Apartment Compound Compound Aster New Cairo

Compound Aster New Cairo
Compound Aster New Cairo

Times Developments has announced the establishment of its first project, Compound Aster New Cairo كمبوند استر التجمع الخامس, in the heart of the 5th Settlement. In addition to the strategic location, Aster Compound offers reasonable and competitive prices, which are equivalent to all its exceptional features.

Furthermore, Aster Compound seems to be one of the finest projects, whether for its stunning design or diversity in spaces of units. Aster New Cairo installments systems are considered comfortable for offering the appropriate repayment period, also the down payment percentage required is affordable.


Project Site Location of Aster Compound

Aster Residence New Cairo owns a location in the heart of the 5th Settlement, specifically in the Golden Square, which is a sophisticated, quiet and classy spot. Residents of Compound Aster enjoy direct view of southern 90th Street, facilitating rides to various places. In addition, Aster Times is near several major landmarks and some well-known compounds in New Cairo.

Map of Compound Aster New Cairo
Map of Compound Aster New Cairo

Adjacent to the project Landmarks Near Aster New Cairo

  • 10 minutes only are taken from Aster Compound to the American University and Palm Hills New Cairo.
  • Compound Aster New Cairo is 5 minutes away from Madinaty.
  • Arriving to the New Capital takes 10 minutes from Compound Aster.
  • Aster New Cairo project is located near the Middle Ring Road.
  • Compound Aster is proximate to prestigious compounds in New Cairo like Compound Galleria ResidenceCompound Amorada, and Compound Al Marasem Fifth Square.

Project Design Design of Aster 5th Settlement

Design of Compound Aster Residence
Design of Compound Aster Residence

The main focus of Times Developments is to fulfill the desires of those who look for luxury, perfection, sophistication and tranquility by presenting an integrated residential community. Therefore, providing the largest percentage of area to green spaces in Compound Aster is taken into account, in addition to offering integrated services and facilities.

While designing Compound Aster New Cairo, attention has been paid to the smallest structural and engineering details, starting from developing the execution plan, to the actual implementation. As a result, Aster Compound possesses an ideal location in the Golden Square, and each unit for sale enjoys a panoramic view of water bodies and green spaces, embracing all buildings.

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Project Area Area of Compound Aster New Cairo

Apartments of Aster New Cairo
Apartments of Aster New Cairo

Aster Residence New Cairo covers an area of ​​35 acres, with only 16% of the total area allocated to buildings. The remaining space of Compound Aster is dedicated to basic services, entertaining facilities and fascinating landscapes. Aster New Cairo project consists of 12 residential buildings, composed of a ground floor + 5 upper floors, with a total of 300 apartments.

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Project Prices Spaces and Prices of Compound Aster New Cairo 2024 

Buildings in Aster Compound
Buildings in Aster Compound

Although Aster Compound features a strategic location and a variety of luxurious services, Aster New Cairo prices seem affordable and parallel to all the privileges. Times also offers various spaces of apartments with convenient prices per meter, therefore, buyers get to choose the suitable size of apartment with exceptional prices, starting from 6,000,000 EGP, and the spaces are as follows:

  • 1 Room Apartments: spaces start from 85 m2.
  • 2 Room Apartments: spaces start from 122 m2.
  • 3 Room Apartments: spaces start from ​​150 m2 .

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Project Installment Installment System in Compound Aster New Cairo

A Panoramic View of Buildings in Aster Compound
A Panoramic View of Buildings in Aster Compound

Times has taken diversity of financial statuses into consideration, and thus decides to offer affordable prices despite all the services of Aster Residence New Cairo. Aster New Cairo down payment starts from 10%, and 10% delivery payment is also required to be paid. The remaining amount will be paid in equal installments for up to 8 years, without interest.

In addition, Aster Compound New Cairo offers huge discounts, up to 30%, when paying in cash. Expenses of maintenance, in Aster Times, are only 8% of the value of apartment. Units of Compound Aster New Cairo will be delivered after 2 years of contracting.

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Project Facilities Services and Facilities of Aster Compound

Hotel Entrances of Compound Aster
Hotel Entrances of Compound Aster

Times Developments has been keen to provide all the elements needed for an integrated luxurious community in New Cairo. Therefore, Compound Aster presents all the necessary services and facilities, which residents may need, with competitive prices and convenient installments system. The available services and amenities in Aster 5th Settlement are:

  • A large gym with an area of 2,500 m2 is provided in Aster Compound for sports’ lovers.
  • 85% of the total area of Aster New Cairo project is allocated to wonderful landscapes, merging green spaces with water bodies.
  • Compound Aster New Cairo possesses an international hotel, offering high-quality services.
  • Residents of Aster 5th Settlement can go shopping in the large commercial area and buy from a wide range of international brands.
  • Compound Aster contains spa and jacuzzi, where residents can enjoy relaxing for a while.
  •  Adults and children get to enjoy various activities within Aster Residence New Cairo.
  • Multiple restaurants and cafes, serving various types of food and beverages, are provided in Aster Compound.
  • Aster Times project includes a large garage, so that residents can park their car effortlessly.
  • Modern surveillance equipment and highly trained security guards work on maintaining the safety and security of Aster Compound New Cairo.
  • Each building in Compound Aster contains 2 elevators and a control room.

Project Advantages Features of Aster Residence New Cairo

Green Spaces in Aster Compound
Green Spaces in Aster Compound

Times Developments’ attempt to create an integrated community in Aster compound has succeeded due to all the exceptional features presented. For instance, Compound Aster New Cairo project is distinguished by its strategic location in the heart of New Cairo near several vital areas and other sophisticated compounds.

Moreover, Times Developments has successfully provided a breathtaking design for Aster Compound and a spacious area which can accommodate all the services and facilities needed for a comfortable and luxurious life. Aster Residence New Cairo also contains captivating landscapes, resulted from the accurate design of the compound, which pictures buildings as being embraced by greenery and lakes.

Despite the ideal location, marvelous design, spacious apartments and all services & amenities of Compound Aster, prices are considered reasonable and equivalent to all the features of the compound. Distinctive installments system and affordable down payment are also privileges in Aster 5th Settlement.

Disadvantages of Compound Aster New Cairo

Apartments Views in Compound Aster
Apartments Views in Compound Aster

Times Developments’ main goal is to provide a unique experience to those who prefer living or investing in units of small spaces. Therefore, Aster Compound may lack villas, but offers three-room apartments as an alternative to satisfy those looking for relatively large spaces.

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Company Previous Work About Times Developments

Times Development is one of the largest leading companies in the real estate market, with more than 35 years of experience in the real estate field. It was established by Eng. Ahmed Abdel Latif and Eng. Al Sergani, who have massive history of successful implementation of integrated residential projects.

Owners of Times Developments are also the founders of other major real estate and investment companies such as Ofok, El-Rabwa and Green Waves, which have executed some of the mega projects and integrated residential communities, including Zayed Regency and others in the heart of Sheikh Zayed City.

Former Projects by Times Developments:

  • Zayed Complex Compound
  • Zayed Dunes
  • Zayed Regency

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