Apartment Compound Talda Compound New Cairo

Talda Compound Mostakbal City
Talda Compound Mostakbal City

A magical gateway to a luxurious and exquisite living experience is now open through Talda Compound New Cairo كمبوند تالدا القاهرة الجديدة, established by HDP Developments in the prestigious community of Mostakbal City. In Compound Talda Mostakbal City, marvelously designed apartments and villas are offered at affordable prices, and ultimate luxury is guaranteed with the provision of integrated facilities.


Project Site Location of Talda HDP

Investing in Mostakbal City is a smart move for business owners since it lies in a strategic spot between the New Capital, where the future lies, and New Cairo, where high traffic is guaranteed. Therefore, Housing and Development Properties has decided to build Talda Compound New Cairo in Mostakbal City to be near such vital areas, main roads and axes.

Map of Talda New Cairo
Map of Talda New Cairo

Adjacent to the project Landmarks Near Talda Al Mostakbal

  • Talda Mostakbal City Compound is located near Cairo International Airport.
  • A short distance separates the American University from Compound Talda New Cairo.
  • Talda Compound Mostakbal City is adjacent to the Ring Road.
  • The Suez Road can be easily reached from Talda El Mostakbal.
  • Talda HDP is a short distance from the New Capital.
  • Al Rehab City and Shorouk City can be reached in a few minutes from Compound Talda Mostakbal City.
  • Talda Compound is close to well-known projects in Mostakbal City such as Aliva Compound and The Valleys Compound.

Project Design Design of Compound Talda Mostakbal City

Design of Talda HDP
Design of Talda HDP

HDP Developments exceeds all expectations with the spectacular modern design of Talda New Cairo, aligning with the livable Mostakbal City. The compound presents apartments and townhouses with delightful designs, enhancing the feeling of luxury. Additionally, buildings in Talda Compound Mostakbal City contain a ground floor plus 5 upper floors, featuring luxurious marble entrances.

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Project Area Area of Talda Compound

Views of Units in Compound Talda Mostakbal City
Views of Units in Compound Talda Mostakbal City

Compound Talda Mostakbal City covers an area of 30 acres, and HDP Developments has dedicated 80% to green spaces and artificial lakes, providing all units for sale with stunning views. Besides, Talda Compound Mostakbal City includes 600 apartments and 140 townhouses, available in various spaces, so that luxury seekers can buy the suitable size. Here are the spaces in detail:

  • The area of 2-bedroom apartments ranges from 121 to 141 m2 in Compound Talda New Cairo.
  • 3-bedroom apartments in Talda HDP are provided with spaces ranging between 147 and 165 m2.
  • The spaces of Townhouses start from 275 up to 295 m2, depending on the villa’s location in Talda Compound Mostakbal City.

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Project Prices Talda New Cairo Prices 2024

Townhouse in Talda Compound HDP
Townhouse in Talda Compound HDP

The prices of Talda HDP offer an excellent opportunity to buy a unit for sale in Mostakbal City. These prices align perfectly with the prime location, sophisticated community, comprehensive services and all other features of the compound. HDP Developments has considered setting a convenient price per meter of units in Talda Compound Mostakbal City to achieve affordability of total prices:

  • The price per meter of an apartment is convenient, and thus the starting total price is 6,500,000 EGP in Talda New Cairo.
  • The price of townhouses in Talda Compound Mostakbal City starts from 18,700,000 EGP.

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Project Installment Installment Systems of Talda Mostakbal City Compound

The installment systems in Talda Compound Mostakbal City are designed to attract numerous clients to book units for sale and enjoy the peak of luxury. HDP Developments allows booking units in Talda New Cairo with an affordable down payment starting from 10%, followed by another 10% after 3 years, and the rest is paid in installments over 9 years.

Additionally, booking apartments in Talda Mostakbal City Compound requires an EOI of 50,000 EGP, while villas are booked with 100,000 EGP. HDP will deliver units in semi-finished condition after 3 years. Besides, an 8% maintenance fee is applicable for units in Talda Compound Mostakbal City.

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Project Facilities Services and Facilities of Compound Talda New Cairo

Services of Talda Mostakbal City Housing and Development Bank
Services of Talda Mostakbal City Housing and Development Bank

Residents of Talda Compound Mostakbal City are set to experience a new era of luxury in services and amenities, thanks to the meticulous attention of HDP Developments. The dedication to providing comfort and luxury to the residents of Compound Talda New Cairo is evident in the splendid variety of services. The following points highlight these features in greater detail:

  • Talda Compound features beautifully landscaped areas, along with water features and scenic walking paths, enhancing the aesthetic appeal and providing tranquil spaces for relaxation.
  • The compound is home to a variety of restaurants and cafés, offering residents a wide range of culinary choices right at their doorstep.
  • Residents will find contemporary, underground parking garages, ensuring convenient and secure parking of cars in Talda Al Mostakbal.
  • Talda HDP prioritizes safety with advanced surveillance cameras and professional security personnel, ensuring a secure living environment.
  • Regular maintenance and cleaning services are provided to maintain the aesthetic and functional integrity of Talda Compound Mostakbal City.
  • Compound Talda New Cairo includes a dedicated kids’ area, featuring a variety of popular and safe games so that children can have joyful time.
  • Recreational facilities, including swimming pools, a gym and a spa, are provided for residents seeking fitness and relaxation in Talda Mostakbal City Compound.
  • Talda Compound ensures easy and controlled access with 2 entrance and exit gates for the compound.
  • Paths for running and cycling are included to encourage a healthy and active lifestyle within Compound Talda Mostakbal City.
  • Talda New Cairo features a clubhouse, providing residents with a luxurious space for socializing and recreational activities.
  • There is also a commercial area with a variety of shops and services, allowing residents of Talda Compound New Cairo to buy their everyday needs easily.
  • Compound Talda Mostakbal City includes a large mosque, facilitating religious practices and community gatherings for prayers.

Project Advantages Features of Talda Compound Mostakbal City

Townhouses for sale in Talda Compound New Cairo
Townhouses for sale in Talda Compound New Cairo

Talda Compound has emerged as one of the most significant projects in New Cairo, offering a remarkable blend of features. The compound provides a range of villas and apartments for sale with a diversity of spaces. In addition, the affordability of prices and flexibility of installment plans pave the way for numerous home seekers to own their dream homes.

Drawbacks of Talda New Cairo

While some view Talda Compound Mostakbal City’s location as a disadvantage due to its distance from central Cairo, the new road network has ensured easy access to the compound. The location of Talda Mostakbal City Compound offers a balance of New Cairo’s modernity and luxury, and proximity to the New Capital. Therefore, the compound’s significance is expected to rise soon.

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