Capital, some may see that the delivery date is too late, but Ontario Developments wants to present an integrated investment community in which everything that investors need is available, especially since it is close to the vital places in the New Capital.

Project's Brochure The Brochure of Maple Business Complex

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Company Previous Work A Brief About Ontario Developments

Ontario Developments is one of the leading real estate companies, as it works according to an Egyptian-Canadian experience, and provides projects at the highest standards. Its management is headed by Eng. Osama Mansour, Eng. Mahmoud Hamed, and Eng. Ibrahim Hassan Raza, and owns a large financial portfolio that enables it to execute projects without waiting for a fund.

The Profile of Ontario Developments:

  • Sulaiman Al-Dabbous Commercial Center in Kuwait.
  • Salman AL Abdullah Al Dabbous Cardiac Center.

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