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Mall Jeval New Capital
Mall Jeval New Capital

Wealth Developments has launched its distinguished investment project, Jeval Mall New Capital مول جيفال العاصمة الإدارية الجديدة, a multiactivity commercial, administrative, and hotel mall, in a strategic location in Downtown. It will be the largest comprehensive mall in this area. Read more to learn about Mall Jeval prices, services, and features.


Project Site Location of Jeval New Capital Mall

Wealth Developments knows that a premium location is what successful investors look for, therefore, it has chosen the heart of Downtown to be the location of Mall Jeval New Capital, specifically on the axis parallel to the Western Axis. It is close to many vital places, main axes, and roads, which will facilitate the movement from and to New Capital.

Map of Jeval Mall New Capital
Map of Jeval Mall New Capital

Adjacent to the project Places Near Mall Jeval New Capital

  • Jeval Mall New Capital directly overlooks Central Park.
  • The Data Center, Computer Companies, Government District, and Ministries Area are close to Jeval New Capital Mall.
  • Souk El Dahab, the Monorail Station, Masjid Misr, and Al Masa Hotel are 2 minutes away from Jeval Wealth Developments.
  • The Pharmaceutical Companies Sector is located in front of Mall Jeval New Capital.
  • Mall Jeval New Capital is also close to many significant Downtown malls, such as Apex Business Complex, and Udora Mall New Capital.

Project Design Design of Mall Jeval Project

Entrances of Jeval New Capital Mall
Entrances of Jeval New Capital Mall

Wealth Developments has cooperated with the best engineering and architectural consultants to implement Jeval Mall New Capital, as it has assigned ACE for the designs and DSC International to execute the designs, and Gadwa for Investment & Business Development, so the project became distinguished in the New Capital.

Jeval New Capital Mall consists of 3 basement floors for the garage, a ground floor, and 12 upper floors, with distinct internal divisions that stimulate productivity and privacy as the executing company has separated between the various activities in Mall Jeval New Capital, whether commercial, administrative, or hotel units.

Wealth Developments has taken into consideration providing units for sale that align with international standards, so it has allocated the largest space to the green space while allocating the rest of the space to the units. The internal divisions of Jeval Mall New Capital are described through the following points:

  • 3 basement floors are allocated to the garage.
  • The ground and 1st floors are dedicated to Jeval New Capital Mall commercial units and shops.
  • 7 floors have been allocated for administrative units and offices in Mall Jeval New Capital, from the 2nd floor to the 9th floor.
  • The rest of the floors, from the 9th to the 12th, are allocated to the hotel units of Jeval Mall New Capital.

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Project Area Areas in Jeval New Capital Mall

Meeting Hall in Mall Jeval
Meeting Hall in Mall Jeval

Mall Jeval New Capital occupies an area of ​​2455 m2, which is sufficient space to accommodate the diversity of its various investment activities, from commercial, administrative, and hotel while providing a wide variety of unit spaces, where you can buy your unit in Jeval Mall with spaces starting from 31 m2.

The project also provides all the services and facilities you need as a unit owner or visitor, whether practical or entertainment. Wealth Developments did not forget to provide the best view to all units with a charming landscape, which occupies the largest area of ​​the project, and the division of the units’ spaces is as follows:

  • The spaces of the commercial units on the ground floor in Jeval Mall New Capital start from 31 up to 67 m2.
  • Commercial units on the 1st floor of Jeval New Capital Mall have spaces starting from 31 m2.
  • Administrative units in Mall Jeval New Capital have areas starting from 31 up to 78 m2, with full finishing and air conditioning.
  • Areas of hotel units start from 59 up to 71 m2from the 9th floor to the 12th floorwith full finishing and furnishing, under international hotel operation and management.

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Project Prices Jeval Mall New Capital Prices 2023

Gym in Jeval Mall
Gym in Jeval Mall

Wealth Developments has provided all the keys to the success of your investment, including an outstanding location, international designs, and internal divisions that make maximum use of Mall Jeval New Capital’s space, to make it a destination for entrepreneurs. Jeval Mall prices start from 682,000 EGP, more details in the following points:

  • Commercial units for sale prices per meter start from 129,000 EGP only.
  • Administrative and hotel units’ prices per meter start from 22,000 EGP.

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Project Installment Mall Jeval Installments & Reservation

Wealth Developments has balanced between providing the best services and facilities at competitive prices and providing convenient payment plans that you can’t find in any other New Capital projects and are suitable for all investors and entrepreneurs seeking guaranteed success. Mall Jeval down payment and installments are divided into:

First System:

  • 0% down payment and installments over 5 years.
  • 10% down payment and installments up to 5 years.
  • 15% down payment and the rest via installments over 6 years.

Second System:

  • 15% down payment and the rest in installments for up to 7 years.
  • 20% down payment and the rest over 7 years.
  • 25% down payment and the rest of the unit price over 8 years.

Third System:

  • 35% down payment, first installment after receipt, and installments over 7 years.
  • 45% down payment, first installment after receipt, and installments over 8 years.

Fourth System:

  • 35% down payment and installments over 9 years.
  • 40% down payment, and installments over 12 years.

Launch Discounts:

  • 15% discount on administrative units in Jeval Mall New Capital, in addition to a 5% discount on the payment plan.
  • 10% discount on commercial units in Jeval New Capital Mall, in addition to a 5% discount on the payment plan.
  • 10% discount on hotel units in Mall Jeval New Capital, in addition to a 5% discount on the payment plan.

For more available installment and payment systems in Mall Jeval New Capital Click Here

Project Video Video of Jeval Mall New Capital

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Project Facilities Services & Facilities of Jeval New Capital Mall

Although we have mentioned a large number of features in Jeval Mall New Capital, there are more privileges, as Wealth Developments has decided to provide the appropriate environment inside the mall for the success of the investors. So, it has provided a wide range of facilities and services, that we will discuss in the following points:

  • Mall Jeval New Capital contains vast green spaces and distinctive water bodies to provide the best panoramic landscape for all units.
  • Jeval Wealth Developments has many meeting rooms with the latest equipment to facilitate your business.
  • Mall Jeval New Capital project is concerned with providing services for people with special needs, including passageways and bathrooms.
  • There are 3 entrances to Jeval New Capital Mall, for each investment activity separately to enhance privacy.
  • Jeval Mall New Capital uses smart facility systems such as alarms and lighting, to be able to control your unit from your phone.
  • Air conditioning and a central satellite are available for the entire mall.
  • Mall Jeval New Capital uses eco-friendly solar energy.
  • There are 3 floors for the garage to accommodate all cars within Jeval New Capital Mall.
  • There is a kids’ area in Jeval Mall New Capital, with the highest and most modern means of safety and entertainment, so you can leave your kids and complete your work.
  • You will enjoy the security in Mall Jeval New Capital, thanks to the modern monitoring devices.
  • Numerous generators have been provided in Jeval Mall New Capital, to work immediately in the event of a power outage.
  • You can exercise in the gym in Jeval New Capital Mall, which is equipped with the latest equipment and a trained team at the highest levels.

Project Advantages Advantages of Jeval Mall New Capital

Investors’ wishes became a reality with the launch of Mall Jeval New Capital. Every investor seeks a strategic location with high traffic in the New Capital, internal divisions that achieve maximum benefit, and an integration of services and facilities, with prices suitable to investors’ budgets. This is all provided in Jeval New Capital Mall, with convenient payment plans.

Disadvantages of Mall Jeval New Capital

Some may think that the diversity of activities in Jeval Mall New Capital will cause dispersion between different activities and reduce business productivity, but the internal division came in a distinctive way that will make you feel that the mall is dedicated to your activity only, and entrances have been provided for each activity separately.

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Company Previous Work About Wealth Developments

Wealth Developments is a leading company in the contracting and heavy equipment field, established in 2002, with over 22 years of experience. It strongly expanded in the real estate market, participating in Egypt urban expansion plan. It is the authorized agent for Liebherr and has signed partnerships with Egypt Land Developments in 2008 and Tower Group Developments in 2010.

Wealth Developments’ Previous Projects:

  • Mall Wingate New Cairo.
  • Rixos Resort Compound in Ras Al Khaimah, UAE.
  • Many residential projects in the Industrial District.
  • 3 hotel apartment towers in Dubai.
  • Nur Mubarak University in Kazakhstan.
  • A social residential compound in Sheikh Zayed.
  • Medical residential compound.
  • A residential compound in October.
  • Extension of Al Safwa Hospital in October.
  • A residential compound in October Gardens.

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