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Za Mall New Capital
Za Mall New Capital

Za Mall New Capital ذا مول العاصمة الإدارية الجديدة is a significant investment project, encompassing a vast array of commercial, administrative, and medical units with diverse sizes and prices to suit all activities. Catering to varied tastes, Za Mall is an excellent choice for investors, offering a prime location and comprehensive services. 


Project Site Location of Za New Capital Mall 

Initially, you might wonder, “Where is Za Mall located?” It sits at the heart of New Capital, precisely at the main entrance in Downtown area, MU-19, on a 70m-wide street. Conveniently accessible, the mall is near many vital locations in New Capital. 

Map of Za New Capital Mall
Map of Za New Capital Mall

Adjacent to the project Nearby Places to Mall Za New Capital

  • Za Mall New Capital is only 1 minute away from Al Masa Hotel.
  • It is approximately 3 minutes from Presidential Palace.
  • Government District is about 2 minutes from Za Mall.
  • The distance from Za Mall to Financial and Business District is merely 3 minutes.
  • It is conveniently located near Green River, Monorail Station, and 90 Street.
  • Za New Capital Mall is also a short distance from key Downtown malls, such as Downtown Mall New Capital and The Loft Plaza Mall New Capital.

Project Design Design of Za Mall New Capital 

Design of Mall Za New Capital
Design of Mall Za New Capital

Zaytoun Development elegantly designed Za Mall in a sophisticated modern U-shape. It features a ground floor dedicated to restaurants and cafés, 6 upper floors, and a parking area for 200 cars. The project houses 195 units, divided into administrative, medical, and commercial spaces, ensuring you’ll find the perfect fit when booking a unit at Za New Capital Mall. 

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Project Spaces Area of Za Mall Zaytoun 

Roof Cafes of Za Mall Zaytoun
Roof Cafes of Za Mall Zaytoun

Za Mall spans a total area of 6,338 m², with 3,521 m² utilized for buildings. Nearly 50% of the remaining area is devoted to lush green spaces and scenic landscapes surrounding the mall for enjoyment. Additionally, the company has ensured a variety of unit sizes in Mall Za New Capital.

If you’re seeking a unit tailored to your business needs, you’ll find it in this mall, as it encompasses all unit types imaginable. The sizes range from 23 m² to 1,056 m², varying from commercial and administrative to medical units. These are aligned with the diverse pricing options of Za Mall’s units, whether installment-based or cash.

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Project Prices Prices of Za New Capital Mall 2024

Restaurants of Za Mall New Capital
Restaurants of Za Mall New Capital

The unit price depends on the area of the shop or office you desire, the services provided in the unit, and its location on each floor. Prices at Za Mall are starting from 118,000 EGP. Total unit prices in Za Mall begin from 3,894,000 EGP for units with an area of 33 m².

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Project Installment Payment Plans and Installment Systems of Mall Za New Capital

Panorama View of Za New Capital Mall
Panorama View of Za New Capital Mall

Zaytoun Development offers a variety of payment and installment plans to suit all budgets, easing the process for its esteemed customers and gaining their trust when booking units in Za New Capital Mall. These booking and installments methods are as follows:

  • 35% of the unit price upfront, with the first installment due at receipt, and spread the remainder over 5 years.
  • 15% down payment, 10% at receipt, and installment of the balance over 9 years.
  • 10% of the unit price initially, another 10% at receipt, and the rest over 8
  • 10% initial payment of the unit price, with the balance payable over 7 years.
  • 5% down payment of the unit price, with the remaining amount spread over 6 years.

Finishing and Delivery Specifications of Za New Capital Mall

In Za Mall, the finishing specifications adhere to the highest standards. The company has chosen a super deluxe finish for the units, including central air conditioning, electrical supply, a fire alarm and extinguishing system. The flooring is 1st-class ceramic, complemented by secure external doors. The company has set 2023 as the delivery date for Za Mall’s units and shops. 

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فيديو المشروع Video of Za Mall Zaytoun

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Project Facilities Facilities and Services of Za Mall New Capital

Plaza Area at Mall Za New Capital
Plaza Area at Mall Za New Capital

Za New Capital Mall boasts a network of utilities designed for peak efficiency to serve the mall’s units. Additionally, Mall Za New Capital offers a suite of services that elevate the project’s elegance and luxury. Some of these services and amenities include:

  • A chain of restaurants and cafes offering distinguished hotel-level services with the highest quality at Za Mall New Capital.
  • A network of surveillance devices, gates, and cameras ensures customer security and safety, achieving peace of mind within the mall.
  • For customer comfort, Za Mall is equipped with air-conditioned elevators and escalators.
  • An environmentally friendly green space is maintained inside and outside the building, upholding ecological well-being.
  • The Mall features artificial water lakes, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the surroundings.
  • Units in Za New Capital Mall significantly rely on clean solar energy.
  • A specialized maintenance company is included, ready to repair any service malfunction.
  • Za Mall’s units are provided with high-speed internet service, ensuring a suitable workspace.
  • ATM machines are available in Za Mall for easy financial transactions.
  • A children’s amusement area is present, offering enjoyable times for kids while families shop in Za Mall Zaytoun.

Project Advantages Privileges of Za New Capital Mall

Shops at Za Mall Zaytoun
Shops at Za Mall Zaytoun

Za New Capital Mall holds immense importance, both among real estate professionals and customers eagerly awaiting their units, shops, and stores. The units offer numerous advantages, including diverse sizes, luxurious finishes, countless facilities and services, and various installment, and payment options. These features significantly ease the process of booking your unit in the project.

Project Disadvantages Drawbacks of Mall Za New Capital

Za Mall’s location in New Capital may seem relatively distant from the heart of Cairo. However, this has been considered with the development of infrastructure that ensures swift transit between New Capital and other provinces, thereby facilitating convenience for customers. 

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Company Previous WorkAbout Zaytoun Development

Services of Za Mall New Capital
Services of Za Mall New Capital

Zaytoun Development, a foremost entity in Egypt and the Arab region’s real estate investment sector, is spearheading the development of Za Mall New Capital. Esteemed as one of the best in the field, Zaytoun has garnered accolades for its exceptional real estate investment services.

Projects of Zaytoun Developments

Zaytoun Development’s impressive portfolio showcases its vast potential in construction, building, and general real estate investment. Offering reliable investment opportunities in agriculture, automotive, and real estate, alongside medical investments and pharmacy establishments, Zaytoun has emerged as one of Egypt’s premier real estate firms, thanks to its diverse and successful project spectrum.

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