Project Bayadega Tower New Capital

Bayadega Tower New Capital
Bayadega Tower New Capital

Bayadega Tower New Capital مول بياديجا تاور العاصمة الإدارية الجديدة, launched by Skyway Development in Downtown, is renowned for its suspended cafes at 20 m high, panoramic elevators, and specialized restaurant zone. It offers commercial, administrative, and medical units for sale at highly competitive prices. Moreover, Bayadega Tower presents flexible installments plans, along with various services.


Project Site Location of Bayadega Skyway

Bayadega Mall New Capital, situated in the towers area near Downtown’s entrance, is prominently positioned off Bin Zayed North’s main axis. It connects landmarks like Al Masa Hotel, Souq Al Dahab, and Ahl Misr Mosque via a 100 m wide main axis. Additionally, Bayadega Tower links Bin Zayed axis with the financial district through another significant 70 m axis.

Map of Bayadega Mall New Capital
Map of Bayadega Mall New Capital

Adjacent to the project Landmarks Near Bayadega Mall New Capital

  • Mall Bayadega Tower New Capital overlooks the Green River, Ahl Misr Mosque, Ahl Misr Walkway, and Souq Al Dahab.
  • All ministries, agencies and the government district are located near Skyway Tower New Capital.
  • Bayadega Tower New Capital can be reached within 5 minutes from Heritage and Arts District.
  • Reaching the monorail station and central train station takes a few minutes from Bayadega Skyway Development.
  • Bayadega Mall New Capital is close to the most famous malls and towers of Downtown, such as Amazon Business Complex and 31 North Tower.

Project Design Design of Mall Bayadega Tower

Design of Skyway Tower New Capital
Design of Skyway Tower New Capital

Bayadega Tower New Capital stands as a symbol of modernity, designed to be one of the New Capital’s luxury projects. Rising 63 m high, Bayadega Skyway features 3 basements, a ground floor, and 14 upper floors. It attracts investors with its diverse commercial, administrative, and medical units, offering a distinct investment chance on every floor as follows:

  • Basement Levels: Mall Bayadega Tower includes 3 underground floors for parking covering an area of 6,000 m2.
  • Ground Floor: Fronting both the 50-m and 70-m streets, every shop in Bayadega Skyway benefits from an open outdoor space, a plaza, green zones, and an elegant dancing fountain.
  • First Floor: Features exclusive commercial shops with views over the main axes, offering the perfect retail outdoor view.
  • Second Floor: Houses medical centers, labs, and an additional outdoor area.
  • Third Floor: Consists of medical clinics, each equipped with an internal toilet, accompanied by another outdoor area.
  • Fourth Floor: Bayadega Tower introduces, for the first time in Egypt, a suspended food court system called “Postintion”, 20 m above the ground. With panoramic views overlooking the Green River, skyscrapers, and primary axes, it’s designed to meet international franchising and branding standards. A dedicated 360-degree panoramic elevator serves this food court.
  • Fifth Floor: Features suspended cafes, a first in the New Capital, hanged at 25 m above ground. The panoramic open-air view captures the Green River, Ahl Misr Mosque, Ahl Misr Walkway, Souq Al Dahab, and includes a kids’ area with a panoramic view showcasing the latest international games and 2 panoramic elevators.
  • Floors Six to Eight: These floors of Bayadega Tower New Capital encompass administrative units, all offering clear views of the main axes with varying views.
  • Floors Ten to Fourteen: These floors contain administrative units providing a panoramic view of notable landmarks in the New Capital.

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Project Area Spaces of Units in Skyway Tower New Capital

Commercial Units of Mall Bayadega Tower
Commercial Units of Mall Bayadega Tower

Bayadega Tower New Capital extend over 3,600 m2. Skyway Development offers 170 units for sale, from shops to administrative and medical units, of varying spaces, providing investors with the opportunity to choose the appropriate space and layout for their business venture. The spaces in Bayadega Mall New Capital are divided as follows:

  • The space of commercial units on the ground starts from 50 m2.
  • The first floor of Mall Bayadega Tower New Capital contains commercial units with spaces starting from 37 m2.
  • The spaces of kiosks range between 10 and 20 m2.
  • Administrative and Medical Units are available with spaces starting from 41 m2 in Bayadega Skyway Development.

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Project Prices Bayadega Tower New Capital Prices 2023

At Bayadega Tower New Capital, Skyway Development offers units with panoramic views at competitive prices, and the price per meter of units fluctuates based on unit location and floor. The total prices in Bayadega Mall New Capital start from 12,255,037 EGP, with potential launch discounts up to 10%. Additionally, a 10% maintenance deposit is mandatory for buyers.

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Project Installment Installment Plans in Bayadega Skyway

Skyway Developments has provided numerous booking and installment systems for units at Bayadega Mall New Capital, offering significant facilitations for those wishing to buy units with minimal down payments and pay installments over a long period. Here are more details about the installments systems of Mall Bayadega Tower:

  • 10% down payment, and the remainder over 6 years in equal installments.
  • 15% down payment, and the remaining balance will be paid in equal installments over 7 years.
  • 20% down payment, and the rest is divided over 8 years in equal installments.

EOI and Delivery System of Units in Bayadega Tower

  • Booking commercial units requires an EOI starting from 50,000 EGP, and units are delivered as Shell & Core finish at Bayadega Mall New Capital.
  • The EOI required to book medical clinics and administrative offices starts from 20,000 EGP, and units are delivered fully finished.
  • The delivery date of units in Mall Bayadega Tower New Capital is scheduled within 3 years.

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Project Video Video of Skyway Tower New Capital

Project Facilities Services and Facilities of Mall Bayadega Tower New Capital

Suspend Food Court and Cafes at Bayadega Tower
Suspend Food Court and Cafes at Bayadega Tower

In addition to the convenient prices and comfortable installment plans, Skyway Developments has meticulously curated various services and facilities at Bayadega Tower, ensuring they meet the highest standards, all to enhance the living experience and provide unparalleled comfort for its esteemed clients. Here are the available services at Skyway Tower New Capital:

  • For the first time in the New Capital, Bayadega Tower presents suspended food court and cafes at over 20 m, complemented with exclusive panoramic elevators.
  • Investing in Mall Bayadega Tower ensures unparalleled safety and security, backed by a 24-hour surveillance system.
  • The project boasts advanced smart infrastructure systems, encompassing air conditioning, lighting, and fire-fighting mechanisms.
  • Skyway Tower New Capital offers a variety of recreational and sporting activities, including a gym, spa, and games room, ensuring a holistic lifestyle experience for residents and visitors.
  • A highly trained security team vigilantly oversees the safety of all units of Bayadega Tower around the clock, seven days a week.
  • There are dedicated halls for conferences and meetings, equipped with the latest technological tools, as well as both collective and individual workspaces to facilitate professional needs.
  • In Bayadega Tower New Capital, there is a dedicated lounge for employees, a seating area, and a specially designated smoking zone, acknowledging the varying needs of its occupants.
  • Catering to younger visitors, there’s a specially curated entertainment zone for children.
  • Units in Bayadega Mall New Capital are privileged with breathtaking views of lush green spaces and serene landscapes, providing a tranquil living experience.
  • A central reception desk, welcoming areas for visitors, and a sky lounge are included in Bayadega Tower for a more comfortable and luxurious experience.
  • For ease of access, there’s a car parking service along with a concierge service, ensuring all needs are met efficiently at the mall.

Project Advantages Features of Bayadega Tower

View of Units at Mall Bayadega Tower New Capital
View of Units at Mall Bayadega Tower New Capital

Mall Bayadega Tower New Capital offers a diverse range of commercial, administrative, and medical units. These units are uniquely designed with outstanding views. Notably, Bayadega Tower boasts suspended food court and cafes positioned at a height exceeding 20 m, supplemented with exclusive panoramic elevators. Located in the prime towers area of Downtown, the prices for these units are ideal.

Drawbacks of Bayadega Mall New Capital

Some investors might perceive the combination of commercial, medical, and administrative units within the same project as a disadvantage. However, Skyway Development has separated between activities of Bayadega Tower, beginning with commercial units on the initial floors, followed by medical units and administrative offices. This arrangement stands as one of the best internal structuring in the New Capital.

Project's Brochure Brochure of Bayadega Tower New Capital

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Company Previous WorkAbout Skyway Development

Bayadega Tower New Capital is a hallmark project by Skyway Development which is dedicated to delivering high-quality projects, ensuring maximal return on investment for its clientele. By channeling investments amounting to 700 MN EGP, Skyway prioritizes creating an optimal working environment. The company is also keen on advancing several administrative towers in Downtown.

The CEO of Skyway Development is the renowned Egyptian businessman, Engineer Hosny ElSaidy, the owner of Middle East Contracting Group since 1998. He has also collaborated with globally recognized corporations, including Siemens of Germany, and has forged partnerships with real estate developers in various regions within Egypt, like New Cairo, October City, 10th of Ramadan, and Al Shorouk.

Partners of Skyway Development

  • The executive consultant for Bayadega Tower is Emirati Creativity Experts, which has constructed a significant number of skyscrapers. Its distinguished portfolio includes prominent projects like Holiday Inn hotel chain in Sharjah and Abu Dhabi.
  • The engineering consultant of Mall Bayadega Tower New Capital is Mohamed Talat (MTA). He is the consultant for the New Capital and is responsible for designs in the governmental district, Iconic Tower, Al Alamein towers, and Misr Mosque.

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