Project Elevado Tower New Capital

Elevado Tower New Capital
Elevado Tower New Capital

Elevado Tower New Capital مول اليفادو تاور العاصمة الإدارية الجديدة, located in New Capital, is a luxurious distinctive tower in Downtown, overlooking directly Souq Al-Dahab and Egypt Mosque. It’s a creation of the Egyptian-Saudi expertise of RNA Developments, offering exceptional commercial, administrative, and medical units with modern designs supporting smart building systems, varied spaces, reasonable prices, and multiple installment systems.


Project Site Location of Elevado Tower Downtown

Elevado Tower’s location is one of the project’s most significant features, situated at the heart of New Capital, in Downtown, the most renowned commercial area in New Capital, on plot 88-MU2. The project overlooks the largest main street in the area, 120m wide, Souq Al-Dahab, and Grand Egypt Mosque, while the rear view of the project overlooks a landscape.

Map of Elevado Tower Downtown
Map of Elevado Tower Downtown

Adjacent to the project Nearby Places to Elevado Tower New Capital

  • Elevado Tower Downtown is just 5 minutes away from Heritage and Arts district and Egypt Mosque.
  • Monorail station is approximately 100m from Mall Elevado Tower New Capital.
  • Elevado Mall New Capital is steps away from Green River, North Bin Zayed axis, and other main axes.
  • Governmental district is less than 500m away from Elevado New Capital Mall.
  • Elevado Tower RNA Developments is near to the most famous malls and towers in Downtown, like JD Tower New Capital and Pagoda Mall New Capital.

Project Design Design of Elevado Tower Downtown

Design of Mall Elevado Tower New Capital
Design of Mall Elevado Tower New Capital

RNA Developments has meticulously designed Elevado Tower, supervised by a cadre of elite engineering consultants. The project’s interior and exterior boast elegance and modernity with colorful glass facades. The mall comprises 2 basement levels for parking, a ground floor, and 10 recurrent floors, spanning 2000 m², each hosting a diverse range of activities from commercial, administrative to medical units.

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Project Area Area of Elevado Tower New Capital

RNA Developments has provided varying spaces for commercial units, stores, administrative, and medical units in the tower, presenting potential investors with the opportunity to select spaces and layouts that are most suitable and complementary to their distinct commercial endeavors. These spaces are divided as follows:

  • From the ground floor to 2nd floor: Features commercial units, shops, restaurants, and cafes with spaces starting from 20 m².
  • From 3rd to 4th floor: Medical units and clinics with spaces starting from 34 m².
  • From 5th to 10th floor: Administrative units and offices with spaces starting from 34 m².
  • There is a double-faced pharmacy with a space of 75 m².

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Project Prices Prices of Elevado Tower Downtown 2023

The Night Lightening of Elevado Mall New Capital
The Night Lightening of Elevado Mall New Capital

The prices of units and shops in Elevado Tower are one of the most prominent attractions the company offers to investors in such a project. The price per meter of units is determined by the floor and unit location. The company provides units for sale at ideal prices, with launch discounts reaching up to 15% on all units, as follows:

  • Commercial units per meter price in Elevado Tower starts from 28,000 EGP after company discount.
  • The price per meter for medical units starts from 21,000 EGP.
  • Administrative offices per meter price starts from 15,000 EGP.
  • The pharmacy’s per meter price is 105,000 EGP, with an installment system up to 7 years.
  • The total price for the smallest unit in Elevado Tower project starts from only 300,000 EGP.

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Project Installment Payment Methods and Installment Plans of Elevado Tower New Capital

Administrative Units in Elevado New Capital Mall
Administrative Units in Elevado New Capital Mall

Elevado Mall offers reservation of units with multiple payment systems, catering to those desiring any unit on installment over several years with a minimal down payment and the longest repayment plans. The booking and payment systems in Elevado Tower New Capital vary as follows:

  • 0% down payment, with the remainder in equal installments over 5 years.
  • 5% upfront, the rest over 6 years in equal, interest-free
  • 10% down, another 5% after 1 year, the balance over 7 years in equal installments.
  • 15% down, 5% after a year, the remainder equally over 8 years.
  • 20% down, 5% after a year, the balance in equal installments over 9 years.
  • 30% upfront, the 1st installment after receipt, the rest over 3 years in equal installments.
  • 30% discount on cash payments.
  • 10% maintenance deposit due before receipt.

Elevado Tower New Capital Units Finishing System

The down payment and delivery specifications for the units have been defined as follows:

  • Commercial reservation down payment from 30,000 EGP, units delivered with Shell & Core finishes.
  • Medical clinics and administrative offices reservation down payment from 20,000 EGP, delivered with super lux finishes.
  • Pharmacy reservation down payment from 50,000 EGP, fully refundable in case of contract non-completion.
  • Project units are scheduled for delivery in 2024. 

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Project Video Video of Elevado Tower Downtown

Project Facilities Facilities and Services of Elevado Tower New Capital

Commercial Units in Elevado Tower RNA Developments
Commercial Units in Elevado Tower RNA Developments

Having presented the prices at Elevado Tower, along with the reservation and payment systems, we now introduce to every investor the facilities and services of Elevado Mall units that the company has ensured to provide for the benefit and comfort and security of the clients:

  • Elevado Tower New Capital features smart building systems, including air conditioning and lighting.
  • Investing in Elevado Tower Downtown ensures security with 24-hour surveillance systems.
  • Mall Elevado Tower New Capital provides central air conditioning for all units to maintain suitable temperatures during summer.
  • Highly trained security and guard team ensure the safety of all project units throughout the week.
  • Conference halls are equipped with the latest technological means.
  • Elevado Mall New Capital includes a dedicated staff lounge
  • Central showers serve all Elevado Tower stores and its administrative and medical units.
  • Automated and rapid-fire suppression system to ensure the safety of project units.
  • High-level service restaurants and cafes are featured within Elevado Tower Downtown.
  • Elevado New Capital Mall features panoramic elevators, facilitating movement within the mall.
  • The mall units offer stunning views and landscapes over green spaces.
  • Main reception desk and reception areas available for all visitors.
  • Elevado Tower RNA Developments provides cleaning and maintenance services around the clock, throughout the week.

Project Advantages Privileges of Elevado Tower New Capital

RNA Developments has equipped Elevado Tower units with a diverse set of features for investors, most notably services, facilities, and competitive prices, making purchasing a unit in the mall a golden opportunity for successful investment in the heart of New Capital.

The price per meter in Elevado Tower is attainable for those wishing to invest in New Capital’s core, in addition to various booking and payment systems, and the company’s distinguished history in the real estate field, both within Egypt and internationally.

Drawbacks of Elevado Tower Downtown

Some investors may perceive having commercial, medical, and administrative units in the same project as a drawback, while it’s more of a benefit, as the company has ideally segregated the various activities. It starts with commercial units on the lower floors, followed by medical units and then administrative offices, ensuring a harmonious integration of diverse functionalities within the project.

Project's Brochure Brochure of Elevado Tower New Capital

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Company Previous WorkAbout RNA Developments

Elevado Tower New Capital is one of RNA Developments’ projects, a leader in real estate development, born from an Egyptian-Saudi partnership, with over 20 years of experience in the real estate field. It is owned by a group of prominent real estate developers such as:

  • Yahya Al-Bassam: A Saudi businessman owning the largest planning, engineering consulting, and design company, GCLA International, and Events First in Saudi Arabia, organizing major exhibitions and important events.
  • Engineer Wael Al-Banna: With over 20 years in construction, he is the general engineering supervisor for Al Manea Group’s projects in Saudi Arabia.
  • Engineer Hisham El Attal: Owner of El Attal Group with more than 15 years of experience in the real estate sector.
  • Ali Abdel Aati: An investor owning several residential projects and diagnostic labs in Egypt.
  • Engineer Abdel Jalil Hussein: A real estate investor for over 10 years, owning several residential projects in Egypt.
  • The project’s engineering consultant is Engineer Mohamed Hafez, highly experienced in engineering planning and one of the biggest engineering consulting firms for many residential and commercial projects in Egypt and the Arab world.

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