Apartment Compound Compound Madinaty New Cairo

Compound Madinaty New Cairo
Compound Madinaty New Cairo

Over the past years, Compound Madinaty New Cairo كمبوند مدينتي القاهرة الجديدة, by Talaat Mostafa Group, has been the first destination for all those looking for modern residential communities, fitting the modern lifestyle. With the assistance of worldwide qualified experts, TMG Developments provides Madinaty Compound an extraordinary character, inspired by the European lifestyle. Moreover, Madinaty New Cairo prices are convenient.

TMG Development has been keen to ensure that Madinaty Compound New Cairo enjoys all the factors of luxury. Therefore, architectural designs, guaranteeing the psychological serenity of the residents, are applied. In addition, Madinaty project has launched various phases, featuring diverse units with a variety of spaces. Madinaty installments plans are also presented to facilitate buying a unit for sale.


Project Site Location of Madinaty Compound New Cairo

Finding a location that guarantees a comfortable life has been the focus of TMG Developments while searching for a location for Madinaty New Cairo Compound. Madinaty Talaat Moustafa Group is located at Kilo 33 on the Suez Road. Therefore, residents of Compound Madinaty will be close to various shopping malls, foreign universities and major axes.

Adjacent to the project Places Near Madinaty Talaat Mostafa Group

  • Madinaty Compound New Cairo is located 2 km from El Shorouk City.
  • It takes only 10 minutes to reach Madinaty Apartments from Heliopolis.
  • Compound Madinaty New Cairo can be easily reached through the Ring Road.
  • The 5th Settlement is within a short distance from Madinaty Compound.
  • Madinaty Talat Mostafa Group is close to Nasr City.
  • The American University is located near Madinaty New Cairo Compound.
  • Compound Madinaty Project is a few minutes away from Cairo Airport.
  • Reaching the New Capital takes a few minutes from Madinaty New Cairo.
  • Compound Madinaty is proximate to Cleopatra Palace El Shorouk and Compound Jayd.

Project Design Design of Compound Madinaty New Cairo

Design of Madinaty New Cairo Project
Design of Madinaty New Cairo Project

Madinaty Compound New Cairo simulates the elegance of international residential projects since it is designed by elite international architects. The largest percentage of the area of Compound Madinaty is allocated to green spaces and landscapes, and thus the construction rate is considered low. Therefore, residents of Madinaty apartments for sale will enjoy more privacy.

In addition, the designers of Madinaty New Cairo Compound have created modern facades, therefore, residents will get to enjoy marvelous views of green spaces and landscapes. Madinaty Compound consists of several phases, so check the following points to know more details:

  • Madinaty Phase B1: This phase of Madinaty Talaat Mostafa Group is inspired by the Andalusian style, known for its uniqueness, and offers a wide range of diverse residential units.
  • Madinaty Phase B2: This phase is dedicated to a diversity of Madinaty apartments and is characterized by the presence of vast green spaces.
  • Madinaty Phase B6: This phase of Compound Madinaty New Cairo is distinguished by its exceptional architectural design and its proximity to the area of restaurants.
  • Madinaty Phase B8: This phase of Madinaty New Cairo Compound is characterized by the availability of more services for the residents, including the underground garages to prevent congestion in front of Talaat Mostafa apartments for sale.
  • Madinaty Phase B10: This phase of Madinaty Compound features plenty of green spaces and picnic areas.
  • Madinaty Phase B11: This phase of Madinaty Talaat Mostafa Group is associated with the previous phase, because TMG Developments has tried to increase the number of services for residents.
  • Madinaty Phase B12: This phase of Compound Madinaty New Cairo is planned to be an exceptional phase, fulfilling all the needs of residents.
  • Compound Four Seasons Madinaty Phase: This phase includes a wide range of units, including Madinaty apartments, villas and hotel units. Compound Four Seasons Madinaty extends over an area of ​​460 acres.
  • Compound Privado Madinaty Phase: TMG Developments has allocated the Privado Phase in Madinaty Compound to hotel units, with a total area of about 276 acres featuring 300 residential buildings and 9900 units.

Project Area Area of Madinaty New Cairo Compound

Apartments in Compound Madinaty
Apartments in Compound Madinaty

The total area of Compound Madinaty New Cairo is about 8,000 acres, and thus it has been easier for Talaat Moustafa Group to provide a variety of spaces of units, including Talaat Mostafa villas, apartments and hotel units. Therefore, the diverse needs of residents will be fulfilled by choosing the appropriate size of unit in Madinaty Compound from the following:

  • Madinaty Phase B1 and Phase B2: The spaces of units in Madinaty New Cairo Compound range from 88 to 211 m2.
  • Madinaty Phase B6: The spaces of Compound Madinaty units in this phase range between 58 and 174 m2.
  • Madinaty Phase B: The areas of units start from 82 up to 430 m2in this phase of Madinaty Compound New Cairo.
  • Madinaty Phase B10: The space of units in Compound Madinaty Talaat Mostafa Group ranges from 56 to 165 m2.
  • Madinaty Phase B11: In this phase, Talaat Mostafa apartments for sale start from 54 up to 200 m2.
  • Madinaty Phase B12: The area of ​​Compound Madinaty apartments in this phase ranges between 56 and 165 m2.
  • Four Seasons Madinaty Phase: Spaces of Four Seasons Madinaty units start from 145 up to 1,200 m2.
  • Privado Madinaty Phase:  The areas of units of Privado Madinaty range from 60 to 180 m2.

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Project Prices Madinaty New Cairo Prices 2024

Compound Madinaty Apartments for sale
Compound Madinaty Apartments for sale

TMG Developments has made sure the prices of Compound Madinaty Talaat Mostafa Group are reasonable, compared to the number of features provided to residents. Therefore, it offers exceptional prices per meter. As a result, the total prices of Madinaty apartments of 96 m2 start conveniently from 7,644,328 EGP, satisfying a large number of buyers and investors.

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Project Installment Installment System in Madinaty Compound

Buildings in Madinaty Compound New Cairo
Buildings in Madinaty Compound New Cairo

TMG Developments keeps facilitating the process of buying Talaat Mostafa apartments in Madinaty Compound New Cairo through the provision of comfortable installment systems which will reduce financial burdens on buyers and investors. Therefore, Talaat Mostafa Group has made sure Madinaty down payment is the lowest, starting from 20%, and an installment period of up to 6 years is offered.

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Project Facilities Services and Facilities of Talaat Mostafa Apartments

Madinaty New Cairo Talaat Mostafa
Madinaty New Cairo Talaat Mostafa

During the establishment of Madinaty New Cairo Compound, TMG Developments has focused on providing a comfortable and luxurious community. Therefore, it has ensured the provision of a variety of services, facilities and means of entertainment in Madinaty Compound, so that all residents, who buy units, can have a comfortable life. Here are the services of Compound Madinaty New Cairo:

  • Madinaty Talaat Mostafa Group features green spaces suitable for picnics and all kinds of events.
  • Electronic gates are added in Madinaty Compound to increase security and facilitate entry & exit.
  • Families and friends can gather in the Oasis area, inspired by the Bedouin style, in Madinaty New Cairo Compound.
  • Compound Madinaty New Cairo includes a commercial area, containing international brands, so that residents can enjoy shopping.
  • There are various restaurants, serving delicious international dishes, in Madinaty Talaat Mostafa Group.
  • Madinaty Compound features sports courts where various sports can be practiced.
  • To help residents maintain physical fitness, Compound Madinaty provides well-equipped gyms.
  • Madinaty New Cairo contains health clubs, featuring spa and jacuzzi services.
  • There are medical centers, providing integrated medical care for residents of Compound Madinaty New Cairo.
  • Madinaty Talaat Mostafa Group includes security guards and surveillance cameras, working 24 hours a day to preserve the safety of all residents.
  • There are generators in case of a power outage in Madinaty Compound New Cairo.
  • Compound Madinaty presents underground garages to facilitate parking cars.

Project Advantages Features of Compound Madinaty New Cairo

Panoramic View of Madinaty Compound
Panoramic View of Madinaty Compound

Madinaty Compound New Cairo is considered an ideal community for a diversity of clients who search for luxury and comfort since it includes various features such as an exceptional location, diverse spaces, wonderful designs and various services. Moreover, Compound Madinaty Talaat Mostafa Group offers competitive prices as well as flexible payment systems.

Disadvantages of Madinaty Compound

Although Compound Madinaty New Cairo has several features, some clients may complain about the project’s location on the Suez Road which may seem a bit far from the vital places of Cairo; however, with the existence of a large network of roads and axes, surrounding Madinaty Compound, it will be easy to reach the vibrant areas of Cairo.

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Company Previous Work About Talaat Moustafa Group

Talaat Moustafa Group is a giant company in the Egyptian real estate market which was founded in 2007. It has succeeded in modernizing the concept of real estate development in Egypt and has contributed to the construction of about 33,000,000 m2 of land and the selling of more than 90,000 units. Moreover, TMG Developments has launched various mega projects.

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