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Down Town Mall New Capital
Down Town Mall New Capital

Stepping into the investment realm of Down Town Mall New Capital داون تاون مول العاصمة الإدارية الجديدة, founded by Eight Developments, unveils a realm of unparalleled potential . Let’s delve into the myriad of benefits, from alluring prices to booking flexibilities that stretch up to 20 years.

Boasting a rich tapestry of numerous amenities, promising returns, and upscaled services nestled in the coveted downtown where everyone vies for a space. So, we’re here to furnish you with every detail essential for an informed decision. Let’s Dive in together.


Project Site Location of Mall Down Town 

Located precisely at plot MU02 – 37 in Downtown, The Mall overlooks the stunning Central Park and a distinctive 120 m-wide promenade. It’s surrounded by abundant green spaces and a 40 m-wide street. Moreover, it’s near iconic capital landmarks like Udora Mall New Capital and Regency Business Tower New Capital.

Map of Mall Down Town
Map of Mall Down Town

Adjacent to the project Nearby Places of Down Town Mall New Capital

Down Town Mall stands out for its prime location and proximity to vital points:

    • Mall Down Town is Located about 15 minutes by car from governmental district.
    • There’s an easy access from Down Town Mall New Capital to Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed axis and regional ring road.
    • It’s roughly 30 minutes’ drive away from Al Fattah Al Aleem Mosque.
    • Down Town Mall New Capital is 15 minutes car journey from Cathedral of Nativity.
    • The availability of convenient routes from Down Town Mall to Souq Al-Dahab and Egyptian Opera House.

Project Design Design and Areas of Mall Down Town

Design of Down Town Mall Eight Developments
Design of Down Town Mall Eight Developments

Down Town Mall New Capital sprawls over 3,450 m², with the mall itself occupying 1,035 m². It comprises 10 floors, excluding 2 underground parking levels and the ground floor. The design segregates the ground, 1st, and 2nd floors for commercial use, while the remaining levels serve administrative purposes.

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Project Prices Prices of Down Town Mall New Capital 2024

Panorama View for Down Town Mall New Capital
Panorama View for Down Town Mall New Capital

Prices of units available for sale in Down Town Mall New Capital are competitive, starting from 1,120,000  EGP. In the administrative section, spaces start at 32 m², complete with finishing and air conditioning. With a 55% handover rate, a mandatory 5-years lease contract offers rental returns ranging from 15-22% annually.

In the commercial section of Down Town Mall New Capital, spaces start from 27 m² with a 50% handover rate. Additionally, a 5% discount on the 50% is granted upon receiving or purchasing the offered units in new Down Town Mall Eight Developments.

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Project Installment Payment and Installment Methods of Mall Downtown

A standout feature of investing in Down Town Mall New Capital is the unique opportunity for a 20-year installment plan, unprecedented in New Capital, without typical banking procedures. This sets it apart from other malls in the area. Additionally, it offers an impressive immediate return of 96% or 60%, a first in Middle East.

Beyond the installment benefits at Down Town Mall, it offers the first genuine mandatory rental guarantee contract. The lease term for its units spans 5 years post-handover, auto-renewable. The annual rental rate varies between 15%-22% of the total. Additionally, the mandatory contract for commercial units includes a 10% annual rental increase.

To buy units in Down Town Mall, several options are available:

  • 10% down payment with installments spread over 7 years.
  • 15% down payment with installments over 8 years.
  • 40% upfront, with the first installment due post-handover, spread over 4 years, and a 15% handover payment.
  • Additionally, a 10% maintenance fee is allocated upon booking units in Down Town Mall Eight Developments.

Finishing method of the mall units.

The finishing and delivery specifications in Down Town Mall are exemplary, with the commercial units delivered in a Core & Shell format, while the administrative units enjoy full finishes. This is based on the agreement between the client and the company for units, ensuring comprehensive services are provided.

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Project Video Video of Down Town Mall New Capital

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Project Facilities Facilities and Services of Mall Down Town

Roof of Mall Down Town
Roof of Mall Down Town

The facilities and services at Down Town Mall New Capital are diverse and all-encompassing, catering to all unit owners and every visitor’s needs to ensure a comfortable and delightful experience, facilitating their tasks and endeavors. Also, it boasts a vast array of exceptional services and amenities, ensuring the success of your investment venture, Such as:

  • Down Town Mall New Capital has a vast parking garage to prevent car congestion.
  • A spacious plaza with an array of diverse restaurants and cafes.
  • A safe and entertaining kids’ area for children’s activities is provided in Mall Down Town.
  • It’s equipped with an automatic alarm system for fire warnings.
  • A Drive Thru service for vehicles is offered in Mall Down Town.
  • Down Town Mall is a pioneer in the introduction of hologram technology, in New Capital.
  • Elegant water fountains enhancing Down Town Mall’s aesthetics.
  • A food court showcasing a variety of international eateries.
  • Down Town Mall New Capital includes escalators to ensure easy movement between floors.
  • Regular cleaning is provided for all the units throughout the mall.
  • Mall Down Town also features advanced lighting, energy, and fire systems.

Project Advantages Privileges of Down Town Mall New Capital

Mall Down Town
Mall Down Town

Down Town Mall boasts a prime location with a unique view of central park and tourist promenade. Renowned for its architectural elegance, it integrates the latest technological advancements and offers top-tier amenities. Visitors benefit from exceptional organization, competitive prices, easy reservation processes, and financing options spanning 20 years.

Drawbacks of Mall Down Town

Some might see a limitation in Down Town Mall, as it hosts only commercial and administrative units, lacking medical spaces. This design choice is primarily due to the mall’s focus on providing extensive administrative offices and commercial shops, ensuring an optimal work environment.

Project's Brochure Brochure of Down Town Mall New Capital

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Company Previous WorkAbout Eight Developments

Eight Developments, a prominent Egyptian joint-stock company, marked its presence in the real estate market since 2017. With a series of successful projects mainly in North El Rehab and Fifth Settlement, the company ventured into New Capital with its inaugural project, Down Town Mall New Capital, showcasing a stellar investment opportunity.

Eight Developments boasts of 52 projects, with 9 already realized. The remainder are set for delivery in 2021 and 2022, spanning across regions like Beit Al Watan, Al Andalus, New Narges, North First District, North El Rehab, Zayed, and within ‘Share’ community of Selena Bay, a mere 3 km from El Gouna. Their portfolio also includes standalone buildings and mini-compounds.

Eight Developments’ project partners.

  • Archrete serves as the principal consultant and designer for the project, having designed and executed over 30 projects in New Capital and for LaVista.
  • The project’s engineering consultant is Eng. Walid Abdel Ghaffar. His notable works include:
  • Ministry of Justice.
  • Madinah Airport.
  • Pfizer Pharmaceuticals.
  • Air Hospital.
  • Saudi German Hospital.
  • Egypt Petroleum.
  • GASCO Petroleum.
  • CIB Bank.
  • ABC Bank.
  • Audi Bank.
  • New Alamein University.
  • New Alamein Entertainment City.
  • New Alamein Towers.
  • Revan Compound in New Capital.
  • Fountain Park Project in New Cairo.
  • Sun Capital Project in 6th of October.
  • Capital Business Park.
  • Over 12 malls in New Capital.

Previous works of Eight Developments:

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