Villa Compound Village Lazuli Hurghada

Lazuli Hurghada Village
Lazuli Hurghada Village

Rekaz Developments has launched Lazuli Hurghada Village قرية لازولي الغردقة, a project that will add to the charm of Hurghada. Lazuli Village has provided the most beautiful designs, diverse spaces to suit the tastes of many clients, along with competitive prices and convenient installment plans. Lazuli Village is an excellent choice for lovers of entertainment and luxury.


Project Site Lazuli Village Location

Rekaz Developments recognizes the significance of a project’s location, so it has placed Lazuli Hurghada Red Sea in a unique location that is characterized by its proximity to Hurghada’s most famous landmarks and beaches. The details of Village Lazuli Hurghada’s nearby landmarks can be viewed in the next section:

Location of Village Lazuli Hurghada
Location of Village Lazuli Hurghada

Adjacent to the project Places Near Lazuli Red Sea

  • Village Lazuli Hurghada Rekaz is 12 minutes away from Hurghada.
  • Lazuli Hurghada Rekaz Village is 15 minutes from Makadi Bay.
  • Lazuli Rekaz is only 8 minutes away from Sahl Hasheesh.
  • The distance between Village Lazuli Hurghada and Senzo Mall and Club is two minutes.
  • Lazuli Hurghada project is only 15 minutes from Hurghada Airport.
  • Lazuli Hurghada Village is adjacent to the villages of Majara and Makadi Heights.

Project Design Lazuli Rekaz Project Design

The design of Lazuli Village aims to achieve the greatest degree of privacy for all the units for sale, as green spaces and lagoons occupy 80% of the total area of Village Lazuli Rekaz, which fulfills the promise of a comfortable lifestyle within the village and provides a luxurious resort for clients to enjoy.

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Project Area Village Lazuli Hurghada Areas

Lazuli Red Sea
Lazuli Red Sea

Lazuli Hurghada Village extends over an area of 10 acres, and includes residential units of different sizes to match all tastes and suit small or large families who would like to spend the most unforgettable family vacation in the charming city of Hurghada. Areas of the units for sale at Lazuli Hurghada Village range between 36 m2 and 135 m2.

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Project Prices Village Lazuli Prices by Area 2024

Installment Plans in Lazuli Hurghada Project
Installment Plans in Lazuli Hurghada Project

The prices per meter in Lazuli Hurghada Red Sea are considered the best in the real estate market, with convenient installment plans and a reliable company that make buying a unit in Village Lazuli Hurghada Rekaz an irreplaceable investment opportunity that does not exceed 3 million EGP. The following points are showing some details for Lazuli unit prices and areas:

  • Studio spaces in Lazuli Village start from 36 m2.
  • One bedroom chalets in Village Lazuli Hurghada start from 71 m² + a 71 m2 roof at the price of 2,779,650 EGP.
  • There are also One bedroom chalets starting from 74.5 m² + a 30 m² garden.
  • Two bedroom chalets in Lazuli Hurghada project starting from 135.5 m2 + a 53 m2 garden at the price of 3,530,305 EGP.
  • There are also Two bedroom chalets starting from 105 m² + a 50 m² garden at the price of 3,025,000 EGP.
  • Lazuli Village has also provided penthouses with areas starting from 71 m2 + a 71 m2 roof.
  • There is another penthouse model with an area of 101.5 m2 + a 101.5 m2 roof.

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Project Installment Lazuli Installments and Down Payment

In addition to the excellent and highly competitive Lazuli unit prices, Rekaz Developments wants to facilitate the payment process for its clients, so they have provided convenient reservation and installment plans in order to attract more clients to Lazuli Hurghada project. Lazuli down payment and installment plans are as follows:

  • 10% down payment with the rest in installments over 5 years.
  • 20% down payment with the rest in installments over 6 years.
  • Delivery of units will be in 2025.

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فيديو المشروع Lazuli Hurghada Resort Video

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Project Facilities Facilities in Lazuli Hurghada Resort

Lazuli Hurghada Project
Lazuli Hurghada Project

Rekaz Developments’ project Village Lazuli Hurghada has provided services and facilities at the highest quality in order to achieve a luxurious lifestyle within the village, ensuring a stable and happy stay for all its clients. The most significant services and facilities offered at Lazuli Hurghada Village are highlighted in the points below:

  • Lazuli Hurghada Village provided the Drive Thru ordering service for the first time in Hurghada.
  • Lazuli Hurghada Rekaz includes an international hotel to serve visitors.
  • The charming landscape is one of the most prominent features of Lazuli Hurghada project.
  • Village Lazuli Hurghada has made swimming pools at the highest standard available in the village.
  • Contributing to the happiness of your children, a Kids’ Area is located in Lazuli Hurghada Village.
  • Lazuli Hurghada project also features a 350-meter-long commercial walkway (Lazuli Boardwalk) to buy all your needs.
  • For lovers of sports activities, there are gyms located in Lazuli Hurghada project.
  • For added luxury and relaxation, there is a health club with a spa and jacuzzi within Lazuli Hurghada Village.
  • To achieve maximum security at the Village Lazuli Rekaz, security and guarding services operate 24 hours a day.
  • Lazuli Hurghada Red Sea also provides maintenance and cleaning services, in order to preserve the aesthetic appearance of the units all the time.

Project Advantages Advantages of Lazuli Hurghada project

Lazuli Hurghada Village contains features that make it one of the best villages in Hurghada in terms of a distinguished location and excellent services, along with competitive prices that make buying a unit in Lazuli Hurghada Rekaz a brilliant deal. Besides these features, Village Lazuli Hurghada is managed by Rekaz Developments, a highly reliable company that ensures a comfortable lifestyle.

Disadvantages of Lazuli Village

It is difficult to find defects in Lazuli Village, but some may find the lack of villas in the village a disadvantage. However, Rekaz Developments has solved this issue by providing penthouses with large spaces, a private garden, and swimming pool that are comparable to the size and features of a villa at an affordable price.

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Company Previous WorkAbout Rekaz Developments

Rekaz Developments was launched in 2016 as an extension of Dara Engineering Consultants, and has gained fame by starting out in the New Capital, where their sales have exceeded billions. They have won the trust of many clients, and have decided to launch Lazuli Village as their first project in Hurghada to achieve success in the tourist resorts sector.

Rekaz Developments’ Previous Projects

  • Opal Mall New Capital.
  • A number of hotel projects in the most important areas of Egypt.
  • Supervision and implementation of some important buildings in Egypt.
  • Several successful residential projects in Egypt.

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