Project Destino Tower New Capital

Destino Tower New Capital
Destino Tower New Capital

EL EZZ Development introduces Destino Tower New Capital مول ديستينو تاور العاصمة الإدارية الجديدة, a remarkable addition to downtown and its first project in the New Capital. With its prime location, exceptional prices, and extended installment plans of up to 8 years, Destino Mall satisfies the ambitions of every aspiring investor.


Project Site Location of Mall Destino Project

Mall Destino Tower New Capital occupies a unique spot, offering direct views of the Green River, specifically in Block MU5-19. Situated on a main 90-meter-wide axis, it also overlooks the tourist promenade (Central Park). EL EZZ Development has deliberately chosen this site to be adjacent to the Capital’s most prominent malls, becoming a major attraction for all investors.

Map of Mall Destino Tower
Map of Mall Destino Tower

Adjacent to the project Landmarks Near Destino Mall

  • Destino Tower is minutes away from International Hospital, and it is the only hospital in the New Capital.
  • Al Masa Hotel is located 5 minutes away from Mall Destino Project.
  • Reaching Destino Project New Capital takes a few minutes from Bin Zayed Axis and Monorail station.
  • A few minutes separate Western Service Complex from Mall Destino Tower New Capital.
  • Destino Tower EL EZZ Development is situated directly behind the Tourist Towers.
  • Capital International Airport is only half an hour’s drive from Destino Tower New Capital.
  • Destino Mall is located near the Government District.
  • Famous malls such as IL Quattro Mall and Pavo Tower are proximate to Destino Project New Capital.

Project Design Design of Destino Project New Capital

Design of Destino Mall
Design of Destino Mall

Destino Tower New Capital boasts a distinctive modern design that resonates with successful investors. The entire façade of the mall is made of heat insulated glass. Additionally, Mall Destino Project comprises a ground floor and 14 upper floors, accommodating commercial, administrative, and medical units for sale. The division of units in Destino Mall is as follows:

  • Commercial units occupy from the ground floor to the 3rd
  • The 4th and 5th floors house medical units and clinics.
  • Administrative units are available from the 6th to the 13th
  • The 14th floor is dedicated to a flying restaurant.

Project Area Area of Mall Destino Tower New Capital

The total area allocated for Mall Destino Tower New Capital is 3,000 m2. However, only 900 m2 are utilized for buildings, leaving a magnificent green space with captivating views. In addition, El Ezz Developments offers diverse spaces of units for sale starting from 49 m2 in Destino Project New Capital.

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Project Prices Destino Tower New Capital Prices 2024

EL EZZ Development has introduced an incredibly distinctive pricing plan for Mall Destino Tower, aiming to provide something truly unique and competitively priced for clients seeking to buy units. To succeed in offering ideal total prices, starting from 3,378,344 EGP, EL Ezz has ensured the provision of a reasonable price per meter of units in Destino Tower New Capital.

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Project Installment Payment and Installment Plans in Destino Mall

Prices of Mall Destino Tower New Capital
Prices of Mall Destino Tower New Capital

EL EZZ Development has devised flexible and competitive reservation, payment, and installment plans in Mall Destino Tower New Capital that allow every investment seeker to easily book commercial, medical, or administrative units and maximize their benefits. The following installment systems are available in Destino Mall:

  • 10% down payment and the remaining amount is paid in equal installments over 6 years.
  • 15% down payment and equal installments over 7 years.
  • 20% down payment and the rest amount is paid in equal installments over 8 years.

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Project Video Video of Mall Destino Project

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Project Facilities Facilities of Destino Tower EL EZZ Development

Destino Tower New Capital Units
Destino Tower New Capital Units

To provide a comfortable experience in Destino Tower New Capital, EL EZZ Developments offers a remarkable range of services and facilities carefully designed to serve unit owners, visitors, & customers. Check the following points to more details about the available services in Mall Destino Tower New Capital:

  • There are various panoramic elevators to ensure smooth and quick access for everyone in Destino Tower, avoiding overcrowding and reaching desired floors effortlessly.
  • The mall features elevators exclusively for administrative units, ensuring convenience and avoiding congestion.
  • A beautifully adorned outdoor plaza, featuring rare and exotic trees, is provided in Mall Destino project.
  • Destino Tower EL EZZ Development contains an impressive array of flying restaurants housing renowned international culinary delights.
  • There are sufficient digital billboards to promote commercial units, cafes, restaurants, and the food court in Mall Destino Tower New Capital, as well as dedicated advertising for administrative and medical units.
  • Each floor of Destino Project New Capital includes adequate display screens to guide visitors to their desired destinations.
  • A pharmacy offering medicinal supplies and a well-equipped laboratory for medical analysis are available in Mall Destino Tower New Capital.
  • There are full-time professional security companies ensuring round-the-clock safety and surveillance.
  • Surveillance cameras are strategically placed in the mall to monitor every detail of the tower.
  • Upscale fire extinguishing systems are added in Destino Mall, along with secure evacuation routes.
  • Experienced maintenance companies provide daily services for all units.
  • In Mall Destino Tower New Capital, there are exclusive entrances for medical units.
  • High-speed internet connectivity is provided throughout Destino Tower.
  • There is fully centralized air conditioning system for optimal comfort in the mall.
  • A wide array of solar panels is available in Mall Destino project to harness sustainable energy.
  • There is a kids’ area offering safety and various recreational amenities.
  • Mall Destino Tower New Capital includes meeting and conference rooms, as well as a grand reception hall for VIP
  • Designated customer parking areas for both administrative and medical units are provided in the project.
  • A food court, featuring renowned international restaurants, is provided to cater to diverse tastes.
  • There is a fitness center, equipped with modern exercise equipment.
  • A diverse selection of international cafes for a relaxing and enjoyable experience is included in Destino Tower New Capital.
  • Major international retail outlets are provided to meet the needs and preferences of all.
  • The mall features backup generators to ensure uninterrupted operation in case of power outages.
  • Mall Destino projects contains ATMs from various banks and a mosque.
  • Self-purifying air systems and outdoor spaces are provided in Destino Tower to enjoy breathtaking views and fresh air.

Project Advantages Destino Tower Highlights

The remarkable features of Mall Destino Tower New Capital have positioned it as a strong start for EL EZZ Development. The strategic location, the entire façade made of heat insulated glass, extended installment plans of up to 8 years, and a range of exceptional services and facilities cater to the needs of all unit owners, ensuring a successful investment.

Drawbacks of Destino Project New Capital

Plaza of Destino Project New Capital
Plaza of Destino Project New Capital

Destino Tower by EL EZZ Development is a vibrant mall that offers a variety of units. However, one drawback is that it doesn’t include residential apartments or hotel apartments. Despite this, it showcases a wide range of other unit types, reflecting the company’s first venture in the New Capital.

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Company Previous WorkAbout EL EZZ Development

EL EZZ Development, an extension of the successful ElBadr Group, has been on a journey of accomplishment for over 3 decades. As an Egyptian joint-stock company with a board of directors consisting of experienced professionals in engineering, manufacturing, and real estate, EL EZZ Development has established 6 branches across Europe, Asia, and Africa.

The board members, including Eng. Moataz Mahrem, Eng. Rami Moataz, Eng. Mohamed Moataz, and Eng. Amir Moataz, bring their expertise to drive the company’s growth. For the engineering consultancy of Destino Tower, EL EZZ Development has collaborated with the renowned firm ACE Moharram-Bakhoum. This multidisciplinary engineering consultancy firm provided invaluable expertise for the project.

Additionally, the company enlisted the services of the esteemed architectural consultant DSC, the largest architectural consultancy in the Arab world. With over 300 specialists, DSC has delivered a remarkable portfolio of projects across the Middle East within just 17 years.

Former Projects by El EZZ Development:

  • Arena Blanca Hurghada Resort
  • Several residential projects in China
  • Luxury tourism projects in Spain, Qatar and Oman
  • Mixed-use residential towers in different countries in Africa
  • Tourism and residential projects on the latest international standards in Oman, Egypt and the UAE

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