Shopping Mall Solidere Mall New Administrative Capital Project

Solidere Mall New Administrative Capital
Solidere Mall New Administrative Capital

Solidere Mall New Capital (سوليدير مول) is one of the most important malls in the New Capital that have been allocated to various investment activities such as retail trade, restaurants, offices, and clinics. In addition to the availability of various entertainment activities in the mall.

Below we’ll explain all the information and details about Solidere Mall stores and payment systems for booking units of the mall for the best real investment opportunity in the New Administrative Capital.


Project Site Solidere Mall New Capital Site

Solidere Mall is located in the heart of the New Capital in block No. 1 at the entrance of the Down Town Area, in front of the monorail, the Opera House, and Al-Massa Hotel in Down Town business district. The mall is surrounded by three streets, 70 meters, 40 meters and 40 meters wide. Also, the mall is close to the biggest companies in the industries of petroleum, insurance, fashion, and gold merchants in the New Capital.

Adjacent to the project Nearby Places to Solidere New Capital

  • Solidere Mall is minutes away from the light rail train.
  • The mall is located near the Opera House.
  • The mall is close to the 7th residential neighborhood, R7.
  • Mall of Solidere minutes away from the Green River.
  • The mall is close to the financial & business districts and the tallest tower in Africa.
  • The mall is a few minutes away from the Cathedral and the exhibition grounds.
  • Solidere Mall is about half an hour away from the New Administrative Capital Airport.
Map of Solidere Mall
Map of Solidere Mall

Project Design Design of Solidere Mall New Capital

The mall was designed on a plot of land in a modern way, to be a modern destination for the New Capital. It offers a distinctive lifestyle in Downtown. The mall provides retail and shops, as well as restaurants, offices, and clinics in one place at the best prices. The mall’s management is keen to provide various distinct recreational activities in Solidere Mall Downtown, besides the wide landscape.

The units in Solidere Mall in the New Capital vary between administrative, commercial and medical units, also restaurants, and international cafes, with the ability to reserve any unit of the mall stores in installments with the best payment systems and facilities.

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Project Spaces  Solidere Mall Spaces, New Administrative Capital

The area of Solidere Mall New Capital is 4,500 m2, and the total are for buildings is 12.184 m2, the floors of the mall start from the ground floor to the 8th floors, the mall is divided into 78 commercial units, and 399 administrative units. The height of the units from the ground to the ceiling is 3.5 meters. As for the area of Solidere Mall’s units, they are divided as follows:

  • The space of commercial units in the mall starts from 23 m2 (from the ground floor to the 1st floor).
  • The area of medical units in Solidere Mall starts from 22 m2 (from the 2nd floor to the 8th floor).
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Project Prices Prices for Solidere Mall New Capital 2023

Solidere Mall Units
Solidere New Capital Units

Prices of Solidere New Capital’s project vary depending on the type of unit you want to buy, its area, and its location on which floor, but overall it starts from 1,587,000 EGP.

  • Units prices start from 20,000 EGP per meter in administrative units and clinics.
  • As for the meter price for commercial units in Solidere New Capital, it starts from 90,000 EGP.
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Project Installment Booking and Payment Systems in Solidere Mall

The owner company was keen to provide the best payment systems and facilities while reserving Solidere Mall units and this applies to the stores, administrative, commercial, and medical clinics, these systems are as follows:

  • The reservation down payment is 10% and equal monthly installments over 7 years.
  • The paid down payment is 15% with equal monthly installments over 8 years.
  • Paying 25% as a down payment with equal monthly installments over 9 years.

The Finishing System and Delivery Date of Solidere Mall Units

In fact, the clinics and administrative units of Solidere Mall are delivered fully super lux finishing. As for the commercial units, they are delivered on red bricks. Regarding the delivery date, it will be delivered in 2022.

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Project Facilities Solidere Mall Facilities and Services, New Capital

Solidere Mall Services
Solidere Mall New Capital Services

Warren Real Estate Company has launched a set of distinctive services and facilities in Mall of Solidere New Capital, that made the mall a priority for many investors in the New Administrative Capital, and those services are represented in:

  • Providing all retail products and goods, including food and beverages, besides services for all family members.
  • There is a building management system (BMS) in Solidere New Capital.
  • Providing ventilation system and central air conditioning throughout the mall.
  • There are backup generators in the mall, fire alarm system for more safety and security.
  • The mall has a closed-circuit television system.
  • There are four high-quality elevators available to move within the mall floors.
  • Free internet and surveillance cameras distributed throughout the mall.
  • There are ATMs everywhere in the mall.
  • There are monitoring systems at all entrances and exits of the mall.
  • Also, there are shared toilets on each floor and an integrated security system 24/7.

Project Video Solidere Mall New Capital Video

بروشور المشروعBrochure of Solidere Mall

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Company Previous Work Works of Waren Developments, Founder of Solidere Mall

Solidere Mall New Capital is built by specialized experts in Waren Developments, the founder and owner of the project. It is one of the largest real estate development companies in Egypt that was established 15 years ago. Warren has a prominent name that created distinctive investment projects, including other projects in the New Administrative Capital itself.

Previous Warren Real Estate Projects

Project Advantages Advantages of Solidere Mall, New Administrative Capital

Administrative units in Solidere Mall
Administrative units in Solidere New Capital

The mall’s units are characterized by providing one of the best payment systems and facilities. It has made booking stores in Solidere Mall one of the most real opportunities for investment. One of the prominent features too, is the variety of units that vary between commercial, medical, and administrative units. Besides, the dedicated kids area, sophisticated safety systems, and advanced surveillance cameras.

Project Disadvantages Disadvantages of Solidere Mall, New Capital

Some people may see that the units in Solidere mall are relatively high, but if you carefully look at the mall prices compared to the prices of competitors’ projects in the New Administrative Capital, you will find that Warren offers reasonable prices with installment facilities that make it easier for the investor compared to other projects.

Project Information Information About Solidere Mall, the Administrative Capital