Villa Compound Village Dose North Coast

Village Dose North Coast
Village Dose North Coast

Akam AlRajhi Developments has launched its first project in the North Coast, Village Dose North Coast قرية دوس الساحل الشمالي, in a strategic location in Ras Al Hikma, near vital areas. Village Dose prices are the lowest on the North Coast despite its excellent services, making it a real opportunity for those wishing to invest or spend an unforgettable summer.


Project Site Where is Dose Village North Coast Located?

The long experience of Akam AlRajhi Developments has made it keen to choose excellent sites for its projects, therefore, the company has chosen Ras Al-Hikma, specifically on kilometer 174 of Alexandria-Matrouh Road. It is strategically located near vital places and main roads, which contributes greatly to the success of Dose North Coast, placing it at the top of clients’ choices.

Map of Dose Village North Coast
Map of Dose Village North Coast

Adjacent to the project Places Near Dose North Coast Village

  • Matrouh is about 40 minutes away from Dose North Coast Village.
  • El Alamein Airport is very close to Village Dose North Coast.
  • Dose Project is 280 km away from Cairo via El-Dabaa Road.
  • Bianchi North Coast and Amwaj North Coast Village are adjacent to Dose Village North Coast.

Project Design Design of Village Dose North Coast

Design of Dose Project
Design of Dose Project

Innovative, modern designs are the most important attractions in Dose North Coast, as buildings are in harmony with landscapes, giving comfort and tranquility. Dose Village North Coast is designed so 60% of the units directly overlook the sea, while 30% of Dose North Coast units have a panoramic view surrounding the seashore, and 10% have views of the swimming pool.

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Project Area Area of ​​Dose Village North Coast

Dose North Coast Village extends over a huge area of ​​125 acres, and it is difficult to feel bored in Village Dose North Coast, as Akam AlRajhi Developments is keen to allocate most of the space for gardens and landscaping. Village Dose North Coast has a beach of 450 m2, while the depth of Dose North Coast is 1,000 km.

Phases of Dose North Coast

Village Dose North Coast consists of a series of fascinating seaside phases, offering a variety of exceptional services ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable living experience. Each phase features a specific type of unit, providing privacy to clients. Here’s a glimpse into the different phases of Dose Akam AlRajhi:

Epic Chalet Phase

Epic Chalet Phase
Epic Chalet Phase

The Epic Chalet phase of Dose North Coast stands out with its vast expanse, offering chalets for sale along the North Coast at exceptionally competitive prices. The chalets feature from 1 to 3 bedrooms and are offered in diverse spaces, allowing clients to choose the suitable size depending on their needs.

Jay Serviced Apartment Phase

Jay Serviced Apartment Phase
Jay Serviced Apartment Phase

The phase of Jay Serviced Apartment at Dose Akam Al Rajhi exclusively offers hotel chalets, fully furnished, impeccably finished and move-in ready. Units are provided in a variety of spaces. Jay Serviced Apartment is considered one of the most significant phases in Dose North Coast, where clients get to create unforgettable memories by the sea.

Kernel House Phase

Kernel House Phase
Kernel House Phase

In Kernel House phase, clients can experience the true meaning of luxury amidst the beauty of nature. This phase of Dose North Coast Village includes townhouses and twin houses, harmoniously integrated with the enchanting greenspaces. Each unit is meticulously designed and features upscale finishes, creating a living environment that blends style and comfort.

Airy Villa Phase

Villas of Airy Villa Phase
Villas of Airy Villa Phase

The Airy Villa phase of Dose North Coast captures the heart with its collection of sophisticated standalone villas for sale, symbolizing luxury, tranquility and privacy. This exceptional phase is designed with the utmost care, prioritizing privacy between each villa. Additionally, the surrounding green spaces add a serene and peaceful ambiance.

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Project Prices Dose North Coast Spaces & Prices 2024 

Lagoon in Dose North Coast
Lagoon in Dose North Coast

Akam AlRajhi Developments has offered units for sale in Dose Village North Coast at very competitive prices per meter to encourage many clients and investors to buy a unit there, and areas in Dose North Coast Village vary among chalets, hotel apartments, townhouses, twin houses, and standalone villas. Dose unit prices, according to their areas, are as shown below:

  • Chalets of 70 m2, featuring 1 bedroom, are offered with prices starting from 9,520,000 EGP.
  • The starting price for 2-bedroom chalets at Village Dose North Coast is 11,970,500 EGP.
  • 3-bedroom chalets in Dose North Coast are available with prices starting from 17,920,000 EGP.
  • Meanwhile, the starting price for townhouses and twin houses is 22,500,000 EGP.
  • As for the standalone villas in Dose North Coast, their starting price is 48,000,000 EGP.

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Project Installment Village Dose Installments & Reservation

Chalets in Dose Village
Chalets in Dose Village

Akam AlRajhi Developments presents very distinguished offers to book Dose North Coast units, and there is a special offer when buying hotel apartments in Dose Village North Coast, where Akam AlRajhi Developments will fully finish the apartments with furniture for the first 100 clients, and Village Dose North Coast chalets and villas will be delivered fully finished with air-conditioning.

Besides that, Village Dose down payment is the lowest, as you can book the units for sale without a down payment, and Dose installments extend for up to 10 years. The payment plans, consisting of Dose down payment and installments, can be viewed through the points below:

  • 6% down payment and equal installments over 6 years.
  • 7% down payment and equal installments over 7 years.
  • 10% down payment and equal installments over 8 years.
  • It is also possible to pay a refundable reservation fee of 50,000 EGP to buy a chalet in Village Dose North Coast, or 100,000 EGP to buy a villa.

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Project Video Video of Village Dose North Coast

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Project Facilities Services & Facilities of Dose Village North Coast

Services of Village Dose
Services of Village Dose

Services and facilities always play an important role in the personality and fame of any North Coast village, as they are one of the most important points of attraction to those wishing to spend a wonderful summer on the North Coast.

Therefore, Akam AlRajhi Developments has made sure that Dose Village is an integrated community, to ensure the greatest amount of luxury, qualifying it to compete strongly among other villages. Among the most prominent services and facilities of Village Dose North Coast:

  • Inside Dose Village North Coast, you will find many swimming pools of different depths and shapes to suit all ages.
  • For fun evenings by the sea, you will find a clubhouse at the highest level in Village Dose project.
  • For more privacy and enjoyment, you will find a swimming pool for women and another for couples in Dose Village North Coast.
  • You will also be constantly surrounded by landscapes and gardens throughout Village Dose North Coast, giving you a wonderful sense of serenity and tranquility.
  • And to ensure comfort and hotel services at the highest level, there is an international hotel to receive guests and visitors of Dose Village North Coast.
  • To complete your enjoyment with the happiness of your children, there is a kids’ area inside Village Dose North Coast.
  • There is also a complex of restaurants and cafes that cater to all tastes in Dose Village North Coast.
  • For complete relaxation and ultimate comfort, you will find a social club equipped with a gym, saunaand jacuzzi in the Village Dose North Coast.
  • Dose project also gave great importance to security and safety within the village, providing trained security and guard services at the highest level, and modern surveillance cameras.
  • Enjoy beachfront cycling through the walking and biking trails at Village Dose North Coast.
  • In anticipation of any emergency and spending your vacation in safety, there is an integrated medical center within Dose Village North Coast.

Project Advantages Advantages of Dose Village North Coast

Villas in Dose North Coast
Villas in Dose North Coast

Akam AlRajhi Development has provided many features in Dose Village to make it at the forefront of the North Coast’s projects, with an excellent location, diverse spaces, unbeatable prices, and a large and reliable company such as Akam AlRajhi Developments, Village Dose North Coast becomes the best of all in the North Coast.

Disadvantages of Village Dose North Coast

Despite the great demand for the North Coast to spend wonderful times on its charming beaches, some still see that it is far from Cairo and difficult to reach, but with the state’s interest in road projects, reaching it takes only 3 hours from Cairo, and Dose Village North Coast is located near Al Dabaa Road, making it easily accessible.

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Company Previous Work About Akam AlRajhi Developments

Akam AlRajhi Developments was established after the merger of Al-Rajhi Company and Akam Real Estate, with 30 years of experience in the market. It is also an Egyptian-Saudi company including 4 other companies. Akam Al-Rajhi Developments seeks to build a record of success in Egypt so that Egyptian clients can be satisfied with its projects through high levels of quality.

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