Shopping Mall Mall Mehwar Plaza October

Mall Mehwar Plaza October
Mall Mehwar Plaza October

Introduced by Namaa Alkhaleej Development, Mehwar Plaza Mall in October مول محور بلازا اكتوبر is a shining new addition to their triumphant portfolio. Its strategic location, contemporary design, varied spaces, superior services, and competitive pricing anchor its status in the Namaa Alkhaleej’s project lineup. This bold statement piece certainly puts a new spin on their growing success story.


Project Site Location of Mehwar Plaza Namaa Alkhaleej

Mall Mehwar Plaza October’s location is crucial to its distinct advantage and status. Set to become a landmark in 6th of October City, it attracts the elite seeking tranquility and sophistication near the capital and main roads. Discover the benefits of Mehwar Plaza Mall October’s location and nearby landmarks in the points below:

Map of Mehwar Plaza Mall
Map of Mehwar Plaza Mall

Adjacent to the project Places Near Mehwar Plaza 6 October

  • Mall Mehwar Plaza October is just 2 minutes from MSA University, 8 minutes from MUST, and 6 minutes from 6th of October University, ensuring constant traffic throughout the day.
  • Mehwar Plaza Mall October is just 8 minutes from Dar Al-Fouad Hospital, serving the clinics within the project.
  • The project is located only 5 minutes from 6th of October Club and 10 minutes from El-Gezira Club.
  • Mehwar Plaza 6 October is a mere 5 minutes from Mall of Arabia and 10 minutes from Mall of Egypt.
  • Mehwar Plaza Namaa Alkhaleej is adjacent to Mall Val October and Westgate Mall.

Project Design Design of Mall Mehwar Plaza October

Design of Mehwar Plaza 6 October
Design of Mehwar Plaza 6 October

Mehwar Plaza Mall October, one of the important Namaa Alkhaleej projects, dazzles with its modern design, featuring glass facades and comprising a basement, ground floor, and 2 upper floors. Mehwar Plaza Namaa Alkhaleej is a versatile development in 6th of October City, catering to commercial, administrative, and medical needs.

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Project Area Area of Mehwar Plaza 6 October

Landscape of Mehwar Plaza Project
Landscape of Mehwar Plaza Project

Mehwar Plaza Mall October spans an impressive area of 18,018 m2, with a 180 m façade directly on 26th of July axis. Unit sizes at Mall Mehwar Plaza October range from 39 to 377 m2, offering immense versatility for various investment opportunities, from global brands to startups.Below are the details of the unit sizes for Mehwar Plaza Mall:

  • Commercial shop spaces in Mehwar Plaza Namaa Alkhaleej start at 39 m2.
  • Administrative office spaces in Mall Mehwar Plaza October begin at 55 m2.
  • Medical clinic areas in Mehwar Plaza Mall October start at 42 m2.

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Project Prices Mehwar Plaza Mall October Prices 2024

Panoramic View of Mehwar Plaza Units
Panoramic View of Mehwar Plaza Units

Discover the perfect opportunity to buy units for sale at the exceptional Namaa Alkhaleej Projects. Boasting excellent locations like Mehwar Plaza 6 October, it provides superior services, spaces, and designs to suit all needs and activities. The prices for units in Mehwar Plaza start from 8,947,125 EGP for units with an area of 60 m2.

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Project Installment Installments & Reservation in Mehwar Plaza 6 October

Immerse yourself in a spectrum of investment opportunities at Mehwar Plaza Namaa Alkhaleej. With Namaa Alkhaleej Development’s attractive 5% down payment and comfortable 6-year installment scheme, owning a piece of this plaza is within your reach. Catering to diverse needs, there’s a place for everyone.

It offers installments that make investing as easy as a breeze. Spaces tailored for all await, with a quick turnaround time, you can anticipate receiving your unit within just 2.5 years. The Expression of Interest (EOI) stands at 100,000 EGP for retail spaces and a budget-friendly 50,000 EGP for offices and clinics.

  • 5% down payment with a repayment period of up to 4 years.
  • 10% down payment, with the remaining installments over 5 years.
  • You can also pay a 15%down payment, with the rest in installments over 6 years.

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Project Facilities Facilities & Services of Mall Mehwar Plaza October

Services and Facilities of Mall Mehwar Plaza
Services and Facilities of Mall Mehwar Plaza

Boasting years of expertise in the real estate arena, Namaa Alkhaleej Development has refined its insight into customer demands for commercial ventures. Mehwar Plaza Mall October emerges as a prime pick for investors, with unique services drawing a steady stream of visitors to this standout among Namaa Alkhaleej Projects. The notable amenities and features at Mehwar Plaza 6 October include:

  • Discover a bustling plaza area with renowned cafes and restaurants at Mall Mehwar Plaza October.
  • Unparalleled security services, guards, and surveillance cameras can be found at Mehwar Plaza Mall October.
  • Parking garage amenities for employees and visitors are available at Mehwar Plaza 6 October.
  • Experience lightning-fast internet for precise work accomplishment at Mehwar Plaza Namaa Alkhaleej.
  • Panoramic views of Mehwar 26 July are a feature of all units at Namaa Alkhaleej Projects’ Mehwar Plaza Mall 6 October.
  • Easy and efficient administrative unit service is provided through meeting rooms and a conference hall at Mehwar Plaza Mall.
  • Avoid congestion and enjoy smooth navigation with numerous elevators, smart gates, and a reception desk at Mall Mehwar Plaza October.
  • Indulge in the gym and spa facilities located inside Mehwar Plaza Namaa Alkhaleej.
  • Storage spaces catering to mall shops are available at Namaa Alkhaleej Development’s Mehwar Plaza Namaa Alkhaleej.
  • A mosque and kids’ area complete the list of services inside the mall.
  • Enjoy a unique and pleasant shopping experience with the availability of ATMs at Mehwar Plaza Namaa Alkhaleej.

Project Advantages Advantages of Mehwar Plaza Mall October

Mall Mehwar Plaza, developed by Namaa Alkhaleej, offers a wide range of unbeatable features at an excellent selling price. Its prime location guarantees a high return on investment, while diverse spaces cater to various investors. Superior services make Mehwar Plaza Mall a fitting home for world-class companies and remarkable brands, solidifying its status as an iconic landmark in October.

Disadvantages of Mall Mehwar Plaza October

Clinics in Mehwar Plaza 6 October
Clinics in Mehwar Plaza 6 October

Despite the appeal of Mall Mehwar Plaza, some may hesitate to buy units under construction. However, experience shows that this is the best time to invest in any real estate unit, whether commercial or residential. By acquiring a unit at the lowest possible price, investors can maximize their returns and profits at Mehwar Plaza Mall.

Project's Brochure Brochure of Mehwar Plaza Mall October

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Company Previous Work About Namaa Alkhaleej Development

Established in 2019, Namaa Alkhaleej Development has achieved several successful projects in Saudi Arabia, making it a prominent real estate company. Led by engineer Zahran Mohammed and Muaz Al-Mukhdoob, Namaa Alkhaleej Projects actively contribute to Egypt’s real estate boom through various commercial endeavors, further solidifying its reputation in the industry.

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