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Capital Elite Developments

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Capital Elite Developments

Capital Elite Developments
Capital Elite Developments

Capital Elite Developments شركة كابيتال ايليت للتطوير العقاري was founded with the inception of New Capital. Under the leadership of Engineer Mustafa Mansour, with vast real estate experience since 2006 both in and outside Egypt, he has a strong portfolio ranging from residential to commercial and hotel projects.

The philosophy of Capital Elite Developments is grounded in creativity and innovation, prioritizing client satisfaction in the Egyptian market. This trust, cultivated over the years, has driven the company to deliver unique, unmatched designs in the real estate market, making it one of the top property firms in Egypt.


Capital Elite Developments Projects

Compound Elite Park New Capital

Apartments in Elite Park New Capital
Apartments in Elite Park New Capital

Elite Park Compound New Capital is the latest project by Capital Elite Developments, situated in the distinguished R8 area. This prime location places it near New Capital’s landmarks. Overlooking a broad 90-m avenue, Elite Park ensures easy commuting, saving time and effort.

Compound Elite Park, crafted by the company, boasts unique, global designs with a predominant green essence. It’s among New Capital’s most distinguished projects, paying attention to architectural details. Consisting of only 8 buildings, each with its entrance and elevator, it spans 23 acres, with 22% construction and the rest dedicated to green spaces and natural scenery.

Space consideration is paramount in Elite Park Compound units. The apartments start at 185 m2, reflecting the company’s meticulous planning. Prices remain highly competitive, as the price of units available for sale is starting from 2,775,000 EGP, underscoring the compound’s appeal and value.

Capital Elite Developments offers convenient installment plans to facilitate easy property acquisition in the compound. Buyers can make a 10% down payment and spread the installments over 10 years. Units, delivered by 2026, come semi-finished, while the compound boasts comprehensive amenities and services, enriching the resident experience.

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Other Projects by Capital Elite Developments:  

International Projects:

  • Grand Mecca Hotel, Saudi Arabia
  • Al Yasmin Al Tawba Hotel, Saudi Arabia
  • Makarem Umm Al Qura Hotel, Saudi Arabia
  • Al Wafideen Hotel, Saudi Arabia
  • Golden Tulip Hotel, Saudi Arabia
  • Pearl of Tawhid Hotel, Saudi Arabia
  • Serve Mega Mall, Saudi Arabia.

Projects that Capital Elite Development has contributed to in Egypt:

Partners of Capital Elite Developments

Capital Elite Developments recognizes that success isn’t achieved by chance. It believes that thriving partnerships are pivotal in propelling development. This is evident in its significant collaborations with design and construction firms, as well as partnerships with top-tier management companies.

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