Apartment Compound Serrano New Capital Compound

Compound Serrano New Capital
Compound Serrano New Capital

New Plan Developments has powerfully begun its journey in the real state field with the construction of Compound Serrano New Capital كمبوند سيرانو العاصمة الإدارية الجديدة and with the focus on presenting diverse privileges through the project. Serrano New Capital prices are considered competitive and suitable for various classes.

In addition, a strategic location in the 7th district is provided to Serrano New Plan Compound. innovative designs are professionally applied to Serrano New Plan project. Privacy is also maintained in Compound Serrano through the creation of wide streets with a width of 80 m.

Moreover, the areas of apartments in Compound Serrano vary to suit all needs. Serrano New Capital Compound offers penthouses with private swimming pool for entertainment, in addition to the presence of Serrano Mall New Capital, where residents can enjoy variety of services to fulfill their needs and maintain amusement.


Project Site Where is Serrano Compound located?

Panoramic View of Serrano New Capital Project
Panoramic View of Serrano New Capital Project

New Plan Developments has obtained a vital location to build its project, Compound Serrano New Capital, in the 7th district, specifically in block N1. Serrano Compound is located in one of the most prestigious residential neighborhoods in the New Capital.
The proximity of the location of Serrano New Plan project to all vital areas and primary roads in the New Capital makes it ideal, so wherever you wish to go, your destination will not take more than a few minutes.

Adjacent to the project Landmarks Near Serrano Compound

  • Serrano New Capital Compound is only 15 minutes away from the Airport of the New Capital.
  • Diplomatic Quarter and Embassies Quarter also lie close to New Plan Serrano Compound.
  • Residents of Compound Serrano New Capital can easily reach the cathedral, Al-Fattah Al-Alim Mosque and the Green River in a few minutes.
  • New Plan Serrano Compound is located near Oro Compound and The City Compound.

Project Design Design of Compound Serrano Project

Compound Serrano New Capital Design
Compound Serrano New Capital Design

Considering the privacy of residents has resulted in creating an idealistic design for Compound Serrano. Although the project is composed of residential apartments, distributed on 17 residential buildings, the designer has managed to preserve privacy through making the width of streets up to 80 m.

Furthermore, in Serrano New Capital project, most of the space is allocated to green areas and artificial lakes. The addition of the glass facades of buildings allows the penetration of light, giving a modern style which complement the luxurious lifestyle in Compound Serrano.

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Project Area Area of ​​​Serrano New Capital Compound

Buildings in Serrano New Capital with Night Lighting
Buildings in Serrano New Capital with Night Lighting

New Plan Serrano Compound extends over an area of ​​15 acres, most of which are green spaces, landscapes, and artificial lakes, and the buildings only cover 20%.Compound Serrano includes different types of units such as studios, apartments, duplexes, and penthouses, with areas starting from 76 m2.

In Serrano New Capital Project, features vary according to the type of unit for sale which a customer chooses to buy and reside. For example, some apartments may possess gardens. Also, all penthouses have private gardens and swimming pools on the roof.

Check below more details about the spaces of apartments in Compound Serrano New Capital:

  • Space of studio apartments in New Plan Serrano Compound starts from 76 up to 130 m2.
  • Apartments’ spaces start from 130 m2, and also include 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms.
  • Duplexes in Compound Serrano New Capital possess spaces which start from 250 m2.
  • As for the penthouses in Serrano New Capital Project, spaces start from 273 to 315 m2, including 3 or 4 bedrooms. The roof’s space of penthouse, which is allocated to a garden and a private swimming pool, starts from 33 to 230 m2.

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Project Prices Prices of Compound Serrano New Capital 2024 

Penthouse Serrano New Capital
Penthouse Serrano New Capital

Serrano New Capital Compound prices are intentionally competitive for the purpose of attracting the largest number of customers to buy. Prices per meter in Serrano Compound start from 26,000 EGP, and the price of apartment, starting from 130 m2  + 119 m2 garden area, starts from 1,976,000 EGP.

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Project Installment Payment and Installment System in Serrano Compound

Apartments of Serrano New Capital
Apartments of Serrano New Capital

The distinguishable Serrano New Capital installments and booking systems is meant to be suitable for all clients who search for luxury and sophistication or seek investment with reasonable prices. Serrano New Capital down payment percentage varies, so clients get the chance to choose what is comfortable for them. The multiple installment and reservation systems in Compound Serrano are:

  • No down payment, and a payment period of up to 4 years.
  • 5% down payment and the remaining amount is paid by installments over 5 years.
  • 20% down payment and the rest of price is paid by installments over 6 years.
  • 10% down payment and the remaining amount is paid over 7 years.
  • 15% down payment and installments over 8 years.

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مول مشروع Mall Granvia New Capital

Mall Granvia New Capital
Mall Granvia New Capital

New Plan Developments is keen to provide the residents of Compound Serrano with maximum facilities, therefore, Mall Granvia New Capital has been constructed. Mall of Serrano Compound is a tool for fulfilling the needs of residents, and thus it includes several cafes and international brands.

Granvia Mall in Compound Serrano New Capital extends over an area of ​​7000 m, and consists of a ground floor and 3 upper floors. Mall of Serrano Compound is a commercial and medical mall which offers major services for residents and reasonable prices for investment seekers.

The area of ​​shops in the mall of Compound Serrano starts from 40 m2, with prices starting from 3,000,000 EGP without down payment and a payment period of up to 8 years, while the area of ​​​​clinics starts from 69 m2, with prices starting from 1,881,500 EGP, 10% down payment and an installment period up to 6 years.

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Project Facilities Compound Serrano New Capital Facilities and Services

Services of Compound Serrano New Capital
Services of Compound Serrano New Capital

New Plan Developments realizes the importance of services in any residential compound, especially in the New Capital, whose residents are looking for a new life with a higher level of luxury and entertainment. Therefore, while constructing Serrano New Plan Project, the company has considered providing high-quality services to keep up with the level of fourth-generation cities.

Serrano New Capital Project possesses integrated high-quality services which help meeting the residents’ need for luxurious lifestyle and prestigious status, in addition to making their life easier and perfect. Services and facilities in Serrano New Plan Project in the New Capital include:

  • Sports fields for practicing all kinds of activities, in addition to gyms and spa.
  • Swimming pools, some of which are designated for women for more privacy.
  • Each building in Compound Serrano New Capital, has 2 elevators, and each floor has a trash can.
  • A track for running and walking for residents of Serrano New Capital Compound.
  • A medical center that houses all the clinics is also available in Serrano New Plan Project.
  • A complex of restaurants and cafes is provided for outings, along with Mall Granvia, Serrano Compound.
  • Underground garages are also part of Compound Serrano New Capital.
  • Security and guarding services are available throughout the day and surveillance cameras in New Plan Serrano Compound.

Project Advantages Features of Serrano New Capital

Kids Area Serrano New Capital
Kids Area Serrano New Capital

New plan has granted Serrano Compound many advantages that qualify it to compete strongly among other popular projects in the New Capital. Its vital location in the 7th District, modern design, diverse areas, integrated services, reasonable prices, and multiple installment systems have established Compound Serrano New Capital as a favorable and suitable compound for diverse classes.

Disadvantages of Compound Serrano New Capital

There are no significant defects in Serrano New Plan Project, New Capital, however, some may criticize that it does not contain residential villas, but this issue is solved by the existence of penthouse with spaces similar to villas. Penthouses also include gardens and private swimming pools on the roof, making it more private than villas and lower in price.

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Company Previous Work About New Plan Developments

New Plan Developments seeks to become one of the leading real estate companies in Egypt. It is an Egyptian company, owning several projects in New Capital, with investments amounting to 500 million pounds. The company possesses a land of 500 acres, and the chairman is Mr. Walid Khaled, who has 24 years of experience in the real estate market.

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