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Mall Finsquare New Capital
Mall Finsquare New Capital

El Shennawy Group succeeds in meeting the aspirations of those looking for risk-free investment through Mall Finsquare New Capital مول فنسكوير العاصمة الإدارية الجديدة which is considered an architectural masterpiece. Finsquare Mall has an ideal location with a view of major places in the New Capital and offers distinctive spaces of units. Moreover, Finsquare New Capital prices are highly competitive.


Project Site Where is Finsquare Mall located?

Finsquare New Capital Mall is distinguished by its location in the heart of the Financial District in front of the Central Bank of Egypt. Therefore, Mall Fin Square is considered an ideal opportunity for investment since it is close to major and vital places in the New Capital.

Map of Finsquare Mall New Capital
Map of Finsquare Mall New Capital

Adjacent to the project Places Near Mall Fin Square

  • Finsquare Mall New Capital is located a few minutes away from the Ministries District.
  • The Opera House is only 5 minutes away from Mall Finsquare SG.
  • It is easy to reach the Presidential Palace from Finsquare units.
  • Mall Fin Square can be reached from Al Masa Hotel in a few minutes.
  • A few minutes separate between the Monorail Station and Finsquare New Capital Mall.
  • Mall Finsquare New Capital is also close to Three Square Tower and Mall 5 Business Hub.

Project Design Design of Finsquare Mall SG

Façade of Finsquare New Capital
Façade of Finsquare New Capital

Finsquare Mall New Capital is an architectural masterpiece, featuring an elegant modern design with exceptional angles. In addition, Finsquare units, including administrative offices and meeting rooms, are characterized by classy interior designs. Moreover, green spaces and landscapes complement the marvelous painting, and the design of Mall Finsquare is divided as follows:

  • Finsquare New Capital Mall consists of 2 basements, a ground floor, and 7 upper floors.
  • The design of Mall Fin Square has the shape of the letter “L,” giving distinctive views to its units.
  • The glass facades allow the passage of sunlight to Mall Finsquare units which have a direct view of the Iconic Tower.
  • Finsquare units are distinguished by the difference in road levels which provide a double height in the ceilings of the units on the ground floor and more privacy.
  • Mall Finsquare SG is in line with the surrounding environment, in terms of smooth angles and ideal size, unlike large buildings; therefore, it is a suitable choice for those looking for quality and quiet places.

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Project Area Area of Mall Fin Square New Capital

Finsquare Mall occupies an area of ​​6,000 m2, therefore, SG Developments succeeds in distinctively exploiting the spaces. The buildings of Finsquare SG occupy around 3,600 m2; the rest is allocated to green spaces. In addition, SG offers Mall Finsquare units in various spaces, ranging from 42 to 146 m2, and the spaces in detail are as follows:

  • There are 35 units for sale in Finsquare New Capital Mall with an average area of ​​42 m2.
  • 85 Finsquare units are offered with an average space of 68 m2.
  • Mall Finsquare New Capital includes 38 units with an average area of ​​127 m2.

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Project Prices Finsquare New Capital Prices 2024 

Offices of Mall Fin Square
Offices of Mall Fin Square

El Shennawy Group has been eager to offer suitable space for units at low prices in Mall Fin Square to allow the largest number of investors to buy a unit for sale with ease. Therefore, it has lowered the prices per meter of Finsquare units, and as a result, the total prices have become convenient.

The prices of units in Finsquare Mall start from 2,772,000 EGP and the EOI, required for booking units is 20,000 EGP. In addition, clients get to enjoy discounts of up to 10%, therefore, buying a unit for sale in Mall Finsquare SG is considered an ideal opportunity in the New Capital for investment seekers.

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Project Installment Installment Systems in Finsquare Mall

Administrative Units in Mall Finsquare New Capital
Administrative Units in Mall Finsquare New Capital

To save investors from facing financial burdens during the process of buying units for sale in Mall Finsquare New Capital, SG Developments presents comfortable installment plans. Finsquare down payment start with the lowest percentage, and the remaining amount is paid in installments over 8 years. In addition, units of Finsquare Mall New Capital are delivered fully finished.

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Project Video Finsquare New Capital Mall Video

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Project Facilities Services and Facilities of Mall Fin Square

Services of Finsquare New Capital Mall
Services of Finsquare New Capital Mall

Providing integrated services in Finsquare Mall New Capital has been a priority for SG Developments to make sure that all the needs of investors are fulfilled and nothing is missing, even the smallest details. Check the following points to know more details about the services and facilities, offered in Mall Finsquare:

  • There are 140 garages, providing sufficient parking space in Finsquare Mall New Capital.
  • Finsquare SG Developments contains meeting rooms where investors can hold their meetings easily.
  • Social areas with seating areas are included in Finsquare Mall New Capital.
  • In Mall Fin Square, there are sunny recreational spaces, so that investors and visitors can enjoy resting and relaxing.
  • Electric elevators, which facilitate movement between floors, are available in Finsquare Mall.
  • Finsquare New Capital works with a smart system for a comfortable work experience.
  • Solar modules are included in Mall Finsquare New Capital so that clean energy can be relied upon as much as possible.
  • Finsquare Mall features surveillance cameras for extra security.
  • There are units for charging electric cars within Mall Finsquare project.
  • Finsquare SG provides high-speed internet so that business can be carried out easily.
  • Electric generators are included to deal immediately with power outages in Mall Fin Square.
  • Finsquare Mall New Capital features ATMs to facilitate financial transactions.
  • Advanced fire extinguishing systems are available in Finsquare New Capital Mall to facilitate handling emergency cases.
  • Mall Finsquare New Capital has security guards to maintain the safety of the project.
  • Cleaning and maintenance services are provided 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in Finsquare Mall.

Project Advantages Features of Finsquare Mall New Capital

Mall Finsquare provides magnificent features, including offering administrative units with a variety of spaces in the Financial District, where the success of investment is guaranteed. In addition, the prices of units in Finsquare Mall New Capital are ideal, and integrated services are provided. Moreover, Mall Finsquare installment period extends over 8 years, and the lowest down payment is offered.

Disadvantages of Mall Finsquare SG

Despite all the features of Mall Finsquare New Capital, some may think that the prices of units may seem a bit high, but SG Developments has made it clear that these prices are reasonable, compared to the provided services, in addition to the privileged location of Finsquare Mall in the financial district.

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Company Previous Work About El Shennawy Group

El Shennawy Group or SG Developments, established in 1992 by Mr. Farag El Shennawy, is a leading company in the Egyptian real estate market. The group includes 3 companies: one in the tourism field, the second in building materials & ready-mix concrete, and the last in real estate development. It has implemented several projects for governmental and private organizations.

Success Partners in SG Developments

El Shennawy Group is keen to achieve uniqueness and perfection in its projects, and in Finsquare New Capital, it has not relied on long experience only, but rather it has hired the best experts and specialists to work, plan and supervise. It has contracted with distinguished design and construction companies such as LaB59 ARCHI TECTS, ARCHRETE, and VIM33.

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