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Solidere Mall New Capital
Solidere Mall New Capital

In the burgeoning heart of Egypt’s New Capital, a landmark of commerce and leisure stands tall – Solidere Mall New Capital سوليدير مول العاصمة الإدارية الجديدة, This architectural marvel embraces a wide array of investment activities, including retail trade, gastronomic delights, office spaces, and health clinics.

Mall Solidere New Capital also doubles as a center of entertainment, presenting an all-inclusive experience for visitors and investors alike, boasting an extensive selection of shops and stores that cater to a wide range of preferences, all while maintaining competitive prices.


Project Site Location of Solidere New Capital Mall

Located at Plot No. 1, Solidere Mall occupies a prime location in the center of New Capital, marking the entry to the Downtown. Solidere Mall New Capital is surrounded by three roadways, each measuring 70, 40, and 40 m in width. Solidere Mall is situated near major corporations in oil and insurance, gold traders, and fashion outlets, enhancing its allure.

Adjacent to the project Nearby Landmarks of Solidere Mall Waren Developments

  • Solidere Mall boasts a prestigious location by being positioned near Opera House, and Almasa Hotel.
  • Mall Solidere New Capital is a 30-minute drive from the New Capital Airport.
  • The Monorail station is a short distance away from Solidere Mall Waren Developments.
  • Solidere Mall New Capital is ten minutes from the Cathedral and Exhibitions Center.
  • Solidere Mall Waren Developments is situated in close proximity to other renowned shopping destinations, including Opal Mall New Capital and Cubes Tower New Capital.
  • Solidere New Capital is also conveniently close to the R7 Residential Area, the Business and Finance District.
  • Africa’s tallest tower and the Green River are situated near Solidere Mall.
Location of Solidere New Capital Mall
Location of Solidere New Capital Mall

Project Design The Architectural Design of Solidere New Capital

Solidere Mall’s design characterizes modern architectural brilliance, intended to be a contemporary destination in Downtown, by providing a unique shopping and leisure experience with retail shops, restaurants, offices, and clinics at competitive prices. Mall Solidere New Capital comprises a ground floor and eight additional floors, covering 4,500 m2 with a total built area of 12,184 m2.

Every unit at Solidere New Capital Mall has a ceiling height of 3.5 m, consisting of 399 administrative and 78 commercial units. Serene natural landscapes are a bonus that the management values together with a variety of entertainment options at Solidere Mall.

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Project Spaces Spaces of units in Solidere Mall Waren Developments

The commercial units start from 23 m2, offering a dynamic range of retail possibilities, spanning from the ground floor up to the first. The medical units for sale at Solidere Mall start from 22 m2 and cover a vertical stretch from the second floor to the eighth floor, providing a clear division between healthcare and commercial services within Solidere Waren.

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Project Prices Solidere Mall New Capital Prices 2024

The Design of Mall Solidere New Capital
The Design of Mall Solidere New Capital

The pricing structure within Solidere Mall New Capital is meticulously crafted to accommodate a diverse range of business needs and investment scales, reflecting the unique characteristics of each unit in terms of its type, size, and strategic location. The total price of units in Mall Solidere New Capital starts from 1,430,000 EGP, catering to a variety of business ambitions.

For those interested in the bustling world of retail, the price per meter for commercial units starts competitively from 140,000 EGP, offering an enticing gateway to buy your favorite unit for sale in Solidere New Capital Mall’s dynamic retail landscape.

Meanwhile, the administrative and clinic units for sale, integral to the professional and healthcare sectors within Mall Solidere New Capital, are available with a price per meter starting from 65,000 EGP, thus providing a range of options for businesses and medical practitioners seeking a prestigious address in this thriving new urban center.

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Project Installment Flexible Payment Plans in Solidere Waren Project

Solidere Mall caters to its diverse clientele with flexible payment plans, easing the acquisition of various units such as retail spaces, offices, and medical clinics. Investors and clients, who desire to book a unit in Mall Solidere New Capital, can choose from the following options:

  • A 10% down payment is required to be paid, followed by 7-year installment payments, appealing to those seeking a gradual investment spread over time.
  • Alternatively, a 15% down payment option coupled with extended 8-year installments, provides an intermediary solution.
  • For those who prefer a longer-term approach, a 25% down payment option is available, completed by a 9-year installment period, thus offering an extended timeframe for financial planning and commitment.

Clinics and administrative units in Solidere Mall are provided completely furnished, showing sophistication and professionalism, while commercial spaces are supplied in core and shell condition for customized options, further adding to their attractiveness. The anticipated delivery of these units in 2022 heralds the start of new commercial prospects in Egypt’s developing urban environment.

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Project Video Solidere Mall New Capital Video

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Project Facilities Services and Amenities at Solidere Mall New Capital

Plaze of Solidere Waren Project
Plaze of Solidere Waren Project

Solidere Mall New Capital is infused with a blend of sophistication and practicality, offering a wide range of services and facilities. These features are thoughtfully integrated to cater to a diverse audience, making Solidere Waren Project a favored destination for both investors and visitors. Here are the key highlights:

  • Building Management Systems (BMS): These systems ensure efficient and smooth operation of the building’s various functions.
  • CCTV Surveillance: Mall Solidere New Capital is under continuous watch through these systems, enhancing security for all.
  • Free Internet Access: Visitors can enjoy uninterrupted internet connectivity throughout Solidere Mall.
  • Secure Monitoring at Entrances and Exits: All entry and exit points are closely monitored for added security.
  • Cafés and Restaurants: Solidere Mall New Capital features a diverse array of cafes and restaurants, offering visitors a wide range of culinary experiences, from casual coffee breaks to elegant dining options.
  • 24-Hour Security System: Solidere New Capital Mall is under round-the-clock security surveillance to ensure the safety of visitors and staff.
  • Central Air Conditioning: The entire premises are equipped with central air conditioning for consistent comfort.
  • Backup Generators: To ensure an uninterrupted power supply, Solidere Mall is equipped with reliable backup generators.
  • Advanced Fire Safety Systems: Enhanced safety is guaranteed with a state-of-the-art fire alarm and extinguishing system.
  • High-Quality Elevators: Four elevators provide convenient access across different floors, ensuring easy mobility.
  • ATM Machines: For easy financial transactions, several ATMs are strategically placed within Solidere New Capital Mall.
  • Communal Restrooms on Each Floor: Every floor is equipped with communal restrooms for convenience.
  • Kids Areas: Solidere Mall New Capital features dedicated children’s entertainment areas, ensuring a delightful experience for young visitors.


Project Advantages Features of Solidere Mall

Features of Solidere Mall
Features of Solidere Mall

Solidere Mall’s varied unit offerings, which include office, commercial, and medical spaces, as well as its dedication to providing the greatest facilities and payment options, are some of its main features. Solidere Mall New Capital is notable for its range of units, places specifically designed for children’s enjoyment, cutting-edge surveillance cameras, and contemporary security systems.

The Drawback of Mall Solidere New Capital

Solidere Mall New Capital strikes a balance between competitive pricing and a diverse range of activities. While some may initially consider its units as relatively high-priced, a closer examination reveals that Waren Developments offers reasonable prices with convenient installment systems, making them competitive when compared to other projects in the New Capital.

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Company Previous Work About Waren Developments

Waren Developments, the visionary behind Solidere Mall, is a prominent player in Egypt’s real estate development sector. Waren Developments is not only the creator of Mall Solidere New Capital but also oversees its construction through a team of seasoned experts. With a history spanning 15 years, it has been established as a renowned brand associated with several prestigious investment projects.

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